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Image: CapSky.jpg   70x100 8672 bytes 2004.04.24

Why? Because what furry artist hasn't?

Image: FemSkyc.jpg   600x795 101638 bytes 2004.09.04

Heh. The final result of some silliness on Draconic. Best not to ask to many questions about this.... n.n

Image: RangerChatter.jpg   744x615 147857 bytes 2004.03.30

Just a random picture I did, both to experiment with my new (at the time...) Adobe Photoshop and also as a final revision on one of my alien races, the Areasi (fish thing).\r\nShading sucks, but I like the way the Areasian turned out!

Image: SkyAfflicted.jpe   800x528 111352 bytes 2004.03.05

SkyShadow as an Afflicted!\r\n\r\nAffliction (c)Silerenth

Image: SkyAlaitoc.jpg   768x1024 221591 bytes 2007.03.18

Alaitoc Ranger

Yeah, I'm a big Warhammer geek... n.n

Image: SkyAlienareasi.jpg   1024x768 149858 bytes 2012.06.18

Aliens: Areasi

Exploring some of my old alien designs in search of an alternate character. I figure an alien is perfect, since I started drawing by doodling all manners of science fictiony things. :)\r\n To that end, I'm redoing my old species to see if anything clicks.\r\n \r\nReally liking his coloration, though he still needs a name.....

Image: SkyAlienloaquaroe.jpg   1024x768 175719 bytes 2012.06.18

Aliens: Loaquaroe

Another redo of an older species. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out what they would wear. still not entirely happy with that part....

Image: SkyAmbush.jpe   800x600 135490 bytes 2004.03.13

People try all sorts of crazy things to get a bigger toy take at christmas, me included!

Image: SkyAransheet.jpg   768x1024 137258 bytes 2011.02.11

Aran redesign

There. Finished off another character redesign before I start on commission work.\r\n\r\nQuite a few changes for this character! First, by going from generic 'Plesiosaur' and giving him an actual species 'Leptocleidus' and his colors getting a massive overhaul. Still working on perfecting the 'swimmers build though'\r\n\r\nAran works at the same pool Kamea does, but also at a coffee shop across the street during the winter months. He is a flirt, and a bit of a show-off, but he's also very laid back and relaxed and has a very 'go-with-the-flow' attitude. He loves being outdoors and loves outdoors activities like sports and fairs and the like. :)

Image: SkyArgh.jpg   600x800 55168 bytes 2004.09.18

Heh. Done quickly in Photoshop, during a break in trying to get caught up with my run-away requests!

Image: SkyBLAMO.jpe   521x800 67505 bytes 2004.03.05

Computer trouble, perhaps?

Image: Skybot.jpg   768x1024 198377 bytes 2008.08.08


Drawn last weekend during a binge of old Sonic cartoons on Youtube. I figure due to the high concentrations of metals in their body already, Glaives would make prime robotization subjects for that dastardly Dr. Robotnik! Eeeeeek!\r\n\r\nAlso, this picture gave me an excuse to try a few new things with my pens, and with photoshop, specifically texturing.

Image: SkyBrightly.jpg   768x1024 159513 bytes 2008.08.08

Stars shine brightly

Ever have one of those things where it's stuck in your head until you can knock it out onto some paper?\r\nThis is one of those things.\r\n\r\nI'm fairly proud of this one, though it is technically a "gussied up" sketch, really. And I went back to my old style of shading. The gradient ones look nice, but the process takes forever for me and I still like the look of my previous style. Though perhaps I could benefit from mixing the two? ;)\r\nOrange is totally an under-rated color for dragons.\r\n\r\nPicture drawn to Tokyo by Smile d.k.

Image: Skycharkristen.jpg   1024x768 170443 bytes 2007.11.25

Latest version of Kristen for her character sheet on the Wyvern Works! site.

Image: Skycharpaccu.jpg   1024x768 214481 bytes 2007.11.25

Paccu's character sheet for Wyvern Works!

Image: SkyCharsky.jpg   1024x768 147941 bytes 2007.11.25

Sky's character sheet for Wyvern Works!

Image: SkyColorblind.jpg   768x1024 230818 bytes 2010.05.18

Color blind

A bit of a fun picture, showing off how my monstery character Inq sees the world around him. With the light reflected back at him with his own eyespots. But he can also pick up other bright or neon lights, adding a bit of color to his monochromatic world. I find the pose very 'blah' and I could definately have spent more time on the hilights and shading, I think.

Image: SkyDreamspeaker.jpg   768x1024 238168 bytes 2007.11.25

A creature HEAVILY inspired by the wicked NeoGeen. Meet Madaea, a peddler of potions who trades her wares for savory memories and dreams.

Image: SkyDual.jpg   800x600 102730 bytes 2004.07.19

Because everybody has to have an evil twin! n.n

Image: Skyfitting.jpg   600x800 157547 bytes 2005.09.05

Heh. Is it so wrong to want to fit in with the rest of the world? n.n\r\nThis may be a bit harder than I had originally thought...\r\n\r\nAlso, it suddenly dawned on me that there are no shadows in the background. Woe unto me!

Image: SkyForsaken.jpg   600x800 206207 bytes 2005.01.18

Heh. Just playing around with the Graphic Pen filter in Photoshop and drawing an emotion besides the Vacant-happy look I usually have plastered to my snout!

Image: Skyfyre.jpg   800x600 116221 bytes 2004.11.04

Heh. One last Halloween picture. Done at draconic where dragons were switching scales with each other for the season. \r\nI got Silverfyre's! A wicked cool artist! n.n

Image: SkyGlaive.jpg   800x600 122871 bytes 2004.07.25

Because I still get e-mails asking me what the heck Glaive in Glaive wyvern means! n.n

Image: SkyHallowing.jpe   800x633 139616 bytes 2004.03.05

Something I wonder:\r\nWhat exactly do dragons go as on Halloween? O.o

Image: SkyHallowohfive.jpg   600x800 107176 bytes 2005.10.28

Happy Halloween, one and all! n.n

Image: SkyHappiness.jpg   800x600 139220 bytes 2005.01.22

Mmmmmm... Rah-Bop was handing out dragon-sized heat rocks on Draconic, and I just had to have one. Though mine seems a little small....\r\n\r\nPlus, chinese food r0x0rs the b0x0rs.

Image: SkyHuntsman.jpg   768x1024 261994 bytes 2008.02.23

The Huntsman

I can't belive I forgot to upload this picture! Oh wait, I remember why I didn't. The shame of it all!\r\n\r\nBack when I was still looking for a Warhammer army to call my own, I even contemplated an army of the emperor in my weakest moments.\r\nSo here I am, SkyShadow the Demonhunting inquisitor. I hope you have something better than any sort of 4+ save, or you're SOL.\r\n\r\nAnd just to get the record straight. I never NEVER even contemplated Grey Knights.... ;)

Image: SkyInqsheet.jpg   768x1024 92813 bytes 2011.02.11

Inq redesign

First in a series of pictures for characters updates and redesigns into something easier and more in line with my style. \r\n\r\nSimplified his "wings" since they were always the biggest pain on him to draw. Also no claws anymore.\r\nAlso, Inq has gotten much more shy to the point where its difficult to deal with people face to face. Needless to say, he spends a lot of time over the internet, and ordering out for food (though the exchange of money can be tricky!) but he is trying to get better. \r\nAlso, it should be noted that while Inq refers to himself in the masculine, he actually doesn't have a gender. Since his body was made to interact with the world, it's lacking things natural biologicals have, like sex organs or even gender identities.\r\n

Image: SkyKalukaislands.jpg   1024x768 310696 bytes 2009.08.13

Fun & sun on Kaluka islands

A postcard from tropical Kaluka islands! Advertising just why furs like taking exotic vacations. Drinks, beach, and surfing!\r\n\r\nYe gods this took me a while. Drew three individual pictures and them slapped them together on a cheesy background. More beaches! (I sense a trend...).\r\n\r\nThis was an experiment that sorta worked. I wish I wasn't dumb and paid some attention to the shading levels on each individual picture. Mandarin dude on the right looks so incredibly out of place. ;_;\r\n\r\nAh well, hope you all enjoy your postcard and plan a future visit to Kaluka Islands yourself. ;)

Image: SkyLanterneer.jpg   600x800 168111 bytes 2006.08.20

StormSinger, one of the "Lanterneers" of a Glaive Wyvern pack, the keeps of lore and story from generation and generation, symbolized by their staffs and revered by all Glaives. :P\r\n\r\nHeh. I figure it's about time to start expanding the Glaive Wyvern story. And I think she is definately a sexy start! ;)

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