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Image: SkyLaruunni.jpg   800x600 126662 bytes 2004.10.06

Wooooo... I like this.....\r\nSomething from my D&D world....

Image: SkyLifeguard.jpg   800x751 138262 bytes 2004.07.18

Meet Kristen the Lifeguard.\r\nAnd she's wanting to take you out for a swim! n.n\r\n\r\nJust a note. The sig is covering up a bottle of "'Phin lotion"\r\nHuh? Get it? Ha ha ha..... Man, I'm lame!

Image: SkyMoonlitwaltz.jpg   768x1024 237855 bytes 2009.08.13

moonlit waltz

As the partygoers laughed and reveled in the yard below, they were unaware that a few of their lights were missing, or rather, appropriated, by the insects that gathered on the awning to celebrate themselves.\r\nAbove the people, the myriad of tiny species cavorted to the music drifting up from below, enjoying the cool night and bright lights and the company of others of their kind. In this instance, the dragonfly Cordi pairs off with a female worker from a nearby colony for a few dances.\r\n\r\nFeels nice to draw again. Only real complaint is the purple "clothing" on the lady ant looks a little to much like the blue highlights on her carapace. Ah well, note for next time.

Image: SkyNupaperS.jpg   800x600 225140 bytes 2005.04.05

*Grins* Just some quick, sucky wallpaper using some airbrush tips from Billk3 on the background. Didn't turn out to bad, I think!

Image: SkyPaccu.jpg   768x1024 237672 bytes 2007.08.01

After having a variety of aquatic related dreams this year, I decided that I need an alter-ego, a FISHY alter ego.\r\n\r\nMeet Paccu (Pah-soo), a shark willing to give some beach goers a "private tour" of the area... :P

Image: SkyPumpkin.jpg   600x800 136581 bytes 2004.10.30

Eeeeeee! I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday of all! n.n\r\nAnd I did find something to go as this year... Another dragon! n.n

Image: SkyQuarter.jpg   800x600 167501 bytes 2005.04.08

Heh. Well, almost a true story.... n.n

Image: SkyRacer.jpg   600x800 130244 bytes 2004.11.22

Heh. To much saturday morning cartoons, this wyvern thinks... n.n;

Image: SkyRAD.jpg   600x800 191274 bytes 2004.03.31

Heh. Anybody who plays Robot Alchemic Drive with friends knows what I'm talking about!

Image: SkysAnnuHuman.jpg   1024x768 206272 bytes 2011.08.08

Something I wipped up quickly in two days. Both for Annubrius 's contest, and as an experiment posting from my phone.\r\n\r\nGod, I suck so hard drawing people. I'll need to fix that. Hope you like it, Annu!

Image: SkysBanishdark.jpg   768x1024 146797 bytes 2012.02.28

Banishing the darkness

A quick birthday picture for Ultraviolet\r\n\r\nHappy birthday, UV. :D

Image: SkysBedtime.jpg   1024x768 132142 bytes 2008.05.07


Kure gets ready for bed, with her favorite sweater, of course. ;)\r\n\r\nA gift picture for Kure, for quite a bit of friendly gifts she did for me a while back. I've been meaning to do this picture, and I figured I ought to while waiting for commission information. n.n\r\n\r\nHope you like it, Kure!

Image: SkysBirthdaywish.jpg   1024x768 166067 bytes 2011.08.08

Kures wish for cakes is, tangently related, exactly what I'd like for my birthday. :9\r\n\r\nI know its a day early, but I thought I'd post it up before I forgot! Have a good one, Kure! :D

Image: SkysBlinddate.jpg   768x1024 203712 bytes 2008.02.23

Blind date

Azriel has been waiting for you, and it seems that he certainly likes what he sees. ;)\r\n\r\nHAPPY BIRTHDAY Ultraviolet! I hope you like it!

Image: SkysCross.jpe   609x800 106773 bytes 2004.03.05

Young, innocent, and a party girl?

Image: SkysDisgrunt.jpg   600x800 184334 bytes 2005.04.21

Heh. Rah-Bop was feeling "negative" towards some people so I drew this to cheer her up.\r\n\r\nI hope... n.n;

Image: SkysDistorted.jpg   768x1024 197067 bytes 2012.06.18


A picture for Distortedgirl66 that I picked at over the course of a week, between getting my ass kicked by this flu.\r\n \r\nCrappy background, but meh. Anywho, I hope you like it, Dis!

Image: SkysDontuse.jpg   800x600 157707 bytes 2005.02.03

Heh. Dw's smartness is a hazard to wyvern brains everywhere... n.n

Image: skysfable.jpe   476x800 102868 bytes 2004.03.04

A shy, quiet, but powerful Oracle from one of my Sci-Fi settings. She's quite the cutie, no? n.n\r\n\r\n

Image: SkysGlaiveHunter.jpg   1024x768 235361 bytes 2008.08.08

Glaive hunters

A birthday picture for Bakel of him and his girl Onisyra as Glaive wyverns!

Image: SkySheet.jpg   1024x795 165756 bytes 2006.03.13

Updated character sheet. Pretty much the same except for minor changes to cock and tongue, based on a picture Shinigamigirl did for me. :P

Image: Skyshyinq.jpg   768x1024 179008 bytes 2011.02.11

Stupid sexy Inq...

Well, I woke up one day, and have the overwhelming urge to draw Inq in a sexifying post. Dammit. What's the point in having non-sexy characters when all you want to do is draw them in sexy poses?! D:\r\n\r\nInq, using his natural invisibility selectively, makes sure even though his pants are off, his modesty is still intact.\r\n\r\nFail on my part on the shirt, which is supposed to be behind him, but that really doesn't look that way. :(\r\n\r\n

Image: SkySimplertimes.jpg   768x1024 220015 bytes 2011.02.11

Simpler times

Skeet, imagining what life must've been like for his forbearers, way back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.\r\n\r\nWorking on and off this picture for the better part of a month. Why can't my commissions come this easily to me?

Image: SkySisters.jpg   768x1024 170029 bytes 2011.08.08

Annalyn and Jackie have been friends for longer than they can remember. Annalyn (the falcon/leopard gryphon) has a taste for good books, fine wines and art while Jackie (the magpie/panther gryphon) enjoys collecting sparkling trinkets and coffee shops and its seldom you see one without the other.\r\n\r\nA pair of characters from my 'Bridge City' locale half of my characters inhabit. I think I might do more of these setting specific parings... Done in 4 hours, start to finish.

Image: SkysJaws.jpg   800x600 172738 bytes 2007.06.07


Just some fan-art for the lovely NecroDrone, based on a veeeery dumb idea I had...\r\n\r\nPlease refrain from asking how a 20' wyvern can fit into a bathtub with occupant. ;)

Image: SkysJoy.jpe   613x800 124830 bytes 2004.03.05

Noble, refined, and debonair. But say the wrong thing and she'll run you through!

Image: SkysLonelybeach.jpg   1024x768 285421 bytes 2009.08.13

Lonely beach

Poor Margolo-blu! She was lucky enough to find a part of the beach that was uncrowded and quiet, but she didn't have anybody to apply sun lotion to those hard to reach spots!\r\n\r\nThankfully, she was able to attract the attention of a passing Pteradactyl to aid her in her predicament! \r\n\r\nNew things in the picture. Trying line weights for the first time, which came out rather heavy handed, I think. Still need lots of work on anatomy (especially hands! Gah!) But I'm getting there, I think.

Image: SkysMallqueen.jpg   768x1024 278510 bytes 2012.06.18

Queen of the mall

Generations of finely tuned predatory instinct help Tyra Reckks track down her prey through coordination with her packmates. The hunt is coming to a close, those shoes shall be hers...\r\n \r\nA belated birthday gift for the ever so awesome Fossil that took one day from start to finish. Hope you had a good one, man!

Image: SkysMercantile.jpg   768x1024 233573 bytes 2007.06.07

Mercantile interests

Some fan-art for Jace and his Dz'isu!\r\n\r\nOne of my own aliens, an Areasian is attempting to persuade a Dz'isu shop-owner to purchase a simple peice of Areasian technology for a very fair price.\r\n\r\nA few errors, but came out very well, I think!

Image: SkysMusicsoul.jpg   768x1024 188816 bytes 2011.12.09

Something quick for Neogeen for her birthday! :D\r\n\r\nI hope it's alright. Have a good one, Neo!

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