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Image: flight.jpg   1180x790 141105 bytes 2009.06.03


Tried to get a classic looking Windy without reference. The result is this mixture of the 2001 and 2003 versions.

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Image: sergal_rei_versions.jpg   920x680 73304 bytes 2009.06.03

Sergal Rei versions

Finally I got used to the new avian-like Sergals, so I gave Sergal Rei a renewal.\r\nSergals © mick39

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Image: vans_xmas.jpg   820x1150 256111 bytes 2009.06.03

Van's Xmas

Vanessa on top of a church.

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Image: on_the_site.jpg   800x604 118187 bytes 2008.09.10

On the Site

Naughty Rei, shi was pleased with the word plays shi made.\r\nSorry for the buggy background.

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Image: windy_walkway.jpg   829x586 92543 bytes 2008.09.10

Windy Walkway

Windy again! The dragoness was walking alone, feeling the breeze.

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Image: eastern_rei.jpg   795x604 70116 bytes 2008.09.10

Eastern Rei

My eastern form.

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Image: finding_next_rain.jpg   600x800 139486 bytes 2007.12.16

Finding next Rain

Trying out my new Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. Done with Painter X. Only basic technic was used, for I'm a beginner.\r\n\r\nRain Silves© trancymick

Tags: Rain Silves Sergal poster   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: ipolkka.gif   1024x768 16792 bytes 2007.12.16


My brain was eaten, so I can't say anything about it now….

Tags: Rei Slain-Dracon western dragon leek spin loituma ipod wallpaper   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: ievan_polkka.jpg   566x785 100731 bytes 2007.12.16

iEVAN Polkka

This thing does eat brain….

Tags: Rei Slain-Dracon western dragon leek spin loituma   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: lucamanna_holding_an_umbrella.jpg   467x609 52940 bytes 2007.12.16

Lucamanna Holding An Umbrella

Only my classmates know the meaning. ;)

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Image: donglongxiacao.jpg   650x512 45749 bytes 2007.12.16

Dong Long Xia Cao (Vegetable Dragon)

A pun on the vegetable caterpillar, "eastern dragons become vegetable in summer". It's time for western draggies to do someting….\r\n\r\nRousong Baotou © Tan Suimin

Tags: vegetable dragon Windy Izwin Rousong Baotou   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Yin_Zhifeng.JPG   622x745 91745 bytes 2006.12.31

Yin Zhifeng

A stormy discussion on "cancel the Chinese dragon (aka. loong) or not" took place in my motherland recently. Someone believed that the figure of loong has already out of date. It may be because of some old drawings of loong are rather oafish and featureless. So, I created a "Loong Version" of Windy Izwin, named her Yin Zhifeng. This is done to show how beautiful and modern a loong can be.

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Image: OBSIDIAN=CHALK.JPG   619x863 130632 bytes 2006.09.26

My two forms. Thank Puff for giving me ideas.

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