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Image: strokincockcolor.jpg   426x700 63727 bytes 2008.08.11

Strokin Mai Cock

Dirty joke that was started because my mate stuck a can of cashews in front of my crotch. This is even funnier when you consider I am a female to male transsexual.\r\n\r\nI used no refs, and it was a spur of the moment image, but it became a good representative of my digital art and showed me some new techniques in Photoshop to quicken my art on it. It is mature, but not quite R rated, so I stuck it here. Also, this serves as a good piece that shows my progression into semi-realistic cartooning to something I am proud of.

Tags: sabretooth feline canine humor comedy slipstreme  
Image: Cathedral_of_Time.jpg   552x850 129977 bytes 2008.07.22

Cathedral of Time

This image is an image that I did in my dreams, for a wolf who commissioned me who had an FA page with images from recognizable artists. The place was a real place and the vines would attack you. However, I later, while doing this in real life noted the passage from past to present to future, as in the technology of the buildings shown, as to why the door to the cathedral is opened. The wolf sitting against the cathedral is looking forward towards the future.

Image: dominancesubmission.jpg   1000x942 361959 bytes 2008.07.22

Dominance and Submission

While trying to figure out what Slipstreme is I decided to do a social interaction between sabretooth animals of the same species. Like wolves, I believe they would keep the peace through dominance bullying of submissive animals to remind them of their place. Sabretooth cats were supposedly pack animals and I believe Slipstreme's species would have been as well. This is my first scratch board image.\r\n\r\nReferences were taken from "The Sawtooth Wolves" by Jim Dutcher.

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Image: luv.jpg   858x900 308057 bytes 2008.03.27


Slipstreme pounces Gorath, the evil scientist. Gorath convinced affection makes him weak resists. Slipstreme is a sabretooth creature somewhere between a feline and a canine and Gorath is an owl. Both are my fursonas. \r\n\r\nRefs none.\r\n\r\nOriginally drawn in ballpoint ink, re-inked with microns and colored with prismacolor markers.

Tags: sabretooth feline canine owl cute  
Image: redwolves.jpg   737x900 335116 bytes 2008.03.27

Red Wolves

A mother and child red wolf howling into the sunset in a desert background.Imprinted is a portrait of a red wolf. Animal only. \r\n\r\nThis was an old image that I drew a long time ago, that I completely redid over the original graphite. I then inked it and colored it with prismacolor markers and blended with colored pencils. The improvement was drastic in the image. I used photos of red wolves for the references for the body shape and head shape. No I don't have any credits. \r\n\r\nThis is not a furry image, sadly. This remains one of my best image despite having made drastic improvements since then on anatomy.

Tags: wolves wolf animals nature  
Image: Tara.jpg   292x550 63189 bytes 2007.06.26


This is a trade with Dark Ryu of her character Tara, a cybernetic kitty. She is supposed to be leaning on a wall, for those who want to know, hence the character shadow. Character is copyright Dark Ryu. I used a new, simpler form of coloring with the Prismacolor markers, and I have to say I am very happy with it! This image was drawn using many photoreferences for anatomy, and it is probably one of my better images.

Tags: Tara cybernetic cyborg robotic kitty  

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