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Image: alicia01.jpg   768x768 95852 bytes 2010.12.09

A new picture of Alicia, the Treasure Hunter and would be pirate, along with her trusty hammer.

Image: tank-s7.jpg   1024x768 140900 bytes 2010.12.02

Another picture of Tank her more casual wear. ;)

Image: Talis-09.jpg   768x1024 114915 bytes 2010.12.02

Talis just standing there, posing with a staff. Dunno why...but I just enjoy drawing Talis is standing poses. :D

Image: stf-goo.jpg   1024x772 84975 bytes 2010.11.26

Sneakers in a sticky situation

Image: melvina01.jpg   768x1024 107843 bytes 2010.11.24

A picture of a shy boxer I did for someone on DeviantArt

Image: harvest06.jpg   1024x768 125410 bytes 2010.11.24

Happy Halloween 2010

Image: STF-Thanksgiving_2010.jpg   1024x768 147148 bytes 2010.11.24

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Image: tank-s6.jpg   1024x768 174197 bytes 2010.11.24

Tank Squirrel, armed and dangerous

Image: Mynd.jpg   1024x768 95672 bytes 2010.11.24

The mysterious Mynd

Image: Asylum03.jpg   1024x768 161061 bytes 2010.11.24

Picture of Gabriel's arch rival and former friend, Asylum

Image: tank-s5.jpg   1024x768 150653 bytes 2010.11.24

Simple picture of Tank Squirrel

Image: yin06.jpg   1024x768 90034 bytes 2010.11.24

Remake of a picture of Yin

Image: STF68.jpg   1024x768 121005 bytes 2010.11.24

A flower for you :)

Image: Alicia-Tyler02.jpg   1024x768 409338 bytes 2010.11.24

Alicia and her crush, Tyler

Image: foxanne_remake.jpg   768x1024 127157 bytes 2010.11.24

A remake of a picture of Foxanne

Image: Europa01_remake.jpg   768x1024 101269 bytes 2010.11.24

A remake of an old picture of Sailor Europa

Image: bday2010.jpg   768x1024 121167 bytes 2010.11.24

Sneakers' birthday picture for 2010

Image: Jamie_Jalecki01.jpg   854x1024 112390 bytes 2010.11.24

A birthday picture I did for fellow Canadian anthro artist, Jamie Malecki

Image: xex03.jpg   800x800 113811 bytes 2010.03.22

Gabriel's partner in fighting the bad guys and hunting down villains for bounty. He's a great with both guns and swords(though he usually uses a broadsword). I had this character for years, since I saw his name as part of a license plate. I had the image for him, but couldn't get it to work right. I turned to video games and would mix the outfits and looks of Devil May Cry's Dante and Final Fantasy X's Auron plus some of my own touches, to make Xex's outfit.\r\n\r\nThe gun in Xex's left hand(his left) was a modified version of the Medium pistol from this picture of guns.\r\n\r\n

Tags: squirrel male sword gun Celtic Samurai  
Image: patricia04.jpg   600x800 88957 bytes 2010.03.17

My character Patricia celebrating the fine day of St. Patrick's Day. Finished today on March 17, 2010.

Tags: St. Patrick's Day Irish holiday beer cat feline female green  
Image: sa-roxey_remake.jpg   1024x768 129393 bytes 2010.02.21

A revival of one of the first characters I created after Sneakers. The original picture was only uploaded I believe on here in 1996, and can be seen here\r\n\r\n

Tags: kangaroo female remake  
Image: tank-s_remake.jpg   1024x768 107219 bytes 2010.02.20

A much wanted remake of this picture\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI wanted to fix her up, body-wise and colour-wise, fix the hair and face as she had her modern look.

Tags: squirrel female girl tank bikini remake blonde gun  
Image: Foxxy-Vixxy_Valentine.jpg   1024x768 140035 bytes 2010.02.20

A picture that doubles as my Valentine picture for the year, but also as a picture for a fellow Canadaian and artist and fan, who has drawn alot of fan art for me, Jamie Malecki.

Tags: fox vixen male female superhero Valentine holiday  
Image: s-blaze1_remake.jpg   1024x768 142424 bytes 2010.02.15

A remake of\r\n\r\nI totally fixed her up, and re-aligned her around, and fixed her upper body, and adjusting things around. Also thanks to learning how to make pattern fills, I created one to make the mesh netting for her limbs. I never could get that look right in the past.

Tags: mouse female ninja sword remake  
Image: mesh01.jpg   600x800 107592 bytes 2010.02.15

Concept art of a character I came up with called Mesh. He wears claw gauntlets as weapons, and as you can see, he can still use his fingers, though will be limited on some things he could do when they are equipped.

Tags: cougar male claws mask  
Image: Geist01.jpg   800x800 77754 bytes 2010.02.15

Profile picture of a old new charcter I drew long ago, but never did anything with him...this is his profile picture...Giest. He is mysterious and said to have supernatural powers.

Tags: wolf male western feather  
Image: MechaFox01_remake.jpg   600x800 80604 bytes 2010.02.15

A remake of\r\n\r\nAnother remake...I just have alot of pictures I wanted to see in the way I wanted to see them, but failed, or didn't come close in the first time around....some, like this one, were small pictures, that needed a remake to a bigger size, or they'd be quite pixelized.

Tags: fox male cyborg vulpine  
Image: Akkorn01_remake.jpg   1024x768 132029 bytes 2010.02.15

A remake of\r\n\r\nI always wanted to remake this picture, but I did like the original....but after my success with the previous remakes, I thought I'd give it a shot, and it turned out great.

Tags: squirrel male kickboxer remake  
Image: tali02_remake.jpg   1024x768 131083 bytes 2010.02.15

A remake of\r\n\r\nAfter remaking someone else's picture, The owner of this character was impressed, and wondered if this one was next, and after looking at it, I died a little inside, and naturally, I felt bad for drawing that monstrosity years back. So here is the remake of Tali, in the way she deserves and should have looked like.

Tags: cat feline female towel swimming pool  
Image: tanya01_remake.jpg   665x1024 110123 bytes 2010.02.15

A remake of this picture.\r\n\r\nI took an old picture I did for someone, and redid it in Illustrator, and made it look alot nicer looking.

Tags: cougar female kickboxer remake  

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