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Image: windia01.jpg   1024x1024 165901 bytes 2010.02.15

A picture I did for Jamie Malecki of one of his Thy Tame Angels.

Tags: white squirrel female angel horn halo New Year holiday  
Image: Alicia-Tyler.jpg   1000x600 126392 bytes 2010.02.15

Two new characters I came up for a fictional anime series called "Treasure x Two" They are both treasure hunters, and Tyler himself is a would-be pirate.. They both partner up in search of treasure, but end up having to search for special items that when brought together, hold something special. They deal with other pirates and villains along the way, across land, sea and even sky.

Tags: fox female male vixen pirate treasure hunter hammer  
Image: Asylum02.jpg   1024x768 148156 bytes 2010.02.15

In the Eye of Madness...this is Tyrus Banques, now known as Asylum. He has lost his marbles after being tested on and mixed with a mental condition which got magnified by the testing. His goal in life is to take out Gabriel Ryley at any cost.

Tags: cougar male sword  
Image: Tank-S3-remake.jpg   600x700 82303 bytes 2010.02.15

A remake of \r\n\r\nI took it in and re-inked it, and recoloured it, and changed it to the colours that I decided on using for her.

Tags: tank squirrel girl female remake  
Image: harvest05.jpg   777x777 91021 bytes 2010.02.15

A late Halloween picture I did of my card master, and witch cat Harvest.

Tags: cat tabby orange feline female Halloween holiday pumpkin  
Image: Sonya01.jpg   1000x1000 143916 bytes 2010.02.15

A character I created for a friend of mine. She wanted me to draw a rabbit character, so I made a new one up.

Tags: rabbit bunny hare doe female Chinese  
Image: Xeanica-as-Kasumi.jpg   1280x1024 303774 bytes 2010.02.15

This is a recolour of this picture\r\n\r\nwhich is a remake of this picture\r\n\r\n\r\nBasicly put, this is Chalo's Xeanica dressed up in my orca, Kasumi's, colours. Just how Xeanica would look like in Kasumi's colour scheme.\r\n\r\nThis picture is for VCL, DeviantArt and Fur Affinity only.

Tags: orca killer whale female chalo chalosan Kasumi  
Image: Xeanica01.jpg   1280x1024 283809 bytes 2010.02.15

Long ago, I came across an piece of art by Chalosan on VCL of a female orca character called Xeanica.\r\n\r\nThis is a remastered version I did of it in Illustrator 10. I showed Chalo the picture and he approved it and gve me permission to upload this remake.\r\n\r\nThis picture is for this site, Fur Affinity and DeviantArt.

Tags: orca killer whale female chalo chalosan  
Image: Asylum01.jpg   776x651 133998 bytes 2009.09.16

Gabriel's one long time good friend and partner if crime fighting, now is a demented psycho, due to an experiment going wrong. His goal is to get revenge on Gabriel, whome he blames for his condition, and for Xaxis Corp for what they did to him. This marks my first character who is hetrochromatic. This was not only done in Illustrator, but it was drawn from scratch in Illustrator....there was and is no pencil or flash sketch reference that I followed. I just did the best to make a head form, which took a couple layers, as I did the head and hair seperately.

Tags: cougar cat feline hetrochromatic  
Image: TALIS01.jpg   750x768 200169 bytes 2009.09.16

First picture I did of Talis on the computer, and think he still looks pretty good for an 8 year old picture.

Tags: Talis fox striped Legend of Ages Star Brigade vulpine male  
Image: Bucky02.jpg   777x777 100621 bytes 2009.07.13

A new picture of Bucky, wearing his Canadian shirt proudly, and this time has a special Canada Day cake to celebrate the special day. I started to draw this on the 1st of July, but things happened, and wasn't til today (13th) I finished it and upped it here.

Tags: beaver male cake Canada Day holiday  
Image: Aric22.jpg   777x777 106756 bytes 2009.07.13

Aric in battle, sword ready for action. This is closer to his old outfit, and he doesn't have his red bandanna around his neck, as I forgot to add it.

Tags: fox male sword  
Image: Potpourri01.jpg   777x777 103889 bytes 2009.07.13

Potpourri Pinkroseskunk owned by Jamie Malecki. This is the second of his Thy Tame Angels I have drawn for him.

Tags: skunk female angel candle  
Image: Gabriel-15.jpg   777x777 91490 bytes 2009.07.13

Gabriel with his trusty sword in it's newest form, a more powerful sword.

Tags: cat feline male sword  
Image: o-dour20.jpg   777x777 92451 bytes 2009.07.13

Major O'Dour searching an abandoned building, coming across an old creaking door.....wonder what's on the other side.

Tags: skunk male military  
Image: OntarioFurries.jpg   300x300 30324 bytes 2009.07.13

A picture I did for someone. Ontario furries. A rabbit enjoying fresh Ontario apples.

Tags: rabbit bunny male apple Ontario  
Image: GabevsCyger.jpg   800x600 124328 bytes 2009.07.13

In an epic battle, Gabriel faces against Cyger, one of his toughest foes. Stronger and more powerful, Gabriel must reply on speed and dexterity to beat this adversary.

Tags: cat feline tiger male cybernetics  
Image: kia03.jpg   777x777 256360 bytes 2009.07.13

Kia is locked up in some sort of dungeon or jail cell, waiting for her love, Aric to rescue her. Here she makes a simple wish of luck and good fortune.

Tags: arctic fox vixen female  
Image: tank-s4.jpg   777x777 97563 bytes 2009.07.13

Tank Squirrel with a mighty weapon of power. This time she's wearing her half jeans. This was a rough image, and probably could've turned out better.

Tags: tank squirrel bazooka weapon female  
Image: Gabriel-14.jpg   777x777 90617 bytes 2009.05.04

Gabriel in action, fending off and unknown foe.

Image: stripes01.jpg   800x600 88866 bytes 2009.05.04

Another revived character, Stripes Calihan, a street fighting furry that not many have fact there probably a small few who do remember her.

Image: cyger03.jpg   800x600 94181 bytes 2009.05.04

The ultimate Wrestler, able to pump himself to bulk size, and has a special metal cyber arm that bends like skin but is tough as the hardest steel.

Image: Akkorn02.jpg   777x777 77143 bytes 2009.05.04

An updated picture of the kick boxing fighter fur, Akkorn.

Image: s-blaze02.jpg   777x777 111236 bytes 2009.05.04

Another old character needed reviving....had trouble with the fishnet stocking areas (legs, arms and chest areas) but figured something out. No one knows who she is, who she works for or what side she's on, if any.\r\n\r\n*note* She is a mouse...she has a tail, mouse ears and grey fur. Just to clear that up. She's just wearing a ninja mask.

Image: eggsplode.jpg   550x400 66717 bytes 2009.05.04

Just a silly mock DS game cover. :3 Did this while back in Flash////is nice to dream :)

Image: Aric21.jpg   500x700 71354 bytes 2009.05.04

Aric is back, and in toon form. The lead protagonist of Legend of Ages stands brave and bold ready to defend his land and his lady love.

Image: Beaumonts.jpg   777x777 108182 bytes 2009.05.04

Behold two twin golden otters, Blake Beaumont, master of the sword, and Violet Beaumont, master of the whip. Parents were killed by demons and have trained and vowed to revenge and fight back upon the evil that tore their family apart. They are also special characters in the Legend of Ages 2 storyline.\r\nPainstakingly drawn in Illustrator after being drawn twice over each over on in Flash. Both characters are separate objects.

Image: bday2009.jpg   777x777 91790 bytes 2009.04.21

Well, another year has past, and he reached year 16. Now I know guys don't really have sweet 16 things, and I think that's unfair, so to make it up, I gave him a giant lollipop so he'd have a real sweet 16 birthday. :3

Image: sophie02.jpg   777x777 167192 bytes 2009.03.19

Sophie with school on her mind, and as well as other things. This time wearing a more school outfit. Enjoy :)

Tags: cat feline school  
Image: patricia03.jpg   777x777 102203 bytes 2009.03.17

Just in time for my favourite holiday, St. Patrick's Day, where green rules the day and is the colour of choice.\r\n\r\nBe better wear green today, or else you might just get a little pinch. :)

Tags: cat feline green st. patrick's day holiday  

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