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Image: Silvia03.jpg   500x700 78155 bytes 2008.01.13

Season's Greetings from Silvia Silvertail the silver skunkette.

Tags: Silver skunk  
Image: harvest04.jpg   768x769 93687 bytes 2008.01.11

Behold apprentice of another character, Majesta. Here she flies on a broom with a Halloween pumpkin.

Tags: cat feline Harvest witch broom Halloween  
Image: fokker01.jpg   768x1024 129087 bytes 2008.01.11

Long ago, I promised a picture to someone, and some how it was left on my hard drive finished, but without the credit info. So here it is, finally finished.

Tags: fokker raccoon  
Image: halloween07.jpg   777x777 123951 bytes 2008.01.11

I'm such a pumpkin least I was for Halloween `07. :)

Tags: Sneakers fox halloween  
Image: Bucky01.jpg   470x600 69444 bytes 2008.01.11

Bucky the beaver. I had this character on paper for years, til I finally decided to ink and colour it.

Tags: beaver Canada Bucky  
Image: sophie01.jpg   500x700 73833 bytes 2008.01.11

Another new character, Sophie, is a free spirit and fun loving teen cat femme. :)

Tags: cat feline sophie teen teenager  
Image: xoom01.jpg   777x777 113673 bytes 2008.01.11

A new character named Xoom. Then idea behind him is he fights with his guitar, different tunes do different attacks. He was a game character concept.

Tags: fox guitar  
Image: redfox01.jpg   500x700 73740 bytes 2008.01.11

Picture #3 of 5. Done in Flash MX

Image: STF65.jpg   777x777 86569 bytes 2008.01.11

Nothing like taking a little trot down a random path. :)

Tags: sneakers fox  
Image: Xelos02.jpg   500x700 59194 bytes 2008.01.11

Picture of Xelos, an arctic fox but with a light blue hue to him. I'm still working on his design, trying to iron out the details and appearance.

Tags: arctic fox  
Image: lonewolf01.jpg   500x700 76409 bytes 2008.01.11

A little B-Ball time. This is picture #2 of the 5 pictures I offered to do. The hardest part, like the first picture, was doing the digigrade legs and feet.

Image: iday2007.jpg   777x777 85875 bytes 2008.01.11

For a change, I did last year a picture for the US's Independence Day. Sneakers © Sean E. Andersen

Tags: Sneakers fox independence day firework  
Image: xeronia2.jpg   777x777 112431 bytes 2008.01.11

This is a redrawing of an old picture I did of my character Xeronia. I imported the image to Illustrator and reinked it. I had to modify it...I changed the eyes to look more anime-ish as well as keeping her all one colour, except for the tail tip.

Tags: fox arctic fox popcicle  
Image: cday2007.jpg   500x700 81022 bytes 2008.01.11

Didn't realize I was so far behind in my archive.....this was done for Canada Day last year. I had a heck of a time drawing the maple leaf. That's one thing I hate about being Canadian..our flag is cool, but hard to draw. :D

Tags: Sneakers fox canada day  
Image: keffria1.jpg   500x700 73007 bytes 2008.01.11

Not long ago, I selected 5 people to do a free picture for them. This was the first picture that I did. First drawn in Flash MX, then finished in Illustrator 10.

Image: Talis-05.jpg   550x700 106714 bytes 2007.06.08

Talis pose I did in Flash MX. He is a member of the Star Brigade and also plays a key role in the Legend of Ages storyline.

Image: bday2007.jpg   550x700 78801 bytes 2007.05.30

April 21st 2007, marks the 14th birthday of Sneakers the Fox, and of course, drew this picture as a tribute. :)

Image: catnip02.jpg   550x700 31126 bytes 2007.05.30

Here's an old character of mine....he's roughly (in terms of being created) the same age as Sneakers, though still younger. I always thought the name Catnip O'Ryley was a great name for a character. :)

Image: Celcius01.jpg   550x700 41409 bytes 2007.05.30

After seeing the word enough times, I thought it would be a great name for an nice as ice lady, hence Celcius. I also chose the Canadian-English spelling of the word.

Image: Cierra02.jpg   629x800 41318 bytes 2007.05.30

Here is Cierra, the cosmic fighter of justice. This is the first Kitsune I ever created. Also she was drawn in Flash MX

Image: clover01.jpg   629x800 33628 bytes 2007.05.30

Who here doesn't like bunny cheerleaders? Well, Clover just happens to be one of them. :)

Image: Infinata01.jpg   600x800 88146 bytes 2007.05.30

This is a picture of my character on the Online game, Ragnarok Online.

Image: STF63.jpg   768x768 125506 bytes 2007.05.30

Pump'n Pumpkins

What a way to stay in shape for Halloween's treats. :) Did this last year, but never got to posting it.

Image: xmas2006.jpg   550x700 46222 bytes 2007.05.30

Christmas 2006

A little late....just noticed there was some pictures I never uploaded, this being the first one of them. :)

Image: STF64.jpg   777x777 48317 bytes 2007.01.23

Shocked Sneakers

A new pic of my main fox, Sneakers, in abit of a stage of shock or even stunned. What could make him look so shocked? Who knows...perhaps it could be anything really...or perhaps he saw the picture I post of, couldn't be that.....could it?

Tags: Sneakers fox vulpine anime  
Image: harvest03.jpg   768x1024 118972 bytes 2006.10.22

Happy Halloween!! Featuring my cat femme, Harvest. I admit I had some troubles with this one...I was suffering from artist's block. :P

Image: Talis-04.jpg   800x1024 81371 bytes 2006.10.22

A pose of my Star Brigade/Legend of Ages character, Talis. Done in Illustrator 10.

Image: daisy01.jpg   768x1024 104810 bytes 2006.10.05

A new character...Daisy Deer...(or Doe...either is good) I drew this as a sketch, then inked and coloured in Ilustrator 10...The background and shading was done in Flash MX.

Image: amanda03.jpg   600x800 51939 bytes 2006.08.02

Amanda is back on the beach, this time cooling herself with a fan. Inked and coloured in Adobe Illustrator 10

Image: vixenlaying.jpg   1024x800 94851 bytes 2006.07.31

One of my favourite femmes I own.....Vixen Swordedge resting on a rock, enjoying the last sunnt day in July. :)Done in Illustrator 10.

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