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Image: sa-shamp.jpg   525x768 209999 bytes 2003.10.29

Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 drawn as a feline, and with Ranma's hairstyle.

Image: tank-s2.jpg   800x600 246737 bytes 2003.09.27

It's been awhile...but she's back..Tank Squirrel. Sporting a new style and look. I drew this in Flash MX.

Image: stf-htf.jpg   800x600 166450 bytes 2003.09.24

Sneakers the fox drawn in the style of the Happy Tree Friends.

Image: sa-kyber.gif   569x773 52462 bytes 2003.07.19

Picture I did for Kyber Kitsune of FurNet. This was drawn and coloured in Flash MX. \r\n

Image: Yin04.GIF   545x724 69435 bytes 2003.07.19

Picture of my femme fighter, Yin I did in Flash MX. This was a character based on a cat we once had.

Image: Bday2003.gif   1024x768 284077 bytes 2003.07.19

Has it been 10 years already? Here is Sneakers, in front of a collage of past pictures over the years. Sneakers himself was done in Adobe Illustrator 8. The rest in Photoshop 6. Sean E. Andersen

Image: bennet-f.jpg   496x768 195145 bytes 2003.07.19

Another picture I did for someone on FurNet, this being the blue fox, Bennetfox. Also done in Adobe Illustrator.\r\n

Image: ibug.jpg   624x768 189825 bytes 2003.07.19

A picture I did for iBug the lemur from FurNet . I coloured this picture in Adobe Illustrator.

Image: Stf62.gif   611x600 167241 bytes 2003.01.11

What better character to start 2003 with? This is my first picture of the year, and try to give him a colourful and toony look. I hope 2003 will be the year of the Fox, and have big plans for the year.

Image: Jack01.jpg   527x600 228637 bytes 2002.10.22

Jack from Legend of Ages II : Another Story....and my 2nd airbrushing type colour piece.

Image: Harvest1.jpg   438x600 140948 bytes 2002.10.22

This is a new character for Legend of Ages II: Another Story (And yes...still working of the first one) I used PhotoShop Elements (trial) and think I'll try to buy the program. This is my fist shot at colouring with airbrush technique

Image: oceania.gif   400x600 43337 bytes 2002.10.05

I took my one character...Ocean Whitewater...and merged her eith my new character, Infinata (He's not a furry by the way) and to become, Oceania, the water goddess.

Image: O-dour18.gif   400x600 60154 bytes 2002.10.05

This is Major Darien....actually...he went by the name Major O'Dour (Major on words), later dubbed him Darien O'Dour...and often, just Darien. He is the Leader of the StarBrigade.

Image: Cierra01.gif   500x600 56714 bytes 2002.10.05

I have seen others make Kitsune I decided it was time for my new character, Cierra, to make her appearence...and has 3 tails instead of the normal 2 (I know the number isn't important...just like 3....and 7 would've been too much :) )

Image: Xex01.gif   500x600 68840 bytes 2002.10.05

Xex, Gabriel's partner and good friend. Where Gabe refuses to use firearms...Xex loves them...and uses a broadsword as well. I had the idea for him for some time...wasn't til Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy X (Auron) that I was able to get his look right...especally after seeing Auron and found what I envisioning.

Image: Divin01.gif   400x600 54824 bytes 2002.10.05

Divinity...a species long thought forgotten. She is a Lerakat....a species that shapeshifts into other species. One characteristic of Lerakats...they always have shiny silver eyes...even when in other forms. Divinity is the first one to make her debut.

Image: Xero01.gif   480x480 108147 bytes 2002.10.05

This is the cruel Xero, who is a villian in my one story. He is one on the guys who carries out orders. I tried to come up with an intresting sword design.

Image: aric16.gif   429x600 30089 bytes 2002.10.05

This is the hero of my RPG story...Aric. Costume design by Blackhat.

Image: Duana01.gif   550x600 93209 bytes 2002.10.05

I was thinking of a new femme...perhaps military like, and then went with a simular look of another character named Gabriel, who is dubbed a legendary hero..and all is know is that it is said she is related to him some how. She is also the newest member of the StarBrigade.

Image: Rio5.GIF   313x600 38924 bytes 2002.10.05

One of my first characters after Sneakers. I thought of the city, Rio de Janeiro, and thought that should be her name...Rio for short.

Image: Majesta6.GIF   702x480 53721 bytes 2002.10.05

This is the latest image of my wise high-priestess, and I am quite proud how well it turned out. She is a main character in my RPG story, as well as a major character in the various storylines....from past to future...then again...she is over 5000 yrs old. :)

Image: majesta4.gif   350x480 76421 bytes 1999.10.04

Image: xenia03.gif   471x600 114059 bytes 1999.10.04

Image: sa-tanya.gif   375x600 48847 bytes 1999.10.04

Image: sa-tarml.gif   492x600 87340 bytes 1999.10.04

Image: gabe03.gif   450x768 48974 bytes 1999.08.23

Image: amanda01.gif   450x768 67063 bytes 1999.08.23

Image: dex01.gif   440x480 120417 bytes 1999.08.20

Image: aric09.gif   439x480 131107 bytes 1999.08.20

Image: fran02.gif   391x480 85503 bytes 1999.08.20

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