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Image: ahhhhhh.jpg   744x732 66350 bytes 2005.04.09

Well this is a very interesting picture that my friend drew a sketch of, then of course redone with my style. True, I hate spiders! They just creep me out.

Image: Chibi_Yamy4.jpg   543x673 56607 bytes 2005.04.09

Awww, warning extreme cuteness! This is me when I was a little baby dragon, my mate just loves this picture very, very much ^..^

Image: Citan_final2.jpg   767x976 96534 bytes 2004.09.12

New Character! His name is Citan, he is an 18 yr old wolf and is Yamato's BF ^..^ (9-11-01, We Will Never Forget)\r\n

Image: citu_yamy.jpg   960x768 99177 bytes 2005.01.10

This must be my best pic to date, a Christmas present for my mate, Citan. Citan and Yamato sharing a sensual kiss in the lake under the moonlight ^..^ Citan is copyrighted by my mate, Yamato is copyrighted by me, SniPerZ

Image: kurtmovie.jpg   893x624 164191 bytes 2003.05.13

Finished my first bad guy character, with a background this time. I loved the shadowing so much; I had to make it into a movie type scene. Maybe someday I will make a movie out of it.

Image: lukebeachfinal.jpg   600x1050 223004 bytes 2003.08.17

Image: Sweet_outfit.jpg   476x755 63171 bytes 2005.04.09

This is an outfit design by a very close friend of mine drew on a sketch and I redid the picture with my art style. I just love this design, anyone know where I could get a fishnet like poncho?

Image: Yamato3.jpg   780x1088 118466 bytes 2004.09.06

Reuploaded due to some problems. This is yamato, he's half brother to Luke Sniperz. He's just a red fire dragon whose not afraid to show off his true colors ^..^ \r\n

Image: yamy_dark11.jpg   460x806 68190 bytes 2005.04.09

Yet another clothes design sketch by my close friend, and yet again redone and finalized on the computer. This design is so cool; I wish I could wear something like that in public. And of course my mate loved this picture very much. Shexy Yamato ^..^

Image: yamy_pole9.jpg   835x1162 93608 bytes 2005.04.14

Hereís a picture I drew when looking at Aleronís strippers_who_said_strippers picture, I loved that picture he did so much that I had to draw my character doing it. Mainly reversed the picture on Photoshop and redrew the legs from the sketch I did.

Image: yamy_shower6.jpg   767x1065 133384 bytes 2005.05.01

Finished this picture. Not much to say about it, cept that this would be me blushing after i got out of the shower ^..^ As always comments are welcome. Enjoy \r\n

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