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Image: blinkingcat02c.gif   150x131 16067 bytes 2003.02.17

A remake of the blinking Kitty :). I thought it \r\nwas time for a make over. Wanted to use the \r\nkind of eyes that I normally use on smily faces. \r\nThis pic is part of the blinking happy face series \r\nI going to be doing.

Image: blinkingcoon02c.gif   185x144 18042 bytes 2003.02.17

Blinking coon. I think he see you :)\r\n**blink**

Image: blinkingermine03s.gif   144x130 10903 bytes 2003.03.03

yay, a blinking ermine, or weasle or any other \r\nanimal that is related to the weasle. Part of the \r\nhappy blinking face series.

Image: blinkingferret03s.gif   144x130 11529 bytes 2003.03.03

A blinking Ferret. Almost looks like the \r\nblinking ermine, but it's not :). Part of the \r\nhappy blinking face series.

Image: blinkingfox02c.gif   190x164 16873 bytes 2003.02.17

A blinking Fox. What more cause I say?\r\n**blink blink**

Image: blinkinggriffen02c.gif   170x151 13668 bytes 2003.02.28

Yay, got another one done, another pic for the \r\nseries of blinking happy faces :)

Image: cat_smile01.gif   102x89 3717 bytes 2002.11.08

A little pic I made one night after seeing another one simlar to it that wansn't a kitty. Thought that a kitty verson would be much cuter so I made one :). Done this back in 2001.

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