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Image: anime_fox01.jpg   500x840 56722 bytes 2002.11.08

A practice and experiment pic I done early in 2002. Tried out some different kind of hair.

Image: bradystand01.jpg   323x718 35376 bytes 2003.03.10

A rough sketch of a pic I going to do for a \r\nfriend of mind. Hope to be able to get to work \r\non it soon again. Done in pencil

Image: coral_prefin01.jpg   791x1023 72319 bytes 2002.11.08

a quick pic I done for/of Coral. A snow leopard, but I didn't finish putting the spots one. Done this pics sometimes early in 2002.

Image: fain_sketch01.jpg   782x594 109089 bytes 2002.11.08

Fain, a character I created, a dragon like creature with an extra joint in her arm. Done back sometimes in 2001.

Image: foxhand01.jpg   607x733 49264 bytes 2003.03.10

A quick pic of a character from my PC story. Forgot \r\nhis name right now, but he does a pose for you all \r\nin this pic.

Image: foxready01.jpg   628x751 71699 bytes 2003.03.10

Another pic of the same fox from my PC story. Got \r\nto find what his name is again. A pic of him ready \r\nto battle.

Image: kobadge002.jpg   419x275 30110 bytes 2003.07.01

This is a con badge that I hope to get done \r\nsoon. Doing this for KO. Just a quick sketch \r\nand the finish product should be a lot better \r\nthen that.

Image: lookingup01.jpg   433x374 24529 bytes 2002.11.08

Experementing pic. Done this early in 2002. A spotless snow leopard.

Image: lorastance01.jpg   556x467 40314 bytes 2003.03.10

A pic of lora (C) Daniel Cat. She tring to stop you,\r\nso watch out.

Image: maygren02.jpg   709x613 56411 bytes 2003.03.10

A maygren, a creature I created. A rough sketch of a \r\npic that I soon hope to finish, ink and color and all. \r\nHe wears the ribbons of a freeist, green. He floats \r\naround as he discovers a bubble.

Image: mech01.jpg   796x613 74753 bytes 2003.03.10

Been tring to learn how to draw mechs. This mech \r\nis a pratice for the mechs that I hope to design for \r\nmy PC stories.

Image: mech02.jpg   402x442 27197 bytes 2003.03.10

Another pic of a mech. Also a pratice and rough of \r\nthe mechs I hope to design for the PC stories of mine.

Image: nofswarrior01.jpg   593x601 39765 bytes 2003.03.10

A soilder for the empire of the south. Also part of my \r\nPB story. Done in pencil.

Image: ounceface01.jpg   641x646 57718 bytes 2003.03.10

One of the many pics that I drew tring to get the \r\nface of a snow leopard/ounce down. Remember \r\ndoing this way back, about a year ago, and done \r\nit at work in the free time that rarely came avalible. \r\nDone in pencil on scrap paper.

Image: prefin_fainsketch03.jpg   593x722 66113 bytes 2002.11.08

A second pic I done of Fain. Would had finish this if the wings were done better and the face. Need to study dragons better. I was satisfy how it came out.

Image: raasin01.jpg   816x858 77455 bytes 2003.03.10

Raa-sin, I change the name that is on there from \r\nRa-sin, to Raa-sin. Don't seems to be different,\r\nbut it is. A rabbit done in pencil, one of the \r\nmany characters I created. Belongs to the PB stories.

Image: raytoast01.jpg   817x595 61869 bytes 2003.03.10

Done this for a roomate of mine. He said if he was \r\never a fur, he be an toaster, so this is what \r\nhe would look like then if he was a toaster. Done \r\nin pencil.

Image: redfangs_sketch02.jpg   537x751 32954 bytes 2002.11.08

Another pic that I done for a friend in Canada: Redfangs. Done in 2001, April.

Image: redfangs_sketch03.jpg   564x779 44280 bytes 2002.11.08

A pic I done in 2001 for a friend of mine: Redfangs.

Image: samacorn01.jpg   575x677 73566 bytes 2002.11.08

Done for a friend of mine: Sam Acorn. Quick rough draft for a pic that I will one day finish. Hopefully soon.

Image: sodesketch001.jpg   413x531 32839 bytes 2003.06.12

A sketch for a picture that I later on painted for one of my art classes. Sode is his name, the white fox with blue \r\ntrimmings.

Image: solus_01s.jpg   395x450 19408 bytes 2002.11.08

One of the first furry pics that I started off with. Back sometimes of the year 2001, March.

Image: solus_sketch01.jpg   546x608 33984 bytes 2002.11.08

The sketch I did before finishing another pic of a cana. Done back in early 2001

Image: solussketch05b.jpg   700x834 91990 bytes 2005.02.28

Thought I would sketch up a pic \r\ntonight, nothing really special, \r\njust something quick and somewhat \r\nsimple. Very please of the outcome \r\nand I'm glad to see that I am not \r\nto badly rusted at drawing yet. \r\n\r\nPart of the outfit that is used \r\nhere is inspire by watching to \r\nmany anime :P.

Image: solussketch06b.jpg   750x822 83195 bytes 2005.03.02

Another pics to continue the process \r\nof getting my art skills up to par. \r\nOne step at a time, and here is a step. \r\n\r\nJust pencil sketch quickly done before bed. \r\nPretty much just like the one I did a day or \r\ntwo ago, just different pose and expression.

Image: thing01.jpg   568x643 57001 bytes 2003.03.10

Remember doing this on holloween in 2002. Not \r\nsure what it is, just done it.

Image: wolffinger01.jpg   930x448 60369 bytes 2003.03.10

Done in pencil, my favorite drawing tool. A wolf \r\ntaping on the paper looking back at you, cause \r\nI think he see you ;)

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