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Image: anime_fox03c.jpg   500x840 70129 bytes 2003.01.29

Cleaned up and color this pic up. Been learning to \r\ncolor in my Design class. I was very please with the \r\nresults. Learned many things when I colored this pic.

Image: bouncyouncelogo2.gif   800x614 8649 bytes 2004.08.19

This is the Bouncy Ounce Prodution Logo. \r\nOwn and used by the Boucny Oucne Prodution\r\nand Josifer Solus Corraide, \r\nand copyrighted (C) 2004. \r\n

Image: button06c.jpg   648x648 95826 bytes 2003.02.28

I did this for the Marrdi Gras button contest for the \r\ngathering in St. Louis. Here is the final version of it \r\nand is the one that they going to be using. Only problem \r\nis, I unable to make it. **shurgs**

Image: cana01c.jpg   791x457 59368 bytes 2002.11.08

A cana, A creature I created. Done in 2001, drawn by me, but color by my friend Geheran.

Image: good01.jpg   562x509 65558 bytes 2003.05.06

Another sticker I made for my sketch books. I got two \r\nof them one for general viewable pictures, in the G to \r\nPG, and maybe even to the PG-13 area, non adult content.\r\nOr simply saying, pics that I can show any of my friends \r\nin public.

Image: hug01c.jpg   475x601 60643 bytes 2002.11.08

A pic I done for my friends in Canada, a couple that I know :). Redfangs and Vero. This pic was also colored in by Geheran

Image: istand001.gif   1440x1056 41252 bytes 2003.12.06

couldn't resist. Seen everyone else doing \r\nit, so I just had to. lol. Thought \r\nit be a neat project to try out, so I \r\ndid. I just redid a pic I sketched before. \r\n:P

Image: nauthy01.jpg   538x467 53396 bytes 2003.05.06

Yay, made a sticker for my sketch book that I going to use \r\nor conventions, and other fur meets. Made it out of other \r\nkinds of stickers, cut and put them together. And drew the \r\nblack lines in with a marker.

Image: nuzzel_01c.jpg   579x620 66730 bytes 2002.11.08

A pic I done one night. Came from an idea a friend gave me. Also Colored by Geheran.

Image: solus_02cs.jpg   558x761 85918 bytes 2002.11.08

A pic from back in the day early of 2001 when I started furry artwork, and also started to draw again. Pic of a cana. Colored by Geheran. Thank you Geheran for all the pics you colored in for me.

Image: soluscon03c.jpg   403x303 51802 bytes 2003.02.10

Did a recoloring of this pic on the computer.

Image: solusconb02cp.jpg   410x309 64516 bytes 2003.02.03

A con badge that I done way back to mff of 2001. Colored \r\nit in with color pencils. Sadly the orginal color copy of \r\nit has water damage; Twice.

Image: solusounce03c.jpg   618x681 141503 bytes 2003.02.05

YAY! Turned out pretty good then what I first expected. \r\nA pic I done a while back ago, and glad to finally be \r\nable to color it in myself. \r\n

Image: yawn001.jpg   800x610 84560 bytes 2003.05.02

A pic that I done for a class of mine. All done in \r\nPhotoshop 6, but did use photos as reference. Found new \r\nways to color, and mulipulate fur like texture. I am \r\nvery happy with how it came out.

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