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Image: Wind_of_Allena.jpg   454x563 38430 bytes 2003.03.13

Anouther pic with Allena ^_____^.\r\nThe Sign she is sitting on is a kind of celtic sign for wind. I have adopted this sign as my own becouse I like it wery much *smiles* The sign is not copyrighted...\r\nAllena (c) me

Image: Brings_Sadness.jpg   567x633 74903 bytes 2003.03.13

It all started with me image that he painted "The wind is like my sorrow, it blows in all directions" but soon I switched the... um THING into this.\r\n---------------------------------------------------------\r\nHey your warhungry beast! Stop!\r\nPic and char (c) me

Image: GothicaRomantica.jpg   446x951 155630 bytes 2003.03.03

Elin the Jaguar has just stepped out from my club Gothica Romantica (c) me... I don't really know why she have that strange face... Maybe it is becouse my friend Eric told her "I would like to test a dress but they sit so strange around the hips and the shoulders" hehehe\r\nPic (c) me, Elin (c) Elin C.

Image: GothicKitty.jpg   425x546 45034 bytes 2003.03.03

Random goth citty holding a candy... um "polkagris"\r\nPracticing some shadow stuff.... ^_____^\r\npic (C) me

Image: Gang_BANG!.jpg   567x602 71461 bytes 2003.01.31

A cute idea Fido had, so i painted it *smiles*\r\nSorrow (c) me\r\nFido (c) Calle T.\r\nBalto chars (c) thoes who have the copyrights.

Image: UNfinished.jpg   425x756 50799 bytes 2003.01.31

well it is. but im to bored to re-work it, maybe later\r\n

Image: LEGO.jpg   567x393 49082 bytes 2003.01.28

About a week ago I found out how much >.< FUN!!! Lego is!\r\ni built a starship *smiles*\r\nHave fun with waggintails!\r\n/Sorrow (c) me

Image: Do_I??.jpg   567x796 66739 bytes 2003.01.28

have to say anything more?\r\nThoes in goth/black/death and so on in Stockholm know what im talking about... \r\n(c) me

Image: Sven_Ingvars.jpg   567x796 103815 bytes 2003.01.28

whohhahahahahha... I like this pic...\r\nGot a bunch of "by night" pics to make!\r\nBeware!\r\n(c) me

Image: SUBMIT_DAMNIT.jpg   567x544 64837 bytes 2003.01.28

Me and mark (forgot his last name, sorry mark).\r\nThe story behind this is that he will not submit!!\r\nSorrow (c) me\r\nMarks char (c) himself

Image: Slashing_America.jpg   709x444 65119 bytes 2003.01.09

Okay I felt insperated in somekind of way after reading "Kommunistiska manifestet" by Marx. As I always has thought about the communist idea, wounderfull ideolgy but dont work in real life.\r\nPic (C) me\r\nThe Pic has some failiurs becouse of my dumb computer, but anyway it didnt screw up the Eagleheart pic!

Image: Eagleheart.jpg   794x566 153406 bytes 2003.01.09

After I heard the song Eagleheart by Stratovarius I got this pic into my head and I just HAD to paint it ^.^\r\nMaybe I will colour it someday\r\nPic and char (C) me, chourse to the Lyric (c) Stratovarius.\r\nDamn! am I good to stick Sorrow into allmost anything?\r\n

Image: Olivia.jpg   425x533 55337 bytes 2002.12.30

The person in the corner is named Olivia. I spend a night with the real Olivia and she said that i was going to pain her, she then sat in a corner like this, and i painted her of.\r\nSorrow is lookin at her in some strange way (IRL Olivia changed some stuffs with the pic)\r\nOlivia (C) herself\r\nPic (c) me

Image: MistyClouds.jpg   425x641 49011 bytes 2002.12.30

a coloured Yiniang picture with mist all around her and the pic... hehe, were just plaing with some tools on paint shop pro... lovely toys \r\nChar n' Pic (c) me

Image: Dec1.jpg   709x409 63875 bytes 2002.12.30

Sorrow laying on a bad, two months old

Image: COOKIE.jpg   425x561 74826 bytes 2002.12.10

WOW a MUCH late piv of me and Wolfmoon, she's a nice person ^.^\r\nSorrow(c) me\r\nWolfmoon (c) Herself

Image: Yiniang.jpg   425x641 60672 bytes 2002.12.10

This is Yiniang, a char i am developing. she has no background story yes, but that will soon be done *hail the Ying&Yang sign*

Image: Maria_gar_pa_vagen.jpg   425x578 49338 bytes 2002.12.10

Inspired by the song Maria Går på vägan med Björn Afzelius. The Heart represent the forest *smiles*

Image: Dripp_dripp_dripp.jpg   425x789 80494 bytes 2002.12.10

Sorrow's head on a pike. dont ask me wy. he looks kinda happy?\r\n(c) me

Image: DanceGirl_DANCE.jpg   283x470 25753 bytes 2002.12.10

TILDUR! I just love this girl, she is always so happy and funny. She also got that sweet innocent voice and when i meet her last weekend she was wearing that kind of clothes.\r\nOf course i danced with her *smiles*\r\nTildur the Sweet (c) me. She looks REALLY like a cat

Image: BigBadBirds.jpg   283x478 51582 bytes 2002.12.10

YAY CAHLON! my first pic of cahlon, havent anyother in plan but i think they will "pop" up.\r\nHope your gonna be happy Karin ^.^\r\nCahlon (C) Karin J.\r\nHey i missed you on "Lussevakan"

Image: YinAndYang.jpg   425x789 43756 bytes 2002.11.18

I must say it. I LOVE THIS PIC!\r\nI think it is the best pic with a theam that i have done!\r\nIt is Malin and I. She is Yin, I am Yang.\r\n\r\nIm going to colour this at some time. *smiles*\r\nPic(C) me

Image: Forgoten_Signs.jpg   425x407 54309 bytes 2002.11.16

A Frisket pic... a sad frisket pic, i think.\r\nSitting in her room, doing something.\r\nFrisket (c) Melissa O'Brian\r\nWonderfull art Melissa *smiles*

Image: Eldrad.jpg   454x698 61541 bytes 2002.11.05

Eldrad Sorrow standing, ready to defend his Illralydia.\r\nPic(c) me\r\nReupload of this pic... WITH COLORS!\r\nYes i got to this point, but i am to tired to color it all. maybe later.

Image: GOGO!.jpg   425x640 59809 bytes 2002.11.05

A pic that Fido/Varg painted at our latest furmeet\r\n(c) fido/varg

Image: Uncolored.jpg   567x676 99305 bytes 2002.10.29

this is what it looks like uncolored!\r\namazing isnt it? \r\nWell i think this one is going to be removed till sketches\r\nPlease dont do it.. PLEASE =^.^=

Image: Queen_of_the_dark_horizont.jpg   482x380 28388 bytes 2002.10.29

Image: HowlingMOON.jpg   567x676 33440 bytes 2002.10.29

Or This Way!\r\nHowlingMoon char (C) me\r\nThis i think iz a werewolf but he iz to small. i like the painting on this one!\r\n

Image: ColoredSmal.jpg   283x338 14438 bytes 2002.10.29

I dont know if its kewler this way or...(C)me

Image: Battlescen.jpg   567x801 96491 bytes 2002.10.22

Well communist runing over Nazi scums.. mwohahaha!\r\n(c) me\r\nI like the flag =^.^=

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