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Image: spaggs03.jpg   1022x734 115970 bytes 2005.02.02

spaggs as a kitten.

Image: spaggs04.jpg   983x866 138640 bytes 2005.02.07

Image: spaggs06.jpg   1005x1582 85221 bytes 2005.09.11

We had some nude females in the gallery, so it's only fair :p

Image: steampax01.jpg   687x960 107285 bytes 2004.07.05

Right here you can see Wilby and Aldis. Both from my incoming Steampax comic project.\r\nDrawn with pencil, colored with PSP 7.

Image: steampax02.jpg   856x608 98413 bytes 2004.07.07

The inspiration for drawing 'steampax' in this sonic-esque style came up after visiting the teamARTAIL fanart gallery. \r\nIn the first plane there is Sentinel, and behind the glass you can see Spoon.\r\ndrawn with pencil, colored with PSP 7.

Image: steampax03.jpg   974x700 100780 bytes 2004.12.18

Long time no upload...\r\n\r\nAnother steampax group shot. From left to right: Rot, Aldis, CPX, Quai and Spoon. \r\n\r\nAs always - pencil and digital colorwork in PSP7.\r\n

Image: steampax04.jpg   1237x904 146880 bytes 2005.05.22

Rhein, CPX and Quai.\r\n\r\nPencils and PSP7

Image: steampax05.jpg   1099x783 97249 bytes 2005.05.22

Nola, Nuki and Sese.\r\npencils and psp7

Image: su01.jpg   880x1147 106080 bytes 2004.12.25

Su from Flogging Moggie. \r\n\r\npencils and psp7.

Image: tish01_by_eatcat[1].jpg   778x1008 74474 bytes 2005.09.11

A lemming character based on original video design and one of my friends :)

Image: trade01.jpg   741x1042 101084 bytes 2004.07.17

Hey, my first art trade! This is Zakiya deSilver from the "Mighty Ducks" series, drawn by me as my part of the trade with Tania. I need to do some more of these:)\r\nThis one was drawn with pencil and colored with PSP 7.\r\nZakiya is ©Tania Walker\r\n

Image: trade02-seel.jpg   1064x755 168803 bytes 2005.01.02

A result of an art trade with Seel. It's one of my favourite works and it's only thanks to her, because she came up with the idea :) Anyway, Was hell of a fun drawing.

Image: trade03-Daniel.jpg   1023x1458 224394 bytes 2005.01.30

My part of a trade with Daniel Gault (also here on VCL).\r\nThis is Aden, guess his some sort of tentackle monster, don't know exactly, but who cares, since he's that sexy looking hellspawn ;)\r\n\r\nOn this picture we can see him scribbling on his limbs. \r\nWell, he gets realy bored sometimes... :)\r\n\r\nLike I said, Aden is © to Daniel Gault

Image: wilby01.jpg   1034x870 103067 bytes 2005.01.31

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