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Image: anotherrainyday.jpg   378x664 84796 bytes 2003.10.25

'tis the purple mouse again. I really need to think of a name for her. (And stop trying to color in photoshop. :o)\r\n\r\nArt and character (who still doesn't have a name) me.

Image: cassievcl.jpg   375x639 80603 bytes 2003.11.15

...A stupid ugly drawing of an old character I forgot I had. :| \r\n\r\nColored with markers.\r\nArt and character me. I uploaded two pictures in one day. o_o Wow. \r\n

Image: eeg.jpg   252x469 50414 bytes 2003.06.17

Another drawing for Eig. This is Eeg. Colored with colored pencils. Yeah. I don't know what kind. The ugly background is marker. x)\r\n\r\nEeg belongs to Eig, art is mine. (Obviously. o_O)

Image: gravityisboringvcl.jpg   415x593 52117 bytes 2003.12.11

'Tis my new-ish character, Gravity. And. She's...just standing there. (How boring. o_o) My scanner made her fur too bright. I like her hair, though.\r\n\r\nColored with crayola pencils.\r\nArt n' character are mine. (Obviously. >_>)

Image: itsmagicithink.jpg   412x459 61589 bytes 2003.06.19

I really don't know what's going on in this picture. o_O; I like the sketch better. \r\n\r\nColored with Prismacolor pencils. :d\r\nArt and character me. \r\n

Image: moosefly.jpg   554x760 80512 bytes 2003.05.31

It's a moosefly. o_o; See? It has antlers.\r\n'tis a present for my friend Eig.\r\n\r\nEig is Eig. Wow.

Image: raccoonvcl.jpg   438x861 71281 bytes 2003.11.15

Some random raccoon. Because I felt like drawing bright pink shoes for some reason. o_o \r\n\r\nArt an' character are mine. Colored wif markers. \r\n

Image: theamazingpurpleswirls.jpg   410x599 62334 bytes 2003.06.22

This is another one of those pictures \r\nwhere I don't know what's going on. \r\n\r\nThis is Spasm... I don't beleive I have any other pictures of her here. \r\n\r\nPrismacolor pencils.\r\nArt and character me...

Image: umbrella.jpg   500x793 145540 bytes 2003.09.16

I meant to upload this a while ago. She's a new-ish character...doesn't have a name yet. \r\n\r\nColored with watercolors.\r\nArt & character me... \r\n

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