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Image: a_far_cry_from_kensington.jpg   800x654 104610 bytes 2007.09.08

A Far Cry From Kensington

A gift featuring Howler's character Carly Stafford, a kickass historian-type tigress.\r\nHere she is, researching some history in a creepy crypt of some sort.\r\nThe title refers (for those non-brits out there) to the area of London with the greatest concentration of Museums, including the Natural History, Science and V&A museums.\r\n\r\nCarly (C) Howler\r\nImage (C) Jim Moore

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Image: atoms_and_icecream.jpg   880x620 184290 bytes 2007.08.13

Atoms and Icecream

A picture I drew in reponse to the forum thread 'A Contest Where Everyone Wins', although I haven't posted there, which was originally started by yuchiangel.\r\nHere is a pic of her and her mate's fursonas enjoying an ice-cream together while physics happens.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Jim Moore\r\n

Image: mean_girlfriend_zoe_spekti.jpg   1000x785 262910 bytes 2007.07.28

Mean Girlfriends: Zoe and Spekti

And art trade with Joa (\r\nfeaturing his character Zoe and my alter ego Spekti.\r\n\r\nLooks life someone's making improper use of a mech...tsk...\r\n\r\nImage (C) Jim Moore\r\nZoe (C) J. Crewdson

Tags: cat, fox, transvestite, mech, tickle   [Comment]
Image: rain_and_steel.jpg   880x630 182713 bytes 2007.08.13

Rain And Steel

One half of an art trade with the fine lady Azrael, featuring her sabre-tooth-jaguar Aztec warrior lady Tlaloc (who can be found at and my bovine cyborg Lily Fullcream having that oldest of arm wrestle!\r\nBut don't worry- I'm guessing they kiss and make up afterwards.\r\n\r\nTlaloc (C) Azrael\r\nImage and Lily (C) Jim Moore\r\n

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Image: roundhouse.jpg   880x627 171944 bytes 2007.10.17


Another commission for Howler over at the forums featuring his character Carly Stafford.\r\nPoor random lizard...or lucky if he is a paw-fetishist :D\r\n\r\nImage (C) Jim Moore 2007\r\nCarly (C) Howler

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Image: squirty_love.jpg   820x622 154996 bytes 2007.08.22

Squirty Love

Sharky lady Ava, a character of Dark Ryu ( drenches the benches (or whatever she's sitting on) in honour of her creator.\r\nNaughty girl.\r\n\r\nI hope the DR man likes it- I didn't have any visual rescources, only a description, so I had to improvise slightly.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Jim Moore\r\nAva (C) DarkRyu

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Image: talrin_nishe_legends.jpg   1000x1151 346032 bytes 2007.06.02

Talrin and N'ishe

This is a request for ladybeastcharmer- her (copyrighted!)characters Tarlin the assassin elf and N'ishe the catgirl from The Legends of Calveria!\r\nMy first trade/request.\r\n\r\nImage (c) Jim Moore, 2007

Image: tricky_descision.jpg   880x724 161846 bytes 2007.09.06

A Tricky Decision

My second art trade with Azrael - her fursona (the Orxy) and Spekti go trick or treating- aren't they cute little scamps?\r\n\r\nAzreal (C) Herself\r\nImage and Spekti (C) Jim Moore\r\n

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Image: x_ray.jpg   880x622 157834 bytes 2007.10.17


My third little trade/competition entry for miss Yuchi and her mate Kageshikon...but this time showing their alternate gender-swapped fursonas Vee and Astro!\r\nThis is a slightly new technique...hope y'all enjoy ^_^

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