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Image: chimeratrade.JPG   640x724 92110 bytes 2004.03.06

Trade with corruptchimera from deviantart. . I forgot this things name.... Im not sure if its colors are right, and this picture is mucho late so im very sorry.....\r\nBleh. I need to get my ass in gear.\r\nFILTH.

Image: circular.JPG   562x588 126414 bytes 2004.03.06

He told me if the wine was sour to throw it out.\r\nIt thought it was brilliant and Im beginning to think he was right.\r\nIve never felt so hollow as I do now.\r\nWhen the sun comes out all I want to do is go back to bed.\r\nYou're all I have now and I cant even have you.

Image: coloredpencil_lemur.JPG   698x912 90078 bytes 2004.05.15

I drew this all in colored pencils. It was hard and I dont like it.

Image: contestcj.JPG   655x415 76520 bytes 2003.11.26

A contest entry for Litter on DA.\r\nThis sucks so much butt. ;_;

Image: danseplease.JPG   618x878 136646 bytes 2004.06.25

I have a bubble fetish.\r\nI really dont like the lighting effect I tried out on this one. I dont think I extended the yellowish part around her enough, it looks bad. :-/\r\nBut anyway, I dont really care for this one except for Spicy's bangs. I think they turned out nicely. :D

Image: David_fox.jpg   315x534 34441 bytes 2003.11.03

Trade with Chaos Hedgehog from Deviantart.\r\nHe wanted me to draw David the fox for him... but I dont think it's his char.... am I right?\r\nEr... well colored with marker and prismas.. and um.... yeah.

Image: deathofpinkeyeslove.JPG   1170x844 171628 bytes 2004.01.25

Pinkeye and her mate (whos name i havent decided) huddle up in attempts to save themselves from Pinkeye's ex's which are jealous and violent... or something.\r\nAnd yeah, theyre both girls. Note pinkeyes lack of x's and shoulder straps.

Image: Dec16234.JPG   526x692 50735 bytes 2003.12.17

Another gift for Huskie. I just love her art to death. I dont like this much, It got grease on it somehow...

Image: del.JPG   393x787 62844 bytes 2003.12.17

Sorry its off-topic, but i really like this!\r\nArt trade with Sara 'Pirate' Ford. It's one of her characters, Douleur. (French for pain, i beleive?) I didnt have a reference pic so hopefully I got her right. Im not used to drawing humans at all but I beleive this one came out rather nicely.

Image: depressedlemur.JPG   642x736 109787 bytes 2003.11.28

I felt sad last night.... This was the result.\r\nIm accepting trades if any of you are interested, I've got a few more to finish up with Deviantart people and thats all :3.

Image: dofoxxreq.JPG   778x610 98254 bytes 2003.12.31

Gift for Doubleofoxx from FluffMUCK. Apparently his char had a crush on my old one, Akita, and he just recently told me so. Sooo i drew him a snuggly pic of Doubleofoxx and Akita snuggling.

Image: doggiesplay.JPG   768x602 87762 bytes 2004.05.10

For Nighttracker, September and Tracker play. I used my prisma colors for this... i usually use crayola. The black was fun to color with.

Image: donthurtmeplease.JPG   514x690 82295 bytes 2004.03.27

Image: Dontwannabeme.JPG   657x496 63525 bytes 2003.12.08

My contest entry for Celena's contest. Its Spicy dressing up as Celena. \r\nI was going to do Nemo, but I couldnt get it to look right... I hope you dont mind. >_<\r\n\r\nOh yes. I changed Spicy's fur color to a more grayish tone. Just fo yo INFO.

Image: doubletime.JPG   738x852 126181 bytes 2004.07.12

A female wolf getting it from both sides. I just draw this spooge because it sells. :-/\r\nIm getting ready to go on a tip the first of August and I really need monies to go.\r\nThis is on Furbid here:\r\nand Im ALWAYS up for commisions.

Image: Doublewolves.jpg   440x329 21007 bytes 2002.02.14

One of my rare tries at realism. This isnt finished yet, Im trying to find a background for it without totally screwing up the entire picture. May be on Furbid soon.

Image: dreamer.JPG   321x507 52913 bytes 2004.08.29

My scanner started working again... hopefully my digital camera will do the same.\r\nI havent really been drawing as much as I should. All of the drawings Im going to upload today were drawn in one night last week and I havent drawn since.. Im such a slacker. X(\r\nThis only has personal meaning ... although I dotn know what it is.

Image: dressme.JPG   648x1023 116070 bytes 2004.07.29

I wanted to emphasize spicy's thinness in this one. In most of the pictures i get of her she looks a little chubby and shes not. \r\nMy room is super dark so I cant ever see very well to color.. therefore my coloring is all scratchy and doesnt blend together and sometimes i color with the wrong color in the first place.

Image: etalor.JPG   710x666 81753 bytes 2004.03.23

For E'talor from a wolf rpg Ive been involved in for about four years now.\r\nThe link is here: . We need all the members we can get, so feel free to join.\r\nI hope this is alright.. i can darken him up if you arent satisfied.

Image: eyekisses.JPG   756x1059 143406 bytes 2005.03.27

Trade with Eyekisses of her character Psyche. I tryied to make this resemble her as much as I could but something looks off to me. I dunno.\r\nSorry this took kindof a long time but I finished as soon as I could. \r\n\r\nMy gray marker died for this pic. :<

Image: face.JPG   494x650 81203 bytes 2003.12.31

Pic of Spicys face since everyone seems to make her markings completely wrong.

Image: Fallen.jpg   1711x1438 309635 bytes 2002.01.06

Im sorry about the huge size... i just cant get my editor to function right. Its a new char, Oxicontin, i heard that on the news and it sounded cool.. even tohugh its a drug. o_o DRUGS ARE NOT COOL! Colored Pencils on comp paper (hehe)\r\nOxicontin (C) Brittney Hidenrite

Image: farriercommision.JPG   1010x788 346563 bytes 2004.05.10

Commision for Farrier of he and his girlfriend Chemical "sitting in a field eatign trance cake."\r\nHalf of me likes this picture and the other half hates it. I think its the coloring that ruined it.. not sure.\r\nAnyway, Im still open for commissions. I hvae to save up for a trip to the Warped tour. :D

Image: fdgf.JPG   488x654 71280 bytes 2003.11.06

This is all I have.

Image: feelbetternighttracker.JPG   658x595 88538 bytes 2003.12.05

I felt like making her a little gift since shes feeling sad about her cat that had to be put down. I really hope you she feels better, the death of a pet can be the worst thing. :(

Image: fennecorangesuit.JPG   525x810 88696 bytes 2004.03.06

At first i was going to make this fennec thinger egyptian... but i suck so her outfit looks more like a rubber suit youd wear out in the rain. I think Ima make a lot of these random doggy girls and throw a big wad of them up on furbid.\r\nIm broke and I want to take drum lessons. ;_;

Image: ferretfandango.JPG   510x778 94416 bytes 2003.11.26

A picture for a friend's friend.

Image: Floating_in_guilt.jpg   510x690 71683 bytes 2003.11.03

The title pretty much describes it all. \r\nWho knew my rebellion was a despreate cry for help?

Image: flybaby.jpg   320x308 21252 bytes 2002.01.06

FLY!!! YAY!! She rps with me. I love her. -smooch- Ink on paper.. \r\nFly Celestial (C) Misty Edge\r\nImage (C) me

Image: foryouhaha.JPG   812x790 150537 bytes 2004.04.25

Something I drew while camping. (bor-ing)\r\n\r\nI actually took my time when coloring this one. Haha.

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