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Image: posedpinkeye.JPG   411x753 56050 bytes 2004.01.20

If you couldnt already tell, Pinkeye is 99% whore. Shes very comfortable with how she looks and shes not afraid to let others see whats underneath of her clothes.\r\nA lot of people have asked me about the X's on her hands and buckle things on her upper arms. I thought about it for a while and figured I wasnt really sure myself. But after a while I decided they were a type of restraint. Not a physical one, of course, but symbols to remind her never to long agian. Ever since a tragic accident when she lost her mate (not sure who he/she is yet, any ideas?) Pinkeye made sure that she'd never give her heart away to another. Hence the restraints on her arm.... blah.\r\n

Image: pinkeyeandnoble.JPG   837x588 99851 bytes 2004.01.20

She's horny and he's vunerable. \r\nOr maybe she just has a thing for straight-edge emo boys. When Pinkeye gets finished with you, you arent so straight-edge anymore.\r\nIll put up a bio for her in my next deviation.\r\n\r\n</evil laughter>

Image: letsfaceit.JPG   552x823 96775 bytes 2004.01.15

The majority of the so called "punks" this days is a bunch of Christian bitches who dress like Avril. I dont like 'real' punk music. Go ahead and chew me out.\r\nI like emo more anway.

Image: malamutefurrypaws.JPG   616x540 66610 bytes 2004.01.15

\r\nMy malamute from Im not to good at quads.\r\nHaha.. named after September. \r\n

Image: mccatra.JPG   418x823 68136 bytes 2004.01.15

This is for Mccatra for winning my 5,000 page veiw thing on DA. (Well, actually she got the 5,001, but Oh well... nobody claimed 5,000)\r\nI actually used colored pencil for this entire picture. I havent done that in a while. I just realized I suck at markers so I might as well give up. -shrug-\r\nOh yes, tell me if her markings are wrong. I didnt havea reference at the moment.

Image: pinkeyebutterflies.JPG   907x730 164762 bytes 2004.01.10

Something I drew last night while on the phone. I wasnteling well so I tried drawing something happy... at least he background is nice and colorful. Pinkeye will never be happy ... just so you know.

Image: loungelemurcropped.JPG   1170x844 242795 bytes 2004.01.10

Full veiw please \r\nA huge pic I drew and colored n about two hours.... obviously my scanner was too small to get teh majority of the picture. Im trying to do backgrounds now, but to no avail I think. Im trying to do more pictures of Spicy without so much hair in her face so people can actually see her markings and draw them correctly. \r\nI might stick this up on Furbid... I dont know If i should or not. I fear rejection.

Image: OMGIRKEWL.JPG   699x984 111600 bytes 2004.01.05

This image speaks for itself I think.\r\nI find drugs to be.... fucking retarded. You know the worlds coming to an end when people go out and fry their brains for fun. Ive seen too many people fuck up their lives and hurt too many other people to get into the bullshit. Drugs arent cool, nor do they help you fucking fit in. \r\nWhat im trying to say is.... drug addicts get on my nerves (excluding a few).

Image: husky4comic.JPG   587x558 53294 bytes 2004.01.05

Character I made for Zach's Comic thing. I dont know if he'll ever use her... but i had fun making it i guess.\r\nOh yes... she is blind in her left eye.

Image: teiristrade.JPG   788x576 79025 bytes 2004.01.05

Teiris's (from DA) wolf character... dont know its name for sure. I hope this is what you wanted. >_<

Image: tradeheather.JPG   658x788 84245 bytes 2004.01.05

A wolf char of hers, not sure what her name is. I hope I got this right, I didnt have a reference.... and sorry if you dont like dresses.... ha. I thought it was fun.

Image: letsblowbubbles.JPG   800x594 103020 bytes 2004.01.05

Pic for Zer because she included me in one of hers. \r\nIt's here:\r\nZer blows bubbles... and Spicy drinks the liquid and burbs them out. Its much more fun that way. ;3

Image: tgfmop.JPG   934x669 137559 bytes 2004.01.02

Pic done mostly for and her lover Freddy Krueger. Ha... I just decided to throw in Spicy and the other Freddy in there to fill up some extra space.... I think I can fit one more couple inn the left hand corner... anyone want in? First come first serve. \r\n\r\nBones (C) Mentallyinsanedragon from DA\r\nFreddy (lemur/dragon mix) (C) Mentallyinsanedragon and Zeriara\r\nFurry Freddy Krueger (C) Zeriara

Image: stupidwhore.JPG   609x738 94423 bytes 2004.01.02

Another PinkEye picture since people seemed to like her.\r\nI didnt finish it... thats why theres sketchiness down there at the bottom. Those bubbles are rediculous.

Image: grungedown.JPG   729x729 115378 bytes 2004.01.02

I was watching Freaky Friday (OMg leik EW, retard movie) with my little sister and I dot bored and drew rather than expose myself to such torture. Bah.\r\nI love my Chucks.

Image: rockandahardplace.JPG   531x936 106089 bytes 2004.01.02

You all know youve been there...\r\nSomething you need vs. something you cant live without.. or so you think. \r\nIm torn between two options but I dont think I want either one. Its a matter of how ill make it out in the end.

Image: ismile4u.PNG   551x503 16819 bytes 2004.01.02

I smile for you...\r\nBut as soon as you turn around its gone again.

Image: Pinkeye_yayyyy.jpg   630x692 110212 bytes 2003.12.31

Pinkeye looks sad.\r\n\r\nCheck out my auction on Furbid, please? I think ill include the Pinkeye pictures in it.\r\n

Image: Noble_and_September.jpg   642x726 115739 bytes 2003.12.31

Non-anthro Noblewolf and September.

Image: Introduction_of_PinkEye.jpg   765x940 128209 bytes 2003.12.31

Character I made up last night when I didnt have anything else to do. I just wanted to use bright colored markers.\r\nYeah, the hair on her left side is short, while on the right her hair is realllllly long. :3

Image: Cheer_up_Nobeepuppy_COLOR.jpg   738x740 157984 bytes 2003.12.31

Same pic, new colors.

Image: pinkeyefoats.JPG   808x644 113949 bytes 2003.12.31

Uhh... pinkeye floats. Hopefully this doesnt hurt your senstive likkle eyes. Wah.

Image: face.JPG   494x650 81203 bytes 2003.12.31

Pic of Spicys face since everyone seems to make her markings completely wrong.

Image: dofoxxreq.JPG   778x610 98254 bytes 2003.12.31

Gift for Doubleofoxx from FluffMUCK. Apparently his char had a crush on my old one, Akita, and he just recently told me so. Sooo i drew him a snuggly pic of Doubleofoxx and Akita snuggling.

Image: moonlitromance.JPG   1064x832 313751 bytes 2003.12.29

Jesus Christ this took forever...\r\n\r\nFor my boyfriend agian. He always writes me stuff so I "tried" to draw a cutesy picture for him. I attempted to use markers agian but i think im more comfortable with colored pencils... maybe i just need help with markers... -hinthint-\r\nWell anyways... the only thing i like about this is his face.... cute.

Image: weightoftheworld.JPG   844x646 124883 bytes 2003.12.27

Im tired of all this responsibility.\r\nI cant fucking handle it anymore.\r\n\r\nI drew this on Christmas Eve.... That should explain how good of a holiday I had.\r\nHopefully yours was different.

Image: halfassedxmas.JPG   656x1030 125023 bytes 2003.12.27

Half assed picture for a half-assed Christmas.\r\nIt was supposed to be half colored.

Image: silvertrade.JPG   597x621 61501 bytes 2003.12.27

She requested to be drawn with Sabarika .\r\nNya Nya nya nya nya nya.

Image: nobleejam.JPG   490x650 66567 bytes 2003.12.27

Poor Nobee... \r\nHe has a sad life and nobody to help him through it.\r\n

Image: pjparrty.JPG   639x683 59126 bytes 2003.12.27

Teh Spicorz..\r\nSorry, I just wanted to say that.\r\nThis peice of crap picture is Spicy in her pjs with her nasty bum hanging out... and some dude thats like, "ew... butt."

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