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Image: pinkeyefoats.JPG   808x644 113949 bytes 2003.12.31

Uhh... pinkeye floats. Hopefully this doesnt hurt your senstive likkle eyes. Wah.

Image: pinkeyeluvvins.JPG   616x732 108152 bytes 2004.07.16

They be such good friends. awwwww\r\nThis is bad because I was coloring outside and my colored pencils started to get all soft and gooey.

Image: pinkeyemelting.JPG   675x936 96808 bytes 2004.02.20

Shes melllllttttiiiiiiinnnggg...\r\nI like her lips. I felt like drawing this after chimera's half of the trade.

Image: pinkeyeyouho.JPG   790x650 87509 bytes 2004.10.23

I appoligize for being inactive for a while. I got in trouble with my parents but hopefully Im back now.\r\n\r\nThis really reminds me of the trade pic I did for Poison petals. I cant think of different scenarios oh no. \r\nSpeaking of trade pics, Ive got yoursalmost done Cherokee, it just a matter of finishing up the coloring and whatnot. I havent forgotten you! <3\r\n\r\nThe coloring on this pic is terrible because of the bad lighting in my room. The yellow looked nice and smooth when i was coloring, but now that i look at it its hardly even colored all the way. haha.

Image: pinup.JPG   729x918 113659 bytes 2005.07.22

Another lemsky picture. This one is a little cleaner than the last one. Whoooooo! \r\nIm in a good mood and I dont know why...\r\nBut im in a horrible mood too... AHHHHHHHHH! :<

Image: pjparrty.JPG   639x683 59126 bytes 2003.12.27

Teh Spicorz..\r\nSorry, I just wanted to say that.\r\nThis peice of crap picture is Spicy in her pjs with her nasty bum hanging out... and some dude thats like, "ew... butt."

Image: poorbassett.JPG   456x528 49939 bytes 2005.04.23

This is a Basset Hound for the Image Bank over at furry paws. GO PLAY IT. ( Make sure to tell them that 123557 referred you if you sign up!

Image: posedpinkeye.JPG   411x753 56050 bytes 2004.01.20

If you couldnt already tell, Pinkeye is 99% whore. Shes very comfortable with how she looks and shes not afraid to let others see whats underneath of her clothes.\r\nA lot of people have asked me about the X's on her hands and buckle things on her upper arms. I thought about it for a while and figured I wasnt really sure myself. But after a while I decided they were a type of restraint. Not a physical one, of course, but symbols to remind her never to long agian. Ever since a tragic accident when she lost her mate (not sure who he/she is yet, any ideas?) Pinkeye made sure that she'd never give her heart away to another. Hence the restraints on her arm.... blah.\r\n

Image: posionpetalstrde.JPG   705x678 70525 bytes 2004.10.23

This is poison petals's unnamed character I was asked to draw for my half of our trade. I did this in the course of two days but did most of the inking/coloring tonight.\r\nI hope you like it. ;3

Image: prettyzeriara.JPG   492x664 96749 bytes 2003.11.18

A picture for Zeriara.\r\nI really admire her work....\r\nand before you ask...\r\nNO my character wasnt based off hers. I made it before I saw her art, plus the markings are nowhere near the same. So shuddap.

Image: razerz.JPG   488x733 87914 bytes 2003.12.08

Giftart for Razerz since I hated the other one and it was somewhat old.\r\nI actually liked this one before I inked it, and made it worse when I colored it... now its all ew. ;_;

Image: rockandahardplace.JPG   531x936 106089 bytes 2004.01.02

You all know youve been there...\r\nSomething you need vs. something you cant live without.. or so you think. \r\nIm torn between two options but I dont think I want either one. Its a matter of how ill make it out in the end.

Image: rockbottom.JPG   729x627 79833 bytes 2004.10.30

Finally, my half of a trade with Cherokee14.\r\nSorry this took me so long. When I was grounded I couldnt get online to look at Chero's markings so I had this uncolored picture sitting around my room for quite a while. \r\nSo when I got ungrounded I colored it and here i am uploading it so .... yay.\r\nAnd have a nice halloween everybody.

Image: sadseptember.JPG   554x618 59358 bytes 2004.05.10

Aw... poor September. This is kinda my reaction to losing my dog, taffy...

Image: sallydogyeh.JPG   519x391 53814 bytes 2003.11.18

A picture for Sally-Dog of deviantart. She has the little Spicy in her GRILL. :D

Image: sarahsilver.JPG   678x882 130912 bytes 2004.06.30

Trade with Sarahsilver of DA. This is her character Sprial. Overall I hate this picture. I really liked it before I started inking it. Thats how it always is. :(

Image: screwyhuskies.JPG   698x900 140886 bytes 2005.07.18

These two lovehuskies get closer... aww, how cute. Colored with prismacolor pencils and markers.\r\nTHIS IS UP ON FURBID HERE: \r\n

Image: sept.JPG   576x597 31928 bytes 2004.02.14

Just a quicky mspaint doodle of September so i could tweak her body markings. This type of saddle isnt used as much on sibe characters so I gave her one... uhm... yeah and shes an alaskan husky, which should explain the patchy markings over her eye, her little gray footies, and the gray-tipped tail. I lurve sibes tho. ;_;

Image: septembergowha.JPG   583x495 46690 bytes 2003.11.22

September standing there looking retarted. I think Im starting to like her more. I wish I could do real canine anatomy instead of these toony, stick-legged things. >_<

Image: septemberinthesnow.JPG   640x624 116078 bytes 2003.11.22

My mother said this was 'Vulgar'. \r\nBut I dont think so.\r\nIm trying to get rid of this one. E-mail me if interested.

Image: septemberkleekai.JPG   826x732 103802 bytes 2004.01.24

Something stinks...\r\nSeptember wants to be the minority but now shes not. I swear everyone is now mysteriously a husky and I refuse to follow the trend. -whinewhine-\r\nSeptember the alaskan husky and a little Alaskan Klee kai. Those are the cutest damn things. :3

Image: sexybassyeauh.JPG   482x801 70965 bytes 2004.01.25

Hahaha @ Courtney and Lindsey.\r\nLets get naked and hide behind guitars/basses and dress up like nekkid emo gurlz omg!111\r\nI R so funny.\r\nPlease teach me how to draw instruments without making them look inflatable.

Image: showgirls.JPG   861x865 192265 bytes 2005.07.21

First of all, I felt like adding random characters to this, so Huskie, Silverwing, and Synchra were the first girls that came to my mind. I havent talked to any of you very much, but I guess it means that I think somethign good of you to have your characters pop into my head right away like they did. :3 (My applologies if the characters are done wrong, but I did this without any references whatsoever.)\r\nAnyway, the showgirl theme came to mind after watching this movie on VH1. Im not sure what it is, but yeah... I guess it was an alright movie. \r\nThis was too big to scan so I had to peice the two parts together. And The bottom is cut off, but I dont think It was that important for the bottom part to be included.

Image: showhusky.JPG   351x596 50235 bytes 2003.11.17

September dressed in her showgirl attire. I dont like the color of her fur. It didnt turn out the right color.

Image: silvertrade.JPG   597x621 61501 bytes 2003.12.27

She requested to be drawn with Sabarika .\r\nNya Nya nya nya nya nya.

Image: singyerheartout2.JPG   432x654 65802 bytes 2003.11.26

Beware of the crappiness of this picture.\r\nAnatomy is way off... the legs are too short, he looks like hes about to topple over.\r\nBah.... \r\noh well. \r\nI luv my nobeebaybe. :3

Image: skitchy.JPG   726x664 77266 bytes 2004.11.23

Gift for Skitchbitch for being so nice/helpful to me lately.\r\nIm really happy with how this turned out. I guess it proves that actually studying an animal before you draw it and taking my time when I color leads to a much better finished peice. I think I like the face the most.. the back leg looks a little thin compared to the other one but I was a little confused about if her character should look more dingo-ish or cattle dog-ish.\r\n\r\nHope you like!

Image: sleepylemsky.JPG   780x458 104318 bytes 2005.07.22

The new and (hopefully) final design for the Spicy Lemsky. \r\nThis is really messy and shiz, but I just drew and colored it over the corse of about three or four days and I admittedly didnt put a lot of effort into it. But... its okay, you guys get the idea.

Image: sleepylemur.gif   459x442 53129 bytes 2004.02.23

Im at home, burnt, with nothign better to do than make a lame animation. \r\nI hope you guys like it anyway.

Image: Sniff_the_lemurdoggy.jpg   728x561 90229 bytes 2003.11.03

Made Spicy into a lemurpuppy. \r\nSeptember and Spicypuppy sniff noses. \r\n

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