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Image: sparta.JPG   794x564 70218 bytes 2004.04.05

Im so sorry it took me so long but I drew your pretty char. I hope she looks alright ...\r\nI couldnt manage to find a reference of the bottom half of her so I just guessed as to how her legs and tail looked like. Dun kill me if its wrong.\r\n\r\n\r\nI have a auction up on furbid. Vote please.

Image: spicylemskyanthro.JPG   432x634 64382 bytes 2005.02.20

This is the anthro form of my new fursona. Shes now a siberian husky/ringtail lemur/ruffed lemur mix.\r\nIf you want to draw me, this is more of the body stature of Spicy... the markings can be seen more accuratley on the feral reference sheet, which Im not sure If I uploaded on vcl or not. If i didnt, I will.

Image: starspeak.JPG   663x882 105099 bytes 2004.08.19

Trade with Sethriel from vcl of her character Starspeak. She drew me a pretty picture of pinkeye for this. :3\r\nHe was fun to draw, i really liked coloring his hair and that stick of some sort.

Image: stupidwhore.JPG   609x738 94423 bytes 2004.01.02

Another PinkEye picture since people seemed to like her.\r\nI didnt finish it... thats why theres sketchiness down there at the bottom. Those bubbles are rediculous.

Image: sugarcultkissy.JPG   576x903 121341 bytes 2004.05.24

Second art trade with sugarcult.\r\nThis picture is really messy and I feel bad about it.. and After i colored her feet and arms blue/black I figured out they were white and I feel bad. :(

Image: sugarcultsssss.JPG   466x702 59282 bytes 2003.11.06

Art Trade with Sugarcult.

Image: sunnie.JPG   678x770 131193 bytes 2004.02.29

Sorry this took so long I feel awful! \r\nUgh... well anyway this is Sunwolf's char Sunnie. I like this... Dont know why. Her wings and hair were fun to draw and color and I think she turned out cutesy. \r\nI hope you like it.... if not Ill do another.

Image: synchraprize.JPG   708x954 124234 bytes 2004.05.15

Prize for Synchra for placing second in a Beauty Contest I held on DA.

Image: tail.jpg   320x235 15965 bytes 2002.01.06

For you, for you! Akita graps Asyrius' tail. Simple, yes? \r\nTyrael (C) Cody something ( ><; )\r\nimage (C) me.... me.

Image: tailswon.JPG   532x318 90236 bytes 2003.12.04

Im stupid.... please forgive me.

Image: tatteredheart.JPG   588x626 71386 bytes 2004.02.20

I wasnt feeling to nice. Im beginning to notice that the majority of my pictures I upload look much to similar. I need to work on new poses or characters to draw or something.... Im frustrated.

Image: tehcatta.JPG   675x840 148461 bytes 2004.02.20

Our catta agian. I was bored and had nothign else to draw. Hopefully you guys dont think this one sucks as much as I do.

Image: teiristrade.JPG   788x576 79025 bytes 2004.01.05

Teiris's (from DA) wolf character... dont know its name for sure. I hope this is what you wanted. >_<

Image: tgfmop.JPG   934x669 137559 bytes 2004.01.02

Pic done mostly for and her lover Freddy Krueger. Ha... I just decided to throw in Spicy and the other Freddy in there to fill up some extra space.... I think I can fit one more couple inn the left hand corner... anyone want in? First come first serve. \r\n\r\nBones (C) Mentallyinsanedragon from DA\r\nFreddy (lemur/dragon mix) (C) Mentallyinsanedragon and Zeriara\r\nFurry Freddy Krueger (C) Zeriara

Image: The_little____litter_.jpg   536x742 125433 bytes 2003.11.03

Trade with Litter.\r\nShe wanted the trade to be aqautic-themed so we both drew mermaid things. Im sorry it took so long. I should have got it finished right away like you did. Argh.

Image: theoutkasttrade.JPG   663x834 111545 bytes 2004.09.07

Trade with the outkast from deviantart which should have been done a long time ago.\r\nI drew this today after I had a little Labor Day cookout while listening to Thursday. I REALLY REALLY need to get into the habit of drawing regularly but most of the time Im on the computer and wont get off to draw. Thats why you people need to trade/commision and ask for requests and shit to get me back into the habit.

Image: tm.JPG   404x420 41734 bytes 2003.11.04

Something to put on my petpage on neopets. :3

Image: tmonsterbigfile.JPG   450x532 43242 bytes 2003.11.14

My new neopets picture of my gelert, thirstymonster, for next week's BC. I know how you people are, so Im just going to say... you steal, you die... ><;;;

Image: tradeheather.JPG   658x788 84245 bytes 2004.01.05

A wolf char of hers, not sure what her name is. I hope I got this right, I didnt have a reference.... and sorry if you dont like dresses.... ha. I thought it was fun.

Image: twoisbetter.JPG   694x604 79265 bytes 2004.03.06

Pinkeye has a new victim....\r\nDrawn because I abandon poor september. She looks fat here... im so confused.

Image: upsidedownheartpony.JPG   652x540 80412 bytes 2004.03.06

I was rearanging my ponies and I drew this. It is chubby and sparkly and has no name.\r\nI AM SO BAD AT WRITING DESCRIPTIONS!!!!1111

Image: Velouria.JPG   378x690 54833 bytes 2004.02.29

I drew something for xsydx from deviantart because she drew for me. I really like this one.... I dont know why. It took me about 2o minutes while I was watching survivor.\r\nI met Big Tom from survivor. \r\nI have his autograph and a pichur of him and I.\r\nAren't you jealous?\r\nLOL

Image: verlaystandup.JPG   391x771 64274 bytes 2003.12.21

Extra pic for Lancefox for bidding on my pictures at Furbid. I really dont like this picture but hopefully he will.

Image: vote.JPG   460x500 44834 bytes 2003.12.02

Im so sick of being beaten by copy and pasters in neopets BC!\r\nThis will go up on my pets lookup page...\r\nVote for Thirstymonster on NP!

Image: weightoftheworld.JPG   844x646 124883 bytes 2003.12.27

Im tired of all this responsibility.\r\nI cant fucking handle it anymore.\r\n\r\nI drew this on Christmas Eve.... That should explain how good of a holiday I had.\r\nHopefully yours was different.

Image: whydoesithurtsomuch.JPG   518x858 93196 bytes 2004.02.06

to love?\r\n\r\nWhy does it hurt so much to love?\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI adored this picture before i butchered it with a gray crayola marker. Now it sucks more than a cheerleader. \r\nkthnx.\r\n\r\n .\r\nWhere are you when I need you?

Image: with_you.JPG   756x643 105390 bytes 2004.01.25

My leg!\r\nI decided to whip out my markers agian. Excuse the sloppy use of colored pencils in this one... the leads kept breaking and i tried to color using a little chunk of led that i held in my fingers. I think im going to give spicy black low-lites in her hair now.

Image: wolfsurprise.JPG   635x825 64267 bytes 2005.07.18

This is up on furbid here:\r\n

Image: youkillmewell.JPG   534x696 63282 bytes 2004.07.04

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