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Image: NEW-1.jpg   179x266 36487 bytes 2002.02.15

Done all on the computer, I like it myself. The Doctor is all happy and stuff :)

Image: orca.jpg   350x257 42265 bytes 2005.10.03

Part of a ConBadge trade with Orca :D

Image: OTTER.jpg   228x330 49882 bytes 2002.02.02

I am trying to learn different things on the computer so that I can make things look better. This was done with airbrush, using advice I received. Riverdance the Otter wearing a cute 4th Doctor scarf

Image: pissed.jpg   234x204 19269 bytes 2002.01.24

once there was a planet in the vega sector 9, this planet had a very war like race and hated and killed most everyone who came to their little planet. Well the Doctor landed there one day and after tortering his companions, stealing his TARDIS and then trying to blow up the universe the Doctor got pissed off and in the end destoryed them for the sake of all living things...moral of the story is, if you want to insure a future for your race, don't piss off the Doctor ;)

Image: Puppy.jpg   720x720 39202 bytes 2002.12.10

Teehee, you can only play neopats for so long before you brain fries :D

Image: resizedwebpagespirit.jpg   250x327 80130 bytes 2003.01.29

Webpage thingie. Its me aren't I cute ;D \r\n\r\nMe is owned by Colleen

Image: scaryink8.gif   550x491 80142 bytes 2002.10.19

with the lens flare

Image: scaryink9.gif   550x491 77334 bytes 2002.10.19

this weeks drawink...this is without the lens flare

Image: sexy.jpg   430x621 68477 bytes 2002.09.07

I did another verison of this from a different tutorial, this is ten times better if you ask me

Image: SGTSPI~3.jpg   531x536 131856 bytes 2002.01.17

I am a huge Beatles nut. This is me how I see myself a hippogriff, and this is a Beatles Sgt.Pepper (Pauls) outfit, so I combined me and the thing I love and here you are Sgt.Spirit Lonely Hearts Club Band, I hope you will enjoy my show!

Image: showcy_copy.jpg   675x878 74631 bytes 2003.02.18

just something I am working on.

Image: silver.jpg   350x373 168271 bytes 2005.10.05

for silver fox wolf. Badge trade :D

Image: SPIRIT.jpg   550x450 37307 bytes 2002.02.02

Airbrush tool is cool! That's me, Spirit using the airbrush and well doing thick lines. Hope you all likes it

Image: teamonk.jpg   500x533 49771 bytes 2007.02.26

Tea Monkey

I love tea and monkeys, so when I found out that Monks would train monkeys to pick the hard to reach tea leaves I just had to put it together :D

Tags: monkey, tea  
Image: thunder1.jpg   504x360 53215 bytes 2002.09.06

First attempt at using my new tablet

Image: thunderbird.jpg   979x530 337234 bytes 2002.02.26

My first try with Prisma's, I wanted to go for a clouded stormy look ot it, and based on what people are telling me I did just that, so here you are native American Thunderbird

Image: turtlelove.jpg   450x555 41157 bytes 2005.02.02

drawn after finishing the Dark Tower, would love to see it finished some day

Image: univsers.jpg   256x256 40685 bytes 2002.01.20

This is going to be part of a Beatle portfoilio I am putting together, this is Across the Universe. Yes that is an eye, and so I hope you guys like it

Image: Untitled-4.jpg   823x842 182967 bytes 2003.01.16

Havn't drawn him in awhile and was bored today so I doodled the doctor, this is also me learning Illustrator, so if you read this and use illustrator please contact me cause I need tips and tricks :)

Image: WHODOG2.jpg   346x438 99210 bytes 2002.01.12

Doctor Who!!!!!!!! This is my first coloring with the computer, yeah I went with more of a cartoonie look, and yeap it is my Furry rendition of my favorite Doctor...5th :)

Image: wolfie.jpg   859x971 50970 bytes 2003.05.12

this was part of an art trade :)

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