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Image: 001.gif   509x700 42126 bytes 2005.02.15

Tis an anthro magiwolf for my new shop on gaia! :D\r\nJust have to wait for gaia to come back online before i can auction it off >.>;\r\n\r\nMagiwolves are (c) Heather Bradder

Image: 2coyote.gif   624x518 22467 bytes 2004.07.11

Meet Mix and Match. Two sister coyotes. They're adolescent ferals that are juist trying to survive in this world.\r\nMix is the younger (the one at the front) and Match is the elder sister at the back.\r\n\r\nMix & Match Heather Bradder.

Image: awasu-color.gif   292x401 14348 bytes 2004.06.14

Chibi ninja kitty.. bwahaha >3\r\n\r\nSomething i did for a friend of mine.

Image: awasu_sword-bw.gif   526x396 13145 bytes 2004.06.14

Ninja kitty again, trying to lift a large sword.. aww XD

Image: blue.png   300x300 17007 bytes 2004.10.10

An oekaki of Blue wolfs, hehe ^_^\r\n\r\nBlue wolfs is Spiritweaver.

Image: bluewolfs2.gif   716x847 33017 bytes 2004.06.14

Lineart of my main character, Blue wolfs. I WILL get round to colouring her... eventually n.n;\r\n\r\nBlue wolfs Heather Bradder

Image: bumfluff_c.gif   344x500 31778 bytes 2004.12.02

Wheee, i coloured Bumfloof. Sketched on paper, photographed and coloured ontop and cleaned up. Came out quite well (:\r\n\r\nBumfloof (c) Heather Bradder

Image: chibi-gang.gif   700x379 44757 bytes 2005.03.08

Just a doodle of some chibi creations. From left to right:\r\nMy BESM wolf-girl character.. forget her name x.x;\r\nDark Nina Angel\r\nFrankie - my friend from university\r\nDante - another friend's BESM character. His first demon form had chibi wings so we tease him about it >3\r\n\r\nArt (C) Heather Bradder

Image: chibi-liolf.gif   400x307 16381 bytes 2005.03.09

Chibi liolfs! >3\r\nShows the colours of my two liolfs i created.\r\n\r\nLeft to right: Trinity & Kovu.\r\n\r\nArt (c) Heather Bradder

Image: chibi-spirit.gif   333x395 12542 bytes 2005.03.09

bwahaha.. Fear the chibiness >.>\r\nThis is a chibi version of spiritweaver, my gaia avatar :p\r\n\r\nArt (c) Heather Bradder)

Image: circuswolf.jpg   230x600 33945 bytes 2005.01.31

YAY!! the scanner finally works. Found a driver for it off the net.

Image: comic3.gif   500x426 29846 bytes 2004.07.21

This is a single frame comic from a lil comic setup i made called the 'Trio'. \r\nThe one playing spiderman is Blue wolfs, the one beside her is Mix the Fennic fox and the other is Negg the inverse skunk. Expect lots of nude jokes :3\r\n\r\nthe 'trio' is Heather Bradder

Image: fatalattraction.gif   453x401 17603 bytes 2004.06.14

This is a poem i made up. Its about people blindly following people they love, but always end up getting themselves hurt.\r\n\r\nFatal Attraction poem Heather Bradder

Image: foxboy_c.gif   434x800 27678 bytes 2004.07.22

Finally finished him.. yup its Aoiro Kitt (who? XD)\r\nHe's a blue fox boy with a calm attitude.\r\n\r\nAoiro Kitt Heather Bradder

Image: foxboy_ink.gif   434x800 24435 bytes 2004.07.22

Its the fox boy again, this time inked.. i abandoned him having a 4-pack.. i cant draw muscles u.u;

Image: heather-lonewolf.gif   400x448 20745 bytes 2005.03.09

Quick coloured chibi version of my Lone Wolf character.\r\nEither side is her horse and hawk :3\r\n\r\nArt (c) Heather Bradder

Image: kovu-liolf.gif   285x600 28563 bytes 2005.03.08

Here's my second Liolf creation, this time a male!\r\nThe male Liolfs have distinctivly lion-like manes. sexy >3\r\n\r\nKovu is named due to his colouration: deep gold fur with black mane.\r\n\r\nArt ish (c) Heather Bradder

Image: kutabare.jpg   665x500 63176 bytes 2004.06.26

Whee.. funky affects on this one. Drawn and coloured in OpenCanvas, spazzed up in photoshop.\r\n\r\nThis is Kutabare, my latest character creation. She's a wolf/border collie hybrid with a bit of an attitude problem. \r\n\r\nKutabare Heather Bradder :3

Image: lyven.gif   600x567 27444 bytes 2005.01.18

New idea i came up with, partly inspired by the 'apposable thumb on ferals' from one of Goldenwolf's creatures, and also from the dragon in Cathersis.\r\nLyven is a strange wolf-like creature with long pointy ears, pupil-less eyes, large canines and an extra digit (apposable thumb!)\r\nAlthough it looks quite beefy, this is a female >.>\r\n\r\nLyven ish (c) Heather Bradder

Image: magi032.gif   623x568 49723 bytes 2004.09.10

Just had to upload this here, this is a 'my little pony' themed Magiwolf ^_^\r\n\r\nMagiwolves are Heather Bradder

Image: millie-foxx.gif   500x439 34440 bytes 2005.03.08

Another doodle of my creations.. I like how this came out except for the hands x.x;\r\n\r\nMillie is a black fox, with silver hair and a white splodge on her nose >3\r\nThe feather in her hair is black :o\r\n\r\nArt (c) Heather Bradder

Image: mirage.gif   374x721 23048 bytes 2005.01.24

Mirage Succubi, the half-demon reject.\r\nShe was dumped on earth by her pure demon sisters, to learn how to be evil.. quite frankly at the moment, she's too much of a goody goody and needs lessons >3\r\nThe head shot of this I like, but the body is.. bleh.. i cant draw x.x;\r\n\r\nMirage ish (c) Heather Bradder.. you steal, you die the death of a thousand ninja kittens.. ninj.. >.>

Image: monotori.png   300x300 14618 bytes 2004.10.09

Yay, I oekaki-ed Monotori. Only a headshot but its hard to do full bodies in oekaki :3

Image: proxie1.gif   604x580 28372 bytes 2004.08.11

New character of mine. Proxie the mixed breed.. she has a special power that enables her to turn into different species.. but she doesnt remember it happening >3\r\nLion form of Proxie coming next!

Image: proxie2.gif   666x667 25248 bytes 2004.08.11

Proxie's lion form >3

Image: scarface1.gif   674x600 28877 bytes 2004.06.14

A feral character from a story im creating: "Wolf & Lamb"\r\n\r\nAt the moment he's called Scarface, but since this is obviously a rather sucky name, i am looking for a replacement name o.<;\r\n\r\nWolf & Lamb characters Heather Bradder

Image: tribal-jackal.gif   600x500 30037 bytes 2004.06.15

A very nice picture of one of my characters. \r\nMitsuka is a tribal jackal who's tribe is at war with another tribe consisting of wolves.. therefore, she tends to be quite aggressive towards anyone of a wolfish nature.\r\n\r\nMitsuka Heather Bradder

Image: trinity-liolf.gif   500x583 37693 bytes 2005.03.08

Urg.. the face got a bit ruined in inking, but otherwise i love how this came out. \r\n\r\nTrinity is a Liolf - tall and elegent fox-like build with mane running down her back and long pointed ears.. The mane is easier to see from the sideon view.\r\n\r\nArt is (c) Heather Bradder

Image: wolf-profile.gif   500x411 26824 bytes 2005.03.08

Just a drawing of a random wolf's head. For proportion practice :D

Image: wolf-scarred-howl.png   588x626 122200 bytes 2006.01.28


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