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Image: tribal-jackal.gif   600x500 30037 bytes 2004.06.15

A very nice picture of one of my characters. \r\nMitsuka is a tribal jackal who's tribe is at war with another tribe consisting of wolves.. therefore, she tends to be quite aggressive towards anyone of a wolfish nature.\r\n\r\nMitsuka Heather Bradder

Image: fatalattraction.gif   453x401 17603 bytes 2004.06.14

This is a poem i made up. Its about people blindly following people they love, but always end up getting themselves hurt.\r\n\r\nFatal Attraction poem Heather Bradder

Image: scarface1.gif   674x600 28877 bytes 2004.06.14

A feral character from a story im creating: "Wolf & Lamb"\r\n\r\nAt the moment he's called Scarface, but since this is obviously a rather sucky name, i am looking for a replacement name o.<;\r\n\r\nWolf & Lamb characters Heather Bradder

Image: bluewolfs2.gif   716x847 33017 bytes 2004.06.14

Lineart of my main character, Blue wolfs. I WILL get round to colouring her... eventually n.n;\r\n\r\nBlue wolfs Heather Bradder

Image: awasu_sword-bw.gif   526x396 13145 bytes 2004.06.14

Ninja kitty again, trying to lift a large sword.. aww XD

Image: awasu-color.gif   292x401 14348 bytes 2004.06.14

Chibi ninja kitty.. bwahaha >3\r\n\r\nSomething i did for a friend of mine.

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