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Image: Spree_CellArt_SPT.jpg   435x517 39368 bytes 2003.11.30

I was side tracked with the fancy coloring. I stopped, turned around and said "I can't stand trying to be someone else." So with yesterdays raid on CG tutorials and anatomy.\r\n \r\n Here I start going the way hard color cell art, and my first subject was Spree the Kerran Monk. \r\n\r\nAnyone can do fancy coloring, but its accuracy on lineart that makes a picture a picture, not the way its colored.\r\n

Image: spree_fromthecave.jpg   500x500 28970 bytes 2008.03.17

Archive Image Dump

Image: Spreebend1.jpg   602x481 21774 bytes 2002.12.16

Oy, Spree is probally doing one of the most painful moves.. to martial arts period. A handstand back bend. You mess this up and your dead, yeah you'll snap your back.

Image: SpreeCap1.jpg   468x681 49359 bytes 2002.12.14

Spree, in stance ready to fight!. Yeah this is a stance in Capoeira(hence the pants). Very influenced in this martial art right now. So much, I'm trying to learn it on my own . Fun it is. Already sparred 3 people and won using it.. so . Then again styles of karate are to basic for this style of fighting.. Bring it on!

Image: Spreefightcolor.jpg   611x715 25185 bytes 2002.11.19

Satsugai reveils himself!. After taking a royal beating ( hence the ripped clothing) Man I love how Spree relfects light on his body.. I think I am getting better at Computer coloring.. Hehe .. Spree is (c) to me

Image: SpreeIam.png   262x300 62898 bytes 2002.11.05

Heres Johnny... err I mean Spree. Yep thats Spree, I finally got around to making my character profile.. The symbant once taking your body over can go into this default form, Hes all shiny cause his body is like plastic coating it shines when light is reflected among it . SHINY!

Image: Spreeposefinsh3.jpg   667x744 97187 bytes 2007.07.24

You ready?

Spree finally got remodeled. Hooray!

Tags: kobold spree fighter monk  
Image: SuperhappySpreeconsml.jpg   200x200 8400 bytes 2003.07.21

There baaaaaacckk.. Its the Super Happy Spree-con! Cept Spree is girl now.. and a Jaguar. But its still got the same cuteness!\r\n I think I may make a 404 with a Spree-con

Image: T1608A.jpg   804x533 134037 bytes 2008.02.17

An abridged creation from a misspelled "Racoom" I dub Tacoon.

Image: Taylos,_BlackJax4.jpg   613x794 98432 bytes 2002.02.17

Finally got around to uploading something. To many things i've had to do. Taylos and Blackjax are (c) to me

Image: tigerburn1C.jpg   621x742 87273 bytes 2005.11.11

You've been tigerburned!

Image: tigerburn1v2C.jpg   621x742 93841 bytes 2005.11.11

Version 2. Final version. Fixed more shading errors -_- ;

Image: Timmakeitscreamspr.jpg   500x500 120670 bytes 2005.08.24

Ambidextrous WereLlama. I noticed I put the guitar in the wrong hand ( left handed but play normal ) But what the hey I can play with both hands! Good thing I drew the guitar the proper way. Gibson SG Custom! Oorah!\r\n\r\n Tim the WereLlama spree\r\n Gibson SG Gibson Guitar

Image: Tombstonecolor2.jpg   642x838 70122 bytes 2003.07.02

Next of the Tombstone series. Is my Half demon form. Not Sure if Ill do full demon yet. Im thinking about it.

Image: TombstonecolorB.jpg   582x840 57770 bytes 2003.06.30

This is what happens when someone just happens to piss me off.\r\n Actually I did draw this out of Anger. And I like it.

Image: Watercolor_SPT.jpg   700x492 83613 bytes 2003.12.27

An actual water color painting I did in art class a year ago. I felt like uploading it, cause its pretty.\r\n

Image: WereGaruruwomon2.JPG   338x745 189975 bytes 2001.11.16

Trans Gender of WereGarurumon. As simple as that

Image: Yuuyarmorcolor.jpg   404x720 82234 bytes 2003.07.04

I don't just wear a White robe in human form. I also got all this armor under me. The robe and the staff make me look like a saint. But really underneath.. Yusumi is a Bounty hunter for demon souls .. mmm demon souls

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