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Image: BunnyTAT.jpg   510x669 99857 bytes 2003.01.14

tattoo flash of my baby bunny.

Image: Alice.jpg   407x499 35895 bytes 2003.01.11

Entirely tablet drawn... This is going to be a very important character to me- and though she's not all bright, sparkly and eye-catching, she's got more of my heart in her than any of my other characters. *rant about superficiality in art* \r\nher name's alice. she's female, but you can pretty much consider her male.

Image: bondage-puppy.jpg   624x809 86270 bytes 2003.01.11

I never liked this in the first place... but my boyfriend Brad colored it and now- it's pretty...\r\n\r\n\r\nso love it.

Image: HYPER-GLAM.jpg   725x1116 228424 bytes 2003.01.10


Image: Magic_Show.jpg   684x834 131698 bytes 2003.01.06

I slaved over this. I really did. *hugs and kisses her tablet*

Image: rexxi.jpg   370x737 50439 bytes 2003.01.04

black paper + gel pen + colored Charcoal. it's my new character Rexxi. the Kangaroo. I like the fact that I did that without any outlining/erasing... other than this this is crap.

Image: Rulove.jpg   646x808 108055 bytes 2003.01.04

A gift for her majesty, Roux.

Image: HaloweenTeeth.jpg   638x877 138262 bytes 2003.01.04

A gift for Kitten Lyttle of Deviant art.... her character Haloween teeth- this whole pic is real media.

Image: YarvaDemonicus.jpg   560x758 94942 bytes 2002.12.31

Guess who has a new favorite media! IT'S ME! IT'S ME!!\r\n\r\nAnyway. this was supposed to be a gift for my very dear friend jacko.... but I don't think I can stand to part with it... I find this quite sexy.

Image: Gangrenepuppy.jpg   432x654 79727 bytes 2002.12.30

Aya ripoff. I've always loved her style, and I finaly got the supplies to try it myself. I guess it's a Gangrene Puppy.

Image: raver_Xylch.jpg   804x682 129189 bytes 2002.12.17

I'm not going to bother with another long description... but this was done in acrylics, My character Xylch- very chameleon-like. this is her adapting to a rave environment >_< I'm a dork.\r\n\r\nI want attention.\r\nIM me.\r\nmy AIM sn is SqueekBat\r\n\r\n... do it. add me to your friends list and tell me you love me.

Image: Otome.jpg   776x1004 169629 bytes 2002.12.16

You all better fuckin love this. My first time coloring using layers... a pwesent for Otome.

Image: RAINBOW.jpg   777x1005 139070 bytes 2002.12.12

love me. I worked on this a really long time.

Image: Lyx.jpg   534x954 137450 bytes 2002.12.12

A gifty-poo for lyx.

Image: Bunnypony.jpg   576x720 105733 bytes 2002.12.06

at first this was cool, but I don't think I like it anymore. it was basically a blatant ripoff of a Junko Mizuno pic. look her up. she's good.

Image: CandyKazzy.jpg   534x531 108070 bytes 2002.12.06

A present for Kaz. Because everything I've done for her up to this point sucked royal dinky.\r\n\r\nthat's right. I said dinky.

Image: AntiluvBethy.gif   840x1094 118700 bytes 2002.12.06

This. is a present for the Pushling. Anti (c) Push.

Image: minibunny.jpg   383x597 62614 bytes 2002.11.29

Yessss... you know you want to fuck my bunny.

Image: Iggysmokin.jpg   506x619 77584 bytes 2002.11.29

not totaly happy with this. tis Iggy. leelee ripoff style.

Image: Pikaboy.jpg   614x899 87547 bytes 2002.11.29

heavily inspired by zombi. A present for someone I RP with ^_^

Image: Iggy.jpg   684x889 129360 bytes 2002.11.23

new character. DRAW ME FANART!!!\r\n\r\nyeah. I'm stupid.

Image: Electacat_closeup.jpg   432x552 86581 bytes 2002.11.23

Just a closeup- I really liked the face.

Image: lovelyelectrakitty.jpg   374x651 79222 bytes 2002.11.23

Giftart for Electracat of Deviant ^_^\r\n\r\nas you can see this is heavily influenced by Cindy Burton..

Image: My-Spooky-Pony.jpg   690x638 96778 bytes 2002.11.12

^_^ I think this is cute... I think someone from elfwood came up with the My Spooky Pony Idea originally, but I had to make one of my own... in the original drawing she had a bottle of absinthe, a spoon and a glass... so that explains her name, which is Wormwort.\r\n\r\nkind of a sloppy color job, but.... I like it anyway.

Image: Lee-Leefied-Morpheus.jpg   429x749 96565 bytes 2002.11.12

I wanted to do Morpheus LeeLee style. so I did... I don't really like how it looks tho... nothing special...

Image: Roe.jpg   618x856 93363 bytes 2002.11.12

A present for Cindy Burton, because I admire her in many many ways. looks better in rl... damn my scanner.

Image: Mistress_Squeekbat.jpg   548x827 151777 bytes 2002.11.09

Finished it. I quite like it too.

Image: Jack.jpg   480x689 101579 bytes 2002.11.09

come to think of it... EVERYTHING I do looks like crap on dark monitors. I say everyone comes to MY HOUSE to look at my art. grr. Anyway, this was just a quickie for Jack. because I looove her.\r\n\r\nJack (c) herself, Image (c) me. of course.

Image: Smokin_it_up.jpg   638x825 120062 bytes 2002.11.09

on dark monitors I find that this looks horrible. on my comp it looks godly though.... I'm very proud of this. behold my new powers... *spooky wiggle*\r\n\r\nnever thought I'd do a weed pic. but I did.\r\n\r\neverything's mine.

Image: Bootiful-Brad.jpg   638x825 435430 bytes 2002.11.08

Tis my Bradly baby. me luff him. \r\n\r\n(c) me

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