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Image: random_doggy.gif   477x486 36703 bytes 2002.04.01

My mousing sucks.

Image: raver_Xylch.jpg   804x682 129189 bytes 2002.12.17

I'm not going to bother with another long description... but this was done in acrylics, My character Xylch- very chameleon-like. this is her adapting to a rave environment >_< I'm a dork.\r\n\r\nI want attention.\r\nIM me.\r\nmy AIM sn is SqueekBat\r\n\r\n... do it. add me to your friends list and tell me you love me.

Image: ravertrade.jpg   513x734 97302 bytes 2003.02.12

half-assed trade with Devil-wolf. sorry >_<

Image: red-bows.jpg   357x626 90488 bytes 2002.11.08

*tears* scanner killed her. the shading was particularly nice... \r\nJust a present for my Jana's B day. :)\r\n\r\n(c) to me.

Image: Red_Sunset_by_xxsqueekbatxx.jpg   466x493 138833 bytes 2005.09.20

I actually like this one.

Image: Redcommission.jpg   1050x842 364406 bytes 2007.08.17

Lollypop Lane

An old commission for XsydX on DA. \r\n\r\nTo catch up with my art check out my Deviantart, listed as my website here on VCL. Information on CHEAP limited time commissions, as well as my normal commission prices can be found there.

Tags: sucker lolly pop syd goth punk  
Image: ReDemon.jpg   475x644 67803 bytes 2002.06.24

Once upon a time long, long ago... I drew something that looked like this. only it was very very shabily done. so I redrew it! and now... I'm quite happy with it.\r\n\r\n... Does vcl consider Demons (such as this one) to be anthropomorphic? ... it's very inhuman, so I'm guessing they do... I hope they so. God, I love it's face! tho his shoulder horns look a bit funny...

Image: redwere.jpg   735x588 58716 bytes 2002.07.12

reuploaded... bla. he sexy.

Image: rexxi.jpg   370x737 50439 bytes 2003.01.04

black paper + gel pen + colored Charcoal. it's my new character Rexxi. the Kangaroo. I like the fact that I did that without any outlining/erasing... other than this this is crap.

Image: Ripoffage.jpg   419x558 84180 bytes 2002.06.29

This would probably be best described as all of my favorite VCL artist's styles combined. I'm sure you can pick out what came from each artist... there's a bit of Lurid, LeeLee, Roux, Cindy, Zombi and everyone else... but... for some reason it came out looking like something Karen Gunderson would draw lol\r\nand that lil floaty cat is CariKitty... ^_^\r\n\r\nI've learned so much from all of the artists here at VCL. [cheesey moment] Thanks.

Image: Roe.jpg   618x856 93363 bytes 2002.11.12

A present for Cindy Burton, because I admire her in many many ways. looks better in rl... damn my scanner.

Image: RouxBurgers.jpg   449x630 93251 bytes 2002.07.19

I hear they use kangaroo meat at McDonalds... Marc started this. he no like roux. I thought it was funny, so I inked it, added the background (crappily), and gave it a good colorin. Don't flame me, I personally like roux alot- one of my fave artists. but, really- I can take a joke. and I'm sure she can too. All copyrights on the pic.

Image: Rulove.jpg   646x808 108055 bytes 2003.01.04

A gift for her majesty, Roux.

Image: Sandworm.jpg   498x636 70577 bytes 2005.06.02

Damn sandworms...

Image: Scratchboardmonster.gif   456x690 67092 bytes 2003.02.03

my first scratchboard since the 4th grade... I guess he's kinda cute.\r\n\r\nart class again...

Image: Shedbday.jpg   358x535 66244 bytes 2003.05.13

I probably shouldn't even upload crap like this- ugh...I wish I had more time to make REAL birthday presents for people lol- I like this anyway though- it's kinda fun.. ish... yes. birthday present for Shed.

Image: Shediggy.gif   645x833 48016 bytes 2003.09.26

A gift for Shed. Iggy's singing Fascination street. and she's like... dancing. the robot. ho ho ho

Image: ShinLove.jpg   691x705 114987 bytes 2003.04.01

click on this, mofo. it may look like crap as a thumbnail with my horrible color choices, but it actually looks kinda nice big.... for shinny.

Image: Shinmorph.jpg   726x830 122921 bytes 2003.03.22

oy... my poor picture :( curse you compression! *weeps* oh well. it wasn't too much to brag about in the first place- anyway- \r\nthis is for Shinquan... cuz I love her so very much. arr. ok... no shinquan-is-god ranting... alright. urge subdued. *whew*\r\n\r\nI guess shin's supposed to be a show-girl in vegas or something and Morpheus, being the bad ass that he is, is going to kidnap her... erm... yeah. the story just kinda grew with the picture, I don't even know how it came to be like that in the first place...

Image: Silverfoxx_Trade__Antimatter_by_xxsqueekbatxx.jpg   458x626 107241 bytes 2005.09.20

A trade with silverfoxx420

Image: silvertrade.jpg   394x856 81352 bytes 2003.05.06

ugh.... sorry I fucked up our trade so bad Silver... kill me. WHY CAN'T I BE HAPPY WIHT MY AAARRRRTT!?!?!?!? alkdfja hjekejh!!!!\r\n\r\nanyway. silverfox(c)Silverfox.. Gangrene(c)me. as usual.

Image: SKREWpuppy.jpg   617x611 117225 bytes 2003.01.14

I'm stupid.

Image: skunkkitty.jpg   402x816 91392 bytes 2004.02.07

wanted to draw a sexy kitty boy.. turned into a green skunk kitty. or something.

Image: slowdeath.jpg   961x724 46258 bytes 2003.07.29

Image: Smokin_it_up.jpg   638x825 120062 bytes 2002.11.09

on dark monitors I find that this looks horrible. on my comp it looks godly though.... I'm very proud of this. behold my new powers... *spooky wiggle*\r\n\r\nnever thought I'd do a weed pic. but I did.\r\n\r\neverything's mine.

Image: SondelHatter.jpg   593x835 161308 bytes 2003.01.27

For Lyx because sondel is one of the sexiest characters I've seen in a very long time. that and she kicks ass and I wuv her. I think it came out pretty well.\r\n\r\nStock: StockCat and Fire-Walker on Deviantart\r\nBrushes: and H8Machine of Deviantart.

Image: Sondelhead.jpg   190x576 28144 bytes 2003.09.24

Sondel doodle for lyx...

Image: SPOOkittykitty.jpg   305x673 44769 bytes 2004.02.07

Original line art for the skunk kitty picture,before I altered the hell out of it.

Image: Squeek.jpg   445x528 120458 bytes 2007.09.02

Beaten with the Ugly Stick

Many of these are digital photos- and unfortunately they don't do the art much justice. but here's another Squeek anyway. oollld...

Image: SqueekbatfinalPNG.png   1200x596 1123366 bytes 2005.03.22

An earlier picture/version of my character squeekbat.

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