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Image: Were.jpg   436x544 56967 bytes 2002.07.06

Another one. this one was the first.

Image: Mr.Chips.jpg   432x778 82732 bytes 2002.07.05

Another Character for the comic. Purrr... he'sa sexy monkey. num.\r\n\r\nMr. Chips is (c) to Bethany Brown

Image: PrettyBoy.jpg   365x491 47610 bytes 2002.07.05

another doodle from the same page as kaz's pic. (as you can see, they match!) I'm not sure what this boy is... he's all blooey though. *shrug* kinda offtopic I guess.

Image: Ripoffage.jpg   419x558 84180 bytes 2002.06.29

This would probably be best described as all of my favorite VCL artist's styles combined. I'm sure you can pick out what came from each artist... there's a bit of Lurid, LeeLee, Roux, Cindy, Zombi and everyone else... but... for some reason it came out looking like something Karen Gunderson would draw lol\r\nand that lil floaty cat is CariKitty... ^_^\r\n\r\nI've learned so much from all of the artists here at VCL. [cheesey moment] Thanks.

Image: bethypeanutbutter_bw.gif   453x585 34442 bytes 2002.06.28

hmm... I think I hate this already. Tried a new style... kinda. and I've decided to say... screw consistancy. BethyBunny's never going to look the same again (most likely). so.... take that.

Image: Binky.jpg   447x680 149785 bytes 2002.06.26

Behold my MASTERPIECE! I worked my ass off on this and now my eyes hurt like ... yeah. they really hurt. But this is Binky- and she's going to be one of the main characters Marc Mows and I will be using in our comic... such a cute young cyberpunk... lets just pray she doesn't blow you up :p\r\n\r\nBinky (c) to Bethany Brown

Image: ReDemon.jpg   475x644 67803 bytes 2002.06.24

Once upon a time long, long ago... I drew something that looked like this. only it was very very shabily done. so I redrew it! and now... I'm quite happy with it.\r\n\r\n... Does vcl consider Demons (such as this one) to be anthropomorphic? ... it's very inhuman, so I'm guessing they do... I hope they so. God, I love it's face! tho his shoulder horns look a bit funny...

Image: Funk.Munky.Junkie.jpg   484x633 171091 bytes 2002.06.21

I spent.. aLOT of time on this. I didn't quit until I was pretty satasfied with it. and it really didn't help that the computer froze up and I had to start over. rar. But anyway, I worked on my coloring.. ripped off the world famous leelee shinyness. it's kind of a weird combination of a My Little Pony, an angel, and a succubus.. or something. \r\nI need to spend more time on my art. everything's starting to suck. T

Image: Yuki.jpg   508x602 83591 bytes 2002.06.21

Ick. I hate this pic... the coloring sucks and it's way to damn bright. but other than that, I finaly found a name for him- Jessica came up with it for me- Yuki (named after a J-rocker of course). This could've been such a nice pic if I'd have just done it right... ugh.\r\n\r\nJax is my hero. Just thought I'd say that.\r\n\r\nYuki and all that other crap (c) to Bethany Brown

Image: Lurid.jpg   490x629 90728 bytes 2002.06.04

Lovely Ix-ness for Lurid. Cuz she called me cool.

Image: Friday.again.jpg   307x557 84423 bytes 2002.06.01

This is that same pic of Friday I uploaded a while ago... only this one is with colored pencils :)\r\n\r\nFriday (c) to Jessica Daniels

Image: dragon.bubbles.gif   395x515 28856 bytes 2002.06.01

Leelee-ful bubbles... more mouse art.
Image:   643x487 140675 bytes 2002.05.30

Twas my birfday this tuesday... and on saturday Kory made dinner and bought a cake! an it was fun... an cari got me cool sailor moon plushies... and kory gave me a martigras teddybear... *luv* fuuuunnn.... The thing I love the most about this pic is how we're all wearing the same clothes we actually DID wear that day... \r\n\r\nwe are all (c) to ourselves of course... \r\n

Image: friday.jpg   290x573 108200 bytes 2002.05.28

Hey... I'm really sorry about the whole earlaces thing. Big Mistake, entirely.. and I'm especially sorry to you, Haley- thanks for not hating me lol\r\n\r\nThis is my half of a trade with Jessica Danielson.. it's alot smaller than the original. It's Friday! I hope she likes it... I adore her art ^_^\r\nFriday (c) Jessica Danielson, image (c) Bethany Brown

Image: Laceuppuppy.jpg   378x634 84802 bytes 2002.05.23

I was just thinking about the things you could do with the ears... and there it was.. in my head... a brilliant idea.... he a pretty Chihuahua! much Cindy and LeeLee inspiration here... \r\n\r\nUpdate: I guess I wasn't so original after all- Haley fulker had some ears almost JUST like these... and she did it before me.. so... yeah. but mine're laced like shoes.. and her's are stitches with pins- so technically I'm not copying at all. *stupidity*

Image: I.Loves.Yoo.Filler.jpg   641x433 87236 bytes 2002.05.23

I love filler bunny.\r\n\r\nFiller and Jhonen Style (c) to Jhonen Vasquez

Image: Mooby.jpg   524x592 85601 bytes 2002.05.23

An odd combination of a mounted moose and bethybunny.. I call him Mooby Spot! kinda like Moby Dick... \r\n\r\nMooby (c) to Bethany Brown... otherwise known as ME.

Image: Nummy_Kory.gif   312x632 50897 bytes 2002.05.22

I made this fer Kory. He's jam packed fulla spooky goodness... an I wanna eat im up.\r\n\r\nKory is (C) to himself, you silly gooses.

Image: Purdy.Puppy.jpg   376x531 90193 bytes 2002.05.21

Finaly- A decent coloring job! I actually spent some time on this one.... just a random puppy thing... much cute I think.
Image:   366x620 22460 bytes 2002.05.16

Drawn because I haven't done anything with him in ages. poor boy.
Image:   422x680 97941 bytes 2002.05.16

This was so creepy- last night I was drawin a pic for brady.. and then it came out looking waaaay to much like will. so itsa bradywilly.\r\n\r\nI miss you willy..

Image: Bethybunny_Owns_Capn_Jeff.gif   550x767 191861 bytes 2002.05.12

Gaaa! stupid, small scanner cut off our legs, damnit!! but we still cute.... Guess what. I timed myself on this one. it took me 7.5 hours. My. God. I had no idea I had so much patience!! \r\n\r\nThis is Michael and me... he wanted to be a furry.. and to match bethybunny... and for them to cuddle... but I suck at poses like that so It'll have to wait until I can find a suitable refernce or something of the sort. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out...\r\nBethybunny (c) to Bethany Brown... and Michael (or Cap'n Jeff, heh heh)is (C) to himself.\r\n\r\nAnd for anyone who's interested I just got some really cool fetish pics taken- they should be on my site by tuesday at the latest. ;)

Image: bethybunny_flower.gif   278x583 48056 bytes 2002.05.08

I really liked how I had Bethy in LeeLee's pic, so I thought I'd upload it a little bigger on it's own... finally got her how I want her... I designed those boots all by mu self ^_^

Image: butifuldeth_kittysmall.jpg   315x534 59818 bytes 2002.05.06

Gurrr... you can't read the dingy at the bottom... But anyway this is my half of a trade with Butiful Deth.

Image: Evil_Fetus.gif   646x550 37671 bytes 2002.05.05

Evil fetus of DOOM!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

Image: Fix_me.jpg   280x555 54372 bytes 2002.04.29

a very angry angsty sketch from studyhall. I might modify bethybunny as such... of course it will look better than this horrible thing...

Image: Booga.jpg   415x547 85875 bytes 2002.04.28

This is Booga (or maybe just a random Ripper) from Tank Girl... I'm not really so happy with it. I think he looks like a redneck. Oh, well I'll just make more... Tell im you love im. Put a big smile on that kangaroo face.\r\n\r\n"I used to be a dog... but um, I was really good so they put me up to human being status... sorta."

Image: pikamorph.jpg   578x491 87098 bytes 2002.04.27

Whee! I love my pretty pikachu thingy! *drool*\r\n\r\npikachu(c) to whoever those people who own im are...

Image: Puppy_purply.gif   320x454 10889 bytes 2002.04.26

I colored it.

Image: Gargoyleguy.jpg   496x628 95037 bytes 2002.04.24

Yay! Gargoyle-Bat-Guys!!

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