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Image: SqueekbatinWTFland.jpg   625x875 237122 bytes 2005.03.26

Squeakbat in WTF land. Prismacolor pencils, fabric paint and micron pens.\r\nShinquan (c) Hannah\r\nMalice (c) Malice\r\nChair (c) Chair\r\nSqueekbat (c) Me

Image: squeekin.jpg   279x500 68088 bytes 2007.09.02

Squ33kin it

lil sketchbook doodle of squeek and a SQUEEZIE from fuck's or some thing.

Tags: bat squeek smoothie frosty freezie  
Image: SSSSssspores.jpg   507x559 118364 bytes 2004.05.12

This is a trade with Poisoned at DA. I hate how it came out.. -_- it's her character, Remedy- a cheshire cat.

Image: StinkStankStunk.jpg   409x635 133190 bytes 2003.11.06

I wonder, do robots count as furries? I'm really not too sure, but I made this for my dear friend Carly. because I love her ;p;

Image: StitchBitch.jpg   552x945 113134 bytes 2003.11.06

if my outsides looked like my insides.

Image: stitchedlambcommission.jpg   758x1043 117423 bytes 2007.08.17

Lit by Candlelight

A commission for Stitched-Lamb on DA. I like this one :3

Tags: candle fox puppy corset goth  
Image: StitchTrade.jpg   640x827 131987 bytes 2004.04.16

A trade with Stitchbuckler of DA. he's hot. <3 I knew if I didn't do just flat color it would never get done.. the inking process nearly killed me, I kept fucking it up and getting all pissed off.

Image: Subway_Slippin_by_xxsqueekbatxx.jpg   443x630 169477 bytes 2005.09.20

A page from my sketchbook with Hayina. markers and colored pencils.

Image: Succubus-6000.jpg   610x1092 164528 bytes 2003.01.18

my sci-fi succubus. I like the design and all, but... there's something I don't like about this pic.

Image: SuckItAndSee.jpg   596x761 244980 bytes 2005.03.26

Squeekbat having her idea of fun. This is a favorite of mine. All done in Painter from a scanned sketch.

Image: TaxidermaLolita_small.jpg   571x763 132690 bytes 2004.05.26

This is a gift for Taxiderma of deviant art.. felt like drawing egl and victorian crap. and a giant hooka. yes.

Image: tehfurrie.jpg   577x748 179166 bytes 2007.08.17

Ride that Rocket

I did this in ballpoint pen while in training class for a repetitive phone service job. I did a lot of drawing in training... I kinda had the hankering for a suggestive naked furry girl pic. :3

Tags: suggestive nudity naked boobies ti-tis ta-tas jugs gazungas  
Image: TheAcidCat.jpg   566x664 119564 bytes 2004.04.21

Shinquan Plushie, the Acid Cat, Gangrene, and the bunneh. That hooka's kinda wacky but I was too lazy to fix it. shame on me. shinquan (c) herself :O

Image: TheGirllineart.gif   486x708 31946 bytes 2003.09.11

A preview- the amazing dispensable girl. I still have no name for her, as for now I might just call her Bethany, but I don't think I will... she's a large part of me, but a part of me I wish I could obliterate. love sick and dependant, nearly the opposite of Gangrene. Gangrene wants her dead.

Image: thing.jpg   303x557 52178 bytes 2002.07.19

I really really REALLY regret deciding to color this. before I even got it into the computer.... *sigh* It could've been cute. but I screwed it up. looks better in grayscale... oh well. salvaged some of it's prior glory. I like the hair.

Image: Trade__Foux_Delicieux_by_xxsqueekbatxx.jpg   564x686 168135 bytes 2005.09.20

A trade with theburningclaw of DA. markers, colored pencils, gel pens,nail polish, lace.

Image: TreeBitch.jpg   491x718 139051 bytes 2004.02.07

happy boob tree.

Image: Trenthyenalove.jpg   566x788 119351 bytes 2004.05.26

Shinquan's Trent and my new hyena character Polly- an annoying mallpunk. because annoying mallpunks remind me of hyenas. AND A MALICE PLUSHIE! AND A KYO PANDA BAG! all characters (c) their respective owners.

Image: TrIppinG-Down-Mushroom-Lane.jpg   647x823 124778 bytes 2003.08.09

Unnamed character I've had for months, I finaly finished something with him/her in it. I was originally going to use him/her for a comic I'm still thinking about called the Crypt Cuddlies. I started with a sketch, then watercolor- then watercolor pencils and lastly, White fabric glue... works alot better than gel pen for me. I gave this away, and I'm pretty sorry about it. I don't think I'll be giving my art away anymore, especially to people who can't appreciate it. Asses.

Image: Twinkle_Twinkle_by_xxsqueekbatxx.jpg   294x1024 102716 bytes 2005.09.20

An experiment with watercolors, pens and markers. It's Beegee! :)

Image: Tyler.jpg   700x508 81969 bytes 2007.08.20


Shinquan (last known account Shinquan on DA)came up with this new design for her character Tyler, and I wanted to color it, so I printed it out and this happened. the line art is hers.

Tags: horns dred locks piercing  
Image: Veda-reference.jpg   448x778 80197 bytes 2003.11.06

version with no background for reference purposes.

Image: Veda.jpg   570x990 116764 bytes 2003.11.06

Veda now, not Iggy. and if I get ONE remark about his penis being small I'll kill you because WHEN PENISES ARE OUTSIDE IN THE COLD THEY'RE SMALL. that'll be your lesson for the day, virginal rave furs.

Image: Venomous.jpg   794x794 235322 bytes 2002.08.16

Holy crap, I didn't realize how freakin bit this was...\r\nI'm not sure if it's furry, but it's sure as hell not human. inspired by a dream I had last night.

Image: ViolentRavers.jpg   551x687 66250 bytes 2003.03.10

Ravers are not supposed to be violent. plur, people PLUR!! if you don't know anything about the rave culture, all you have to do is a little research. no use having misleading and false characters... and trust me- there's no such thing as a mean person on extacy.\r\n\r\nThis is because Lyx wanted me to make it ^_^ but... I probably wont finish it even though Gangrene looks ulta-cute.. I hate markers.

Image: Viscera69shirtinternet.png   462x626 286923 bytes 2005.03.26

A gangrene shirt design. Gangrene (c) Me.

Image: Were.jpg   436x544 56967 bytes 2002.07.06

Another one. this one was the first.

Image: wereRensis.jpg   577x920 88534 bytes 2003.03.03

Cheer up sarah- and don't let stupid internet shit bother you. We'll run away to the uk and be fetish models! Yusss....

Image: Wermmouth.jpg   542x744 91787 bytes 2003.02.26

Inspired by the lack of depth, effort, emotion, and ART in much of the "art" lately.\r\n\r\nand no. that's not gangrene.

Image: Wheeee.jpg   377x575 56524 bytes 2002.07.15

This is the last version of this pic you'll see, I promise!\r\n\r\nI colored this one.. it's horrid. but now I finally have Photoshop! HA! no more crappy second rate Paintshop pro! I'm goin to the TOP, BABY!!

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