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Image: Wonderland.jpg   692x916 159194 bytes 2003.01.20

First thing I've produced in a long time that I'm actually pleased with in some way. I'm affraid the line-art's too bold though....\r\n\r\ndone entirely on the computer. I'm rather fond of that fact.

Image: Wondertrippppp.jpg   839x523 147808 bytes 2003.02.03

heh... I like how Rensis' hawk came out. people at deviant decided they wanted to go to wonderland. so I took them there. :)\r\n\r\nheh.. that makes me feel kind of god-like.\r\n\r\nI'M TAKING TRADES. E-MAIL ME IF YOU WANT ONE!!!\r\n\r\nplease. I'm pathetic.

Image: Wylde_bethyplushie.jpg   535x488 66677 bytes 2002.09.07

Sumthin I drew for wylde a few weeks ago... never got around to uploading it here.

Image: wylde_lyfe_colored.jpg   387x633 250610 bytes 2002.07.13

Whee! another one! heehee- it looks like a santa suit... I love it ^_^ love love love... \r\n\r\ncolors (c) to Wylde Lyfe.

Image: xSydx_Trade___Ambrocious_by_xxsqueekbatxx.jpg   271x614 58660 bytes 2005.09.20

This was a trade with xSydx on DA, I like the colors irl, but this isn't the best picture now that I think about it, but I sent it to her so it's all I have. ink, markers.

Image: xtcfaerie.jpg   480x670 218943 bytes 2005.03.26

XTC.\r\nprismacolor pencils, fabric paint, micron pens.

Image: Xylch.gif   330x812 20826 bytes 2002.08.29

Xylch, my newwest character. I'll finish this soon and color it.\r\n\r\nall (C) me

Image: Xylch_Ink.gif   384x987 51323 bytes 2002.10.08

Here's the inked version of Xylch. looks pretty good if I do say so meself... twill look even nicer in color.

Image: Yabba-Dabba-Kill-Yoo.jpg   578x801 234683 bytes 2002.07.30

awww... jpg smooshed it :( anyway. this is my new favorite.. I love this thing. another pic I worked my ASS off on. now in total this would have taken me... about 9 or 10 hours, coloring and all. and someone's been using Bethy's boots... *narrows eyes* cut it out. I'm not going to piss and moan about it. and I know there's nothing I can do... bla-fucky.\r\n\r\nANYWAY... behold the wonder. bethybunny (c) to Bethany Brown.

Image: yaminokazecommission.jpg   675x869 330374 bytes 2007.08.20

The Trinity

The biggest commission I have ever had to date- for Yaminokaze of DA. very fun to do, but also very challenging.

Image: YarvaDemonicus.jpg   560x758 94942 bytes 2002.12.31

Guess who has a new favorite media! IT'S ME! IT'S ME!!\r\n\r\nAnyway. this was supposed to be a gift for my very dear friend jacko.... but I don't think I can stand to part with it... I find this quite sexy.

Image: Yellow_Cheshire.jpg   433x604 86357 bytes 2003.02.14

my scanner cut if off in a rather rude way, but I'm still in love with it. first time I've used markers in ... a long time. This is for my Yello. another piece of my wonderland... thing.

Image: Yuki.jpg   508x602 83591 bytes 2002.06.21

Ick. I hate this pic... the coloring sucks and it's way to damn bright. but other than that, I finaly found a name for him- Jessica came up with it for me- Yuki (named after a J-rocker of course). This could've been such a nice pic if I'd have just done it right... ugh.\r\n\r\nJax is my hero. Just thought I'd say that.\r\n\r\nYuki and all that other crap (c) to Bethany Brown

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