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Image: 1990-01skitzblatzv1.gif   452x386 25209 bytes 2005.07.26

Cute raccoon. Part of two sheets of paper with tip pen doodles, 1990.

Image: 1990-01skitzblatzv2.gif   460x346 25622 bytes 2005.07.26

Snapping wolf. Part of two sheets of paper with tip pen doodles, 1990.

Image: 1990-03-beltz.gif   690x516 39419 bytes 2002.09.14

Just a sheet of paper which I used in school for taking notes ...and drawings. Like this one, made with tip pens :-)

Image: 1990-04quietearth2nach.gif   648x860 120183 bytes 2005.07.26

Inspired by the movie "Quiet Earth". A very old one!

Image: 1991-03biber.jpg   752x580 62527 bytes 2005.07.26

Worker beaver and a lot of mud between his toes. I still like the mood of this very old picture.

Image: 1991bunnweasel.jpg   662x470 80064 bytes 2002.09.05

A bunny and a weasel who are not friends at all. The weasel, angry, says: "What?" Maybe I was a bit angry too as I did this one, back in 1991. Black ink and water colours.

Image: 1991kettensäge.gif   716x502 37345 bytes 2005.07.26

Don't get too near! The guy looks dangerous! Never trust squirrels with chainsaws!

Image: 1991squibbsouth.gif   600x802 71342 bytes 2002.09.07

Kind of Indy Jones movie poster style - holy hazelnut, it's old! It really is from 1991! Sketched with blue pencils, inked with a pen, fine lines with a Rotring Isograph.

Image: 1991wieso.gif   350x406 17996 bytes 2005.07.26

Konfused kangaroo.

Image: 1992bkc59.jpg   452x614 74803 bytes 2005.07.26

Squirrely artwork for the "Berliner Kegelclub 59".

Image: 1992eyratte.gif   360x350 17475 bytes 2002.09.08

Female punk rat. Blue pencils and Isograph.

Image: 1992geier.gif   776x448 51982 bytes 2002.09.08

Vulture, non-morphic, but a bit toony. Blue pencils and Isograph.

Image: 1992grossvier1.gif   386x462 34425 bytes 2003.07.27

The first one of four tip pen drawings from 1992.

Image: 1992grossvier2.gif   318x480 32762 bytes 2003.07.27

The second one of four tip pen drawings from 1992.

Image: 1992grossvier3.gif   370x442 31695 bytes 2003.07.27

The third one of four tip pen drawings from 1992.

Image: 1992grossvier4.gif   428x510 43516 bytes 2003.07.27

The fourth one of four tip pen drawings from 1992. Poor vixen!

Image: 1992pirattegt.gif   442x500 33749 bytes 2002.09.08

"Gestatten, ich bin eine Piratte." A pirat hehehe. Blue pencils and Isograph.

Image: 1993-05-26energyguy.gif   334x484 21772 bytes 2002.09.09

Guy with plug and Front 242 cap. Made in school just for fun. Lessons sometimes were so booooring!

Image: 1995-03ausdays.gif   1054x688 61052 bytes 2002.09.07

Australian Days. Kangaroos. Blue fountain pen, without any sketch. Just taking the pen in my paw and "doing it".

Image: 1995roomagic.gif   904x1170 93234 bytes 2002.09.07

Kangaroo magician shows some magic - a kind of beam floats upwards from a little bush. A bat and a squirrel look very surprised. - Sketched with blue pencils, inked with a fountain pen, fine lines with my Rotring Isograph. It's a big one because there are many details.

Image: 1996cheese.gif   560x376 19938 bytes 2002.10.03

What do rats understand by an obscene phone call? - The original one was a drawing for the "Ratzblatt", the little magazine of our "Rattenclub", a fancy rat society.

Image: 1996electriccheese.gif   580x800 68399 bytes 2003.07.27

Comic idea for a ratty "Blade Runner" parody. I hope I will do it one day, and not only one unfinished page only. If so, an english version will be done, too.

Image: 1997-07yesterdaywheniwasmad.gif   578x728 98262 bytes 2005.05.14

Sometimes I listen to some techno music and start to draw - without any sketches, without any concept, just working away. Feelings and emotions and pictures in my head.

Image: 1997beachfoxes.gif   524x700 56709 bytes 2003.07.27

On the beach. This pic was influenced by some MU comics, where I've seen a lot of cute vixens in. It's romantic.

Image: 1997farbfux.jpg   470x640 83014 bytes 2002.10.03

Young fox doing some painting. The first computer colouring I did. Just an experiment, but not toooo bad.

Image: 1997haregirl.gif   438x670 27373 bytes 2002.12.07

Cute hare girl, standing on her toes. I like her! Inspired by an ad in some magazine. No sketch, inked with a pen, fine lines with a Rotring Isograph.

Image: 1998-02-04sorry.gif   510x564 20929 bytes 2003.01.07

Rabbit saying "sorry" - it was a drawing for my old "under construction" page. No pencil sketch, just tip pen and Rotring Isograph!

Image: 1998-05-12bn2sqs.gif   618x718 46270 bytes 2002.09.27

That's me, expecting some very special and maybe painful treatment. You may guess that the big cat girl - a tiger - will do her best... erf! Help!!

Image: 1998-07-23ranskunk.jpg   708x630 160613 bytes 2002.09.07

Random skunk guy. It was an experiment with black ink and Faber-Castell Polychromos - very good and soft crayons. A big "thank you" to H'Lven - it was you who opened the gate, my skunk friend! *huggle*

Image: 1998-08-03kyo.gif   592x616 38846 bytes 2002.10.02

1998, EuroFurence 4 - Kyo presents his furry art. Close-ups of very naughty parts of vixens, done with airbrush. "A new hope in furry pornograhy" reads his portfolio. Some furs are confused. Kyo shrugs his shoulders and yells: "...this is art!"

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