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Image: Crack_Rat.jpg   331x396 29612 bytes 2003.04.14

This was just a doodle, and I know it's not anthro really... but I thought it was a good example of my humorous side. Plus it's great to amuse your friends with!

Image: gemsbok_compressed.jpg   562x510 89756 bytes 2003.04.14

This is something I came up with a few weeks ago. It's titled "Set Your Spirit Free", yet still some people don't get why the gemsbok isn't reflected on the water. Oh, the reason it's cut off on the right is because it was much too big for the scanner... and it's pieced together as it is.

Image: London.jpg   396x790 112675 bytes 2003.04.14

I loved drawing this so much! I have such big fluffy dreams of studying abroad in London someday... lol. Sorry her hair is screwed up; had it saved in GIF format which made it grainy, and then I tried to smooth it out again with the blur tool. I'm too lazy to do a rescan, because it's such a big pic that I had to do it in two sections.

Image: moondragon.jpg   488x380 46134 bytes 2003.04.14

A Photoshop doodle of a Moondragon.... I may expand upon this character someday.

Image: night_heron.jpg   417x619 37348 bytes 2003.04.17

This started out as just a concept sort of sketch,so if the proportions are a bit off I really don't mind. It's supposed to be my new furry persona, which took me practically 5 years to figure out. I've decided that my wings are separate from my hands now, instead of my arm functioning as a wing. Ok... enough of my rambling!

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