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Image: Aidan-Finished.jpg   589x800 117616 bytes 2007.01.17

Aidan the Woodsman

A pencil portrait of a character I made up based on a character created for a one-shot RP between my adopted brother and myself. An anthro whitetail deer named Aidan Ford.\r\n\r\nDone in pencil on 9x12 bristol.

Tags: whitetail deer hooved  
Image: Spirit_Wolf.jpg   464x700 81073 bytes 2006.01.06

Gift art for Spirit Wolf. Original line art and border were all inked with Microns, all color done with colored pencils. I'm pleased with the majority of this piece, though there are details I see that need tweaking.\r\n\r\nSpirit Wolf is (c) herself, art is (c) J.S. Lee

Image: Storm_Bringer.jpg   478x650 111906 bytes 2006.01.06

'Storm Bringer'. This is a wereshark by the name of Dylan Fulton. She's a shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrhinchus). Done entirely in colored pencil, with an ink border. This was entered in an art show at the 2005 StarFest in Denver, and took first in fantasy.\r\n\r\nCharacter and artwork (c) J.S. Lee

Image: Identity-Crisis.jpg   540x700 73117 bytes 2006.01.06

Quick sketch for my adopted brother. His demon character being influenced by an angellic feline named Vanessa, and a demonic yours-truly. Done entirely in pencil.\r\n\r\nVanessa and Midnite are (c) themselves, artwork (c) J.S. Lee

Image: hemlock1c.jpg   650x529 94139 bytes 2006.01.06

Colored version of Hemlock. Went for an 'art deco' feel with the background, to match the border. Done with colored pencil, original was inked with Microns.\r\n\r\nCharacter and artwork are (c) J.S. Lee

Image: Digital-Shark-Full.jpg   618x800 116419 bytes 2006.01.06

Gift art for DigitalShark of DeviantArt. The main character was drawn and inked by hand, the background, frame and color were all done digitally. Background in CorelDRAW 10, color and final placement in Photoshop 7.\r\n\r\nDigitalShark is (c) himself, art is (c) J.S. Lee

Image: WindSeeker.jpg   483x700 88747 bytes 2006.01.06

My entry for WindSeeker's contest on DeviantArt. Done completely in pencil, tinted in Photoshop. Fairly proud of the result, it was spur of the moment.\r\n\r\nWindSeeker is (c) herself. Art (c) J.S. Lee

Image: Arctic_Defender.jpg   800x592 97804 bytes 2005.03.23

My half of an art trade with a good friend. This is his character, a half orca half polar bear critter who kicks ass and takes names.\r\n\r\nMicron Pen and Prismacolor Markers on Bristol board.\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) himself, art (c) J. S. "SteelJaw" Lee

Image: Torpedo1.jpg   700x552 80263 bytes 2005.03.23

Mutant Great White shark that is a role-playing character of mine. Mechanical pencil on bristol board.\r\n\r\nArt and Character (c) J. S. "SteelJaw" Lee

Image: Wize_Eye.jpg   360x360 32602 bytes 2005.03.23

First ever all digital work. Accomplished under the supervision of a close friend who taught me the technique.\r\n\r\nAnthro feline eye.\r\n\r\nArt (c) J. S. "SteelJaw" Lee

Image: German-Shepard-2.jpg   504x648 41969 bytes 2005.03.23

All digital German Shepherd portrait. Second all didgital piece that I've ever done. Used photo reference.\r\n\r\nArt (c) J.S. "SteelJaw" Lee

Image: hemlock1.jpg   600x489 29431 bytes 2004.07.28

Pen and ink of Hemlock, a guardian spirit who was born in the form of a Llewlyn-type English Setter. It's her duty to keep her charge safe from danger, a task she completes on Twilight MUCK.\r\n\r\nMicrons on Inkjet paper.\r\n\r\nHemlock is (c) me.

Image: kaze2.jpg   573x600 41385 bytes 2004.07.28

Pen and ink drawing for my RL sibling. Ookami no Kaze (Kaze on SPR). Enjoy!\r\n\r\nMicrons on inkjet paper.\r\n\r\nKaze is (c) her player, art (c) me.

Image: jestel1.jpg   550x454 40190 bytes 2003.12.25

My entry for the December 2003 WAG Challenge. This month was to combine 6 animals of the admin's choosing into one beast. They wanted as smooth a combination as possible. The six animals I was given was the Shortfin Mako, Elk, Eared Grebe, Loggerhead Musk Turtle, Tarantula and Jaguar. It definately was a challenge to fit that many creatures into one thing.\r\n\r\nMicron pens on hotpress sketch paper.\r\n\r\nJestel is (c) me.

Image: eye1.jpg   550x510 40303 bytes 2003.11.22

A really quick work for the November WAG challenge. The theme this month was 'The eye is the window to the soul'. I feel this is really cliche', and I've seen about a dozen other human eyes with varied pupils, but this was the best I could come up with. The iris and pupil is based off the Whitetip Reef Shark (Triaenodon obesus), and I used a photo of my own eye as a reference.\r\n\r\nGraphite (mechanical pencil) on hotpress bristol board.\r\n\r\nArt is (c) me.

Image: keeperoftomes1.jpg   520x750 123008 bytes 2003.11.21

I broke my 600 rule with this, so it's 750 on the long dimension, a bit larger, but I couldn't stand to shrink it down any farther for the detail.\r\n\r\nThis was a piece that tortured me for almost 3 weeks. I've been planning, sketching and inking for that amount of time. It's a study in anatomy, lighting, mood and setting, and I wanted to use a very rare species to be anthro'd, a Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum).\r\n\r\n.005 Micron pens and Sharpie on hot-press sketchpaper.\r\n\r\nThe Keeper of the Tomes is (c) me.

Image: dangerous_waters1.jpg   563x700 115817 bytes 2003.10.24

Yes, I left this file big because I couldn't squish it any more without totally killing the detail....\r\n\r\nThis is my entry for the October 2003 WAG (Were Artists Guild) Challenge. This month was Horror or Fear, so I came up with this. It took me a lot longer in planning, sketching and inking than any of my other pieces. It's also larger, being almost 9x12, instead of your standard letter sized paper. It's done almost exclusively in .005 Micron Pen, using a fine Sharpie to fill in the insides of the border chevrons. It's done on hot-press bristol board.\r\nArt (c) me.

Image: takkar1.jpg   463x550 35275 bytes 2003.09.29

This critter is called a Pheasant Takkar, and is what my Bird Dogs were engineered to hunt. They're only about a foot and a quarter tall, and feed on grassland seeds and berries. Micron pens on hotpress sketch paper.\r\nTakkars are (c) me.

Image: steeljaw1c.jpg   412x550 49882 bytes 2003.07.17

The colored version of the previous picture. As I had stated, it got finished in colored pencil. I'm fairly proud of this one, the wrinkles in the clothing came out how I wanted them to. It also helped, using a photo as a reference.\r\nSteelJaw is (c) me.

Image: steeljaw1.jpg   400x550 38646 bytes 2003.07.17

Call this a 'self portrait'. It's the black and white copy of what will be my DeviantArt ID when it's done. I worked of of a (hideous) RL photo of myself. This will be colored in colored pencils when complete.\r\nSteelJaw is (c) me.

Image: megumi1.jpg   550x385 36589 bytes 2003.04.25

This is Megumi, an original creation based on the TMNT universe. She has a weapon known as a kusari-gama, which I thought was most interesting. I haven't worked in that style since I was 12, so I had a lot of research to do before attempting the piece. A gift to her player, for the awsome RP on TMNT MUSH.\r\nMegumi is (c) her player, art is (c) me.

Image: lilly1.jpg   550x362 31621 bytes 2003.04.19

A portrait of Lilly, a canine-fox mix that resides on SPR MUCK. She requested a drawing from me, and it was much different from what I'm used to doing so I took the challenge. I wanted her to look sexy and definately feminine, which is something that I don't often accomplish in my works. I also wanted to make her good looking, while keeping with realistic proportions. I think I may have pulled it off with this one.\r\nLilly is (c) her player, art (c) me.

Image: boomer1detail.jpg   423x478 49212 bytes 2003.04.15

This is a detail of the colored Boomer pic. I wanted to show some of the fur texture I worked into the piece that you can't see in the shrunk down version.\r\nBoomer is (c) his player, art (c) me.

Image: boomer1c.jpg   400x600 44485 bytes 2003.04.12

I actually colored something. The same day I drew it. Amazing, I know. This is again Boomer, colored in Photoshop. I used KPT and Eye Candy filters for the background.\r\nBoomer is (c) his player, art (c) me.

Image: boomer1.jpg   356x550 34016 bytes 2003.04.11

Boomer (AKA Roo-07) is a mutant kangaroo from the Australian outback. He was originally a military project, but luckily escaped the fate of his peers. You can find this character on TMNT MUSH. I plan on digitally coloring the piece and adding a stylized background. Should look sharp. Micron pens in sketchbook.\r\nBoomer is (c) his player, art (c) me.

Image: raksha1.jpg   402x550 74731 bytes 2003.01.29

I finally finished my half of the art trade with R. J. Boettcher(Raksha). I appologize for it being so late, and I hope you enjoy it!\r\nMicron pens on hot-press sketchpaper. It took me about 10 hours to complete, start to finish.\r\nArt is (c) me, Raksha the Pardolupen is (c) herself.

Image: DEMON1c.jpg   428x550 54352 bytes 2002.12.23

The colored (and slightly altered) version of the Consessions Demon picture done for my Sis, Midnite of SPR. The background elements were erased/replaced for a specialized framing job that I might upload pics of at a later date.\r\nThe demon is (c) Midnite of SPR, the art is (c) me.

Image: sykes1.jpg   418x550 39342 bytes 2002.11.14

This is Jake Sykes, a bullshark morph with a bad attitude. He was tailored for a brand new MUCK that was only a month old, but when I signed on today to see how things were going I found that the wizzes had completely changed the theme. Alas, I'll never get a chance to play this char on that MUCK, at least.\r\nI altered my usual style slightly in this drawing, putting clothing on a shark morph and giving him five fingers.\r\nJake Sykes is (c) me.

Image: blackshark4.jpg   550x300 47868 bytes 2002.08.18

I redesigned and colored the Black Shark Logo. While essentially it's still the same I like the Raven-esque wings a lot better than the draconic wings of the old design. I hope to make this into a patch for the back of a jacket.\r\nThe Black Shark and logo are (c) me.

Image: bullshark1.jpg   396x600 93195 bytes 2002.08.13

This is one of my better peices, in my opinion. I started it while on a trip to Kentucky, and finished it just before arriving home. I'm especially pleased with the fine stippling, which, unfortunately, didn't transfer well to the web.\r\nThis is a proud Bull Shark warrior, having returned from his nightly hunt. I would say he was successful in the endevour.\r\nThe bull shark is (c) me.

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