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Image: trinity6.jpg   373x500 71882 bytes 2001.07.21

Another pic of my furry self. This time a colored pencil and brush-pen portrait with a plainish border.\r\nTrinity is (c) me.

Image: Trinity7.jpg   350x500 38698 bytes 2001.12.05

It's my lovely self again! This time with my (fictional) pet ring-neck pheasant Denver. Again, the things I draw when in Kansas...\r\nTrinity and Denver are (c) me.

Image: trinity8.jpg   386x550 55127 bytes 2001.12.18

The official name of this work is 'Unseen Enemy'. Yes, it's actually one of those deep, inner meaning peices. I am pleased with the way it came out. Order to Chaos, control to nothing. It's the plaguing unseen enemy to all. Insanity.\r\nTrinity is (c) me.

Image: trinityraven1.jpg   550x374 51618 bytes 2001.12.05

This is my lovely self in avian form. And it looks like I'm reading the cards! I've taken up tarot reading, and so far I'm not grand, but I have suprized myself a couple of times! I REALLY like this drawing. It was two days of work to get the pose and detail right, and I think it was worth it.\r\nTrinity is (c) me.

Image: trinpoly1.jpg   550x422 42648 bytes 2002.02.23

This one takes a bit of explaining. I decided to combine all my favorite critters (who also represent parts of my personality) into one conglomerent creature. There's English Setter, Raven, Spotted Hyena, Mako Shark, Snake and a touch of equine in the beastie.\r\nTrinity and her polymorph form are (c) me.

Image: trinpoly2.jpg   410x500 51905 bytes 2002.03.01

Oh my! Something cute! In MY directory? This is a scary, scary thing. My lil' bros Dougie and Alexei were bugging me to do something cute, so for some reason I was inspired to draw Trin in her war form... As a pup! She's cute, and cuddly, and her wing feathers haven't even grown in! Awwww.\r\nTrinity is (c) me.

Image: trio1.jpg   378x500 35788 bytes 2002.06.10

A sketch of the 'Trinity' that makes up my personality. It's a really rough line drawing, inked with Micron pens. The original sketch was started during a layover in the Chicago Midway airport, on the way home from visiting my Dad.\r\nArt (c) me.

Image: truckhyena1s.jpg   461x550 48156 bytes 2002.03.09

This is what I do when I'm supposed to be working. An exceptionally peaceful game of hockey combined with no major production truck disasters left me to do some idle drawing. I have dubbed this fellow the 'Truck Hyena', because that's where I was at when I drew it.\r\nThe hyena is (c) me.

Image: truckraven1s.jpg   402x550 34711 bytes 2002.03.11

Tee hee hee. Again, this is what I do when I'm supposed to be working. I think this one came out really well, especially for being on the back of a script.\r\nArt is (c) me.

Image: unicorn1c.jpg   550x440 44461 bytes 2001.07.05

Another large scale commission for a close friend. Again, this is the result of a digital photo, not a scan. I think my camera does rather well!\r\nArt (c) me.

Image: Vereor1.jpg   413x550 43775 bytes 2001.12.05

This is Vereor, who's name means 'Fear' in Latin. He's a mutated beast that lives on the devistated surface of Earth, as is the story on Furscape MUCK. He's big, mean and just plain not nice. And the scary thing, he's smart.\r\nVereor is (c) me.

Image: whelen1.jpg   317x500 42456 bytes 2001.07.05

Jake Whelen, a Caninite Pointer, is also a 'skyrailer' engineer. He pilots a huge, space-going train. Here he's boarding a shuttle bound for the local spaceport.\r\nWhelen is (c) me.

Image: WindSeeker.jpg   483x700 88747 bytes 2006.01.06

My entry for WindSeeker's contest on DeviantArt. Done completely in pencil, tinted in Photoshop. Fairly proud of the result, it was spur of the moment.\r\n\r\nWindSeeker is (c) herself. Art (c) J.S. Lee

Image: Wize_Eye.jpg   360x360 32602 bytes 2005.03.23

First ever all digital work. Accomplished under the supervision of a close friend who taught me the technique.\r\n\r\nAnthro feline eye.\r\n\r\nArt (c) J. S. "SteelJaw" Lee

Image: wolf1.jpg   430x500 32606 bytes 2001.07.05

This is an attempt of an art-neuvo(sp?) style drawing. This is actually my Garou character, Caprice, in her lupus (wolf) form.\r\nArt is (c) me.

Image: wolf1c.jpg   441x500 44950 bytes 2001.07.05

A colored version of the picture above. It was done digitally with Photoshop 5.5.\r\nArt (c) me.

Image: xannik1.jpg   375x500 41305 bytes 2001.07.05

Xannik is an anthro Parasauralophus. His species are plan eaters, and so he is ever viligint of predators.\r\nXannik is (c) me.

Image: xanth1.jpg   640x439 88107 bytes 2001.07.05

Xanth, the wolf-demon of Wilderness. This is one of my all-time favorite drawings. It's done completely in ink, using Micron pens. I've considered making prints of it in the future.\r\nXanth is (c) me.

Image: xanth2.jpg   550x363 50870 bytes 2002.04.10

Another relic pulled from the archives. This one was actually a height study of Xanth, the wolf-demon. I was rather pleased with the overall linework, so when I uncovered in I decided to add it to the gallery. To be colored soon.\r\nXanth is (c) me.

Image: xanth3.jpg   500x493 51384 bytes 2002.04.10

The last of the old, recovered pics. This is another shot of Xanth, this time a profile portrait done in Sakura brushpen. I was trying to get away from my super-tight, ultra-detailed self and do something loose and wild. But I /still/ managed some detail. I'll never learn.\r\nXanth is (c) me.

Image: xenon1.jpg   499x500 51391 bytes 2001.07.18

Xenon the Xenomorph. I actually RP'd as an Alien, and it was quite fun. And suprizingly, out of all the chars I've played, Xenon had the most friends!\r\nXenon is (c) me.

Image: xenon1c.jpg   499x500 39117 bytes 2001.07.18

The digitally colored version of the above pic. It took me 2 days to color this one, and I never did get a background done on it. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and my only regret is loosing the PSD file in a computer crash.\r\nXenon is (c) me.

Image: xenon2.jpg   550x457 43754 bytes 2001.07.18

Xenon again, this time hanging off a wall. I had a beautifly colored version of this pic, complete with background, and I lost in in a massive hard drive crash. I guess I'll have to sit down and redo it sometime.\r\nXenon is (c) me.

Image: xenon3.jpg   550x440 55918 bytes 2001.07.18

The second of two silver scratchboards. This one photographed better than the first, though I couldn't get the detail level I had hoped for. Perhaps one day I'll figure out exactly what to do with silver scratchboards, and fix the uploads.\r\nXenon is (c) me.

Image: yates1.jpg   596x363 70991 bytes 2001.07.07

This is the full layout I did for an art school project. This is Francis Yates, the evil racoon nerd and arch enemy of Doniqua, the Saluki.\r\nYates is (c) me.

Image: yates2.jpg   289x500 47915 bytes 2001.07.07

A close up of Francis Yates, the evil racoon nerd. It seems his rug has been hooked from above.\r\nYates is (C) me.

Image: zinga1.jpg   500x438 66591 bytes 2001.07.05

Zinga'Radi is my current hyena character on a Lion King based MUCK. She's a mean, cruel little snitch, unlie my previous hyena char!\r\nZinga'Radi is (c) me.

Image: zinga2.jpg   423x465 46563 bytes 2001.07.05

Another pic of the malicious Zinga'Radi. She seems to have a thing against lions...\r\nZing'Radi is (c) me.

Image: zobeid1.jpg   323x500 42371 bytes 2001.07.05

Boy, I'm good at overdue works! This is another over-due pic, this time of the four-armed racoon Zobeid. \r\nZobeid is (c) her player.

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