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Image: Snow_Leopard_Pirate.jpg   566x734 205292 bytes 2006.02.01

A pirate snow leopard. Done in markers. Original sold at FurCon '06.

Image: _Tropical_Cat_.jpg   671x449 193730 bytes 2006.02.01

A tropical abyssinian cat chilling with a tall drink. Done in markers and watercolors.

Image: _Panda_Tea_.jpg   369x646 172906 bytes 2006.02.01

A panda waitress in a tea-themed shop. Done in markers and color pencils. Original sold at FurCon '06.

Image: _Gasmasks_.jpg   1061x542 128266 bytes 2006.02.01

From left to right, Bhaal, Abel, Oni, Dokeshi. I originally drew out the Oni one on my own, then was commissioned to do the rest in gasmasks designed to match their personalities.\r\nAll characters their respective players.

Image: oniflowers.jpg   461x798 127865 bytes 2006.02.01

An image I drew for my current business card of Oni. S. Kao

Image: Justin_and_Kaylee.jpg   348x434 93789 bytes 2006.02.01

A watercolor commission of Justin and Kaylee. Characters JL Anderson

Image: Red_Rose_of_the_Abbey.jpg   530x833 218189 bytes 2006.02.01

It was to be her day..\r\nthe day she and her love would be joined forever.\r\n\r\nBut he never came.\r\nAnd she didn't know why.\r\nSo she waited,\r\nAnd despair took her.\r\nBut she waited and waited,\r\nClutching her red roses still.\r\n\r\n-----------\r\n\r\nDone in Photoshop. S. Kao

Image: Teatime.jpg   351x362 97802 bytes 2006.02.01

A watercolor and pen sketch for Nyu. Oni S. Kao. Nyu L.v B.

Image: Autumn_Kitsune.jpg   458x785 184406 bytes 2006.02.01

A kitsune taking an autumn stroll. Done in photoshop and painter.

Image: oni.jpg   338x851 310307 bytes 2006.02.01

"Dark Stars Above." Just experimenting around with a different coloring style. Oni is S. Kao

Image: mercs.jpg   842x620 212179 bytes 2006.02.01

Terrall, Oni and Ark lounging after a job. Enjoying some mango.. yes, mango, just mangos.. The characters are mind. Done in Painter.

Image: kivie.jpg   300x420 42710 bytes 2006.02.01

"Your Casual Panty Shot." A commission for Kivie's player of his succuvixen.

Image: bonnieclyde.jpg   692x923 190299 bytes 2006.02.01

Oni and Ark as Bonnie and Clyde. Photoshop.

Image: Abel_Dangly.jpg   707x780 67987 bytes 2006.02.01

A doodle of Oni with an Abel scythe dangly.

Image: zoey03.jpg   406x582 57483 bytes 2003.11.03

Zack's Zoey :3 I was trying out a Disgaea-esque style.

Image: prelude-to-kinky.jpg   768x1135 150586 bytes 2003.11.03

Consented Rape aka Prelude to Kinky. This depicts Oni and Ark's early relationship. Basically Ark's a bum and does whatever he wants to Oni and she doesn't do or say anything back. Though usually Ark doesn't wear that color but I wanted him in something like white. Sort of a good/bad role reversal. Both (c) me.

Image: ark24-s.jpg   488x738 191468 bytes 2003.11.03

.Setting Sun. This goes with .Rising Moon and this particular one is of Ark (c) me.

Image: oni68-s.jpg   488x738 153953 bytes 2003.11.03

.Rising Moon. - this goes with .Setting Sun. and this particular one is of Oni *(c) me of course* Sorry for the small size. I wanted to keep the file size smaller >.>;

Image: oni64.jpg   440x678 151049 bytes 2002.07.16

My first all marker pic in who knows how long! Seems decent but, of course being the artist, all I can are the mistakes XD;; Unfortunately not the best scan. I like the wings and her hair though^^ Oni -c- me.

Image: oni63.jpg   418x673 66031 bytes 2002.04.16

"Hello" - The lamp is based off of the lamps that are outside my physics building^^ So just Oni talking on a cellphone, looking creepy. I think it gives it more effect if you knew more about her~^^; But still looks nifty. oni-c-me.

Image: bound03b.jpg   502x735 156929 bytes 2002.04.12

Different version of bound03.jpg. Both look nice to me.

Image: bound03.jpg   502x735 137845 bytes 2002.04.12

Oni and Vladislav and their weird relationship. oni&vladislav-c-me

Image: oni62.jpg   786x697 64976 bytes 2002.04.12

Kinda quiet pic of Oni. The black feather makes it work out somehow I think. oni-c-me

Image: zoey01b.jpg   580x672 135401 bytes 2002.04.12

Zoey for Zack. zoey-c-david l.

Image: christmas01.jpg   562x582 208799 bytes 2002.04.12

Then there's the Christmas'01. Forgot Ark's markings. oni&ark-c-we

Image: halloween01.jpg   535x885 302111 bytes 2002.04.12

Way back from Halloween '01. And no I don't know how the bones in the hand work, so that'd do.^^; oni-c-me

Image: oni58.jpg   687x782 176926 bytes 2002.04.12

One of the few pics of Oni wearin' white. She suppose to be sitting on something. Yeesh been so long since I've uploaded stuff. oni-c-me

Image: rpkoji04.jpg   314x485 44415 bytes 2002.04.12

You know you wanna XD koji-c-me

Image: soca12.jpg   591x382 40723 bytes 2001.10.23


Image: oni30.jpg   368x921 52886 bytes 2000.02.29

Oni has discovered she luvz colorin' stuff inz photoshop...probabli 'cuz all mes recent pics were scanned by friend 'cuz Oni's scanner hates mes!\r\n *sob* uh NEwayz...a quickie of Oni dat mes thinkz turned out realli awesome. Mes like uses white spaces, anz mes realli like da color ofz Oni's right eye^^\r\n*almost a pale, eldritch green* No...mes na being sarcastic wit da title at da bottom. Mes realli thinkz dat =)\n

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