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Image: anichanhugzoru.jpg   528x854 92041 bytes 2001.12.08

Uhm yeah I was experimenting with anistiny's hairstyel cuz I'm trying to stray away from all the pigtails Oo; and um. it looks better as a sketch cuz it got fucked inked. Neways in the end I decided that ani's gonna be the character with the pigtails cuz sh'es just to hard to do without. It's not her personality. Jacqlyn will have short spiked hair or something. I figure it out later, tomorrow maybe?\r\n\r\naaaaanyway. Anichan has caught mike. and yeah. she's a girly girl. poor mike ^-^\r\n\r\nmike be da intelectual property of leelee.\r\nanistiny be da intelectual property of steffany mason.\r\nart steffany mason.\r\nbe nice.

Image: aniclaus.jpg   572x600 109425 bytes 2001.12.19

aniclaus is comin' to town.\r\n\r\nw00t w00t!\r\nThisis the second year I've done a holiday picture. an lemme say. Both years I've procrastinated on coloring them. Wee!

Image: anisfloatinghed.jpg   921x692 386456 bytes 2001.12.08

THE GIANT ANI-CHAN HED IS COMING TO EAT YOU!\r\n\r\nuh, ya actually this was a flash sketch to get a hairstyle for her. and thats when I decided about pigtails looking best on her. The only difference is her bangs are a bit less organized and she let her roots grow out so she has black roots now. You didn't know that the sno white fox's hair was naturally jet black?!? \r\n\r\nI didn't either.

Image: anistinty2.jpg   732x764 161149 bytes 2001.05.29

A new pic of Anigirl :) not the best quality image, and the coloring job was kinda rushed but it's kooky anyhow.

Image: anistiny.jpg   355x644 123937 bytes 2001.03.18

My newest char- Anistiny... Happy and rainbow-a-ful, she's gonna be the feature of my new site layout.. Colored with crayons, I forgot how fun it is to color with crayons!! ^-^

Image: anistiny3.jpg   374x710 110663 bytes 2001.06.01

Another one of anistiny, this pic was originally made as an idea for a web layout but uh... I didn't like the feel of how the layout was goin' (tho I didn't even get that far into it)... I love how the furry black stuff turned out! Anistiny Stephanie Mason\r\n

Image: bemine.jpg   520x594 156251 bytes 2002.02.06

SD! ISh! Valentine picture contribution.\r\n\r\nSo cute =D

Image: butterflied.jpg   625x617 95697 bytes 2001.12.01

I'ma DDR Freak, are you?\r\nwell actually, my brother and I found that song before we found out it was on DDR so yeah, it's like one of our favortie DDR songs! Yay!\r\n\r\naaaaaaanyway I -finally- got around to drawing a picture of jacinta with her new look! She's a year old since.. 11/9 me thinks. So I figured she deserved something a little less boring than just purple + black with pigtails (Since all my characters prettymuch have had pigtails cept' kimono) but yeah.\r\n\r\nOh. I have a grievence against my colored pencils, and I just don't like them at the moment so ignore what I said down there until I decide that they're worthy of my time again. Until then, it's flashy photoshopy illustratory stuff. cuz yeah.

Image: cherri.jpg   301x740 76633 bytes 2001.08.20

Um.. I'm back lol sorry I been gone for such a long time.. anyway this is a character I made while visiting mah dad in Washington.. um.. well yeah I don't know if I'll use her or not, it was one of those spur of the moment type deals heheh.. neway she's Stephanie Mason, aka me..

Image: dancingangel.jpg   482x628 81690 bytes 2002.02.21

This isn't nearly as nifty as I had planned it to be..\r\n\r\nbut I still dig this pic.

Image: diseasedbook.jpg   571x456 77222 bytes 2001.09.29

I've been a fan of Matrices' art for like... a couple years+. Ever since she put her drawings on her ol' petz page I've luved and admired it :D I've drawn like a whole bunch of pics that I've either hated or been to afraid to give to her, but I like this one so yeah. TO SARA! mhm. I lamely attempt to further color cell styled, gawk at my unworthyness or something..........\r\n\r\nHey, she said if he could he would dye his hair plaid, so who's to say he's not trying?\r\n\r\nFLASH drawn, FLASH 'inked', FLASH colored, FLASH IT! Art, with all it's FLASH e ness is copyright ME whilst Disease is copyright to Sara Howard.

Image: einaisapimp.jpg   423x594 87357 bytes 2002.01.22

New character, expemrintation in painter classic, and off topic picture all in one! Hip hip hurrah.\r\n\r\nEihna is mine.\r\nArt is mine, even to me.\r\nso don't steal. cuz it's bad.

Image: ekkosmike.jpg   526x482 91180 bytes 2001.08.28

I drawed a picture for LeeLee. Acause she's the bomb. So yeah. mike and the evil mike plush are lee lee lenox, ekko and art Meh.

Image: iarejackfan.jpg   442x600 103472 bytes 2002.02.11

Jack fanart. Because Jack is da bomb.\r\n\r\n's on pic.

Image: iwantabeanbagchair.jpg   531x467 61555 bytes 2002.02.10

Uhm yeah this picture was gonna be awesome. But it's not. I was going for an eccentric view type thing, to make it interesting but it just made it look like she has gigantically enormous pants. It was gonna have cool lighting effects but I just gave up on it. If someone wants to color it they can, I dun care. It's Jaqlyn, incase they couln'ta tell. Done in painter classic.

Image: iwanttobeyourinspiration.jpg   582x588 63157 bytes 2002.02.10

otome belongs to courtney w\r\njacinta [jocquelyn] is MINE

Image: jacintabinta.png   350x350 65612 bytes 2001.12.19

oekaki of jacinta. The hair is awkward, but the rest is okay..

Image: jacintadance.jpg   458x728 134281 bytes 2001.09.02

I love to dance.. my brother is a kick ass dancer.. I be jealous of him. yeah. I haven't drawn jacinta in a long time.. so I figured I'd better.. she's almost a year old nowadays. Weird.. Well yeah the picture is a bad one, I can't get much motion in my pictures. so sue me. crappy art, worse vector tracing, and worse still cgin' is all me.. nyeh.

Image: jacqlynjuggling.jpg   448x689 111289 bytes 2001.09.04

Eeeee new character! Jaqlyn :D this character scares me.. badly.. for some reason. Prolly because of how I have her set in mymind. anyway. Ummmm........ I'm NOT keeping the hair like that, I was just messin' around with hair and I couldn't come up with anything so.. I just kind made something up. Err well I might keep it blue (for awile) but not.. styled.. like that. If you have any suggestions, pleeeeze e-mail me! ( The only bit I have is that it's gonna stay short, like no longer than her shoulders or anything. Oh she'z a wild dog, if ya couldn't tell. me :D

Image: jaqani.jpg   534x493 113928 bytes 2001.09.09

Jaqlyn (again) and Anistiny.. Yus, Jaqlyn hash' many cool pants that my other characters steal from her because they are so cool. Well at least I think they're cool. Another flash done picture. I hate photoshop. Okay I'm just not used to it. bUt it' loads too slow, and I hate scanning pictures because I dont' really know how to clean them up that well. So I do flash piccies, because I can. Now I just need to stop being lazy and make animation.s I did make one of a blue froggy jumping, right after I did the whole flash tutorial thingy.. muah. Jaqlyn and Anistiny both Moi

Image: keanipokeofdoom.jpg   747x405 82319 bytes 2002.01.09

keani (da new character of mine) poking mike. mike getting angry, cuz as a midget he gets no respect. whatever.\r\n\r\nsemi-redo of my half of my art trade with lee lee.. or something.

Image: kimono.jpg   519x569 129374 bytes 2001.10.11

I wanted a taur.\r\nmy brother suggested a koala or a panda.\r\nand I like pandas a lot.\r\nSo Yeah.\r\nShe's Teal *yummy*\r\nShe's nekki, but with NO NIPPLES! MUAHAHAHA!\r\n\r\n Me.

Image: kooky1.jpg   344x470 92665 bytes 2001.08.25

eeee! I got my haircut today! *JOI!* isocool! anyway yeah in celebration I created my new me character or whatever they're called o o; (though the hair isn't *entirely* accurate heheh) she's a cross between a snow leopard and a lioness. I am gettin' better at doing hair, yes yes.. um yeah the shirt was supposed to say bonoliscious but that wouldn' fit so :D art and character meh \r\n\r\noh and um.. I decided to call her ekko.. because I want a nickname.. and so yeah.. my new nickname is ekko, and <- grrly is ekko. or lil ekko. whatever.

Image: lemonlyme.gif   331x617 62543 bytes 2001.08.20

Um.. this was kinda the character that went with cherri, it twas' for my brother.. he mostly told me what to do but uh.. let's just say when it comes down to certain things my brother doesn't have a lot of 'fassion sense' so things (such as shoes) were altered forcingly. yep. lemonlyme beish krys hawkins, and art steph mason.. oh he's a green and yellow koala btw, with white clothes on..

Image: leo.gif   858x717 36614 bytes 2001.10.04

I came home today to find a card taped to our door stating that my poor baby leo had fallen in the pool.\r\n\r\nwhy?

Image: lookatmybackbend.jpg   479x791 195712 bytes 2001.12.01

um. well theres a bit of a story behind this one. it started out as another regular flash picture of jacinta, and her back was -really- bent (I can do it, but I need a heavy backpack) and like I was messing around with it in photoshop but then I decided to make it jacqlyn. So I filled the sketch (in flash) in a little more, took it into illustrator, inked it, took it back into flash and made the lines look prettier, then colored it and did all the effects in photoshop.\r\n\r\nI really like coloring and hair and background, but I wish that I didn't have the lines cuz they kind of make the hair look awkward how I did it.. but I still like the picture.

Image: otomebotome.jpg   732x568 177869 bytes 2001.11.19

Birthday gift for Otome Botome =D (it was given to her on her actual birthday) I've decided that I wanna do more real media, so you'll be seeing a lot of colored pencil pictures and whatnot from me. I'll still do some flash ones or whatever, becuz I can, but I wanna improve w/ colored pencils. so yeah.

Image: otomeiscuter.jpg   565x446 66391 bytes 2001.12.03

Otome so sooooooo much cuter! agree with me damnit!\r\nwe are ourselves

Image: rainbowjaqlyn.jpg   562x450 96575 bytes 2001.09.30

*reupload, changed the filename*\r\n\r\nJaqlyn's feeling FLASHY tonight. In FLASH. I love flash. Now I just need to stop being lazy and make some animations! Woot woot! \r\n\r\nMy tummy hurts. \r\n\r\n Stephanie ME Mason. \r\n

Image: ravecandy.jpg   446x684 76255 bytes 2001.12.03

ahem. I decided to keep the outline on the hair in this one.\r\n\r\nI stole the shirt idea from Otome.\r\n\r\nand the shading/inklines suck.\r\n\r\nbut ain't she a cutey?

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