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Image: JatoDazzle-01.jpg   796x915 188565 bytes 2002.11.06

13 nipples, eh? Well 13's my lucky number, and this pic's got 'em. RP-wise, Jato's body hasn't taken this appearance yet, she still has her scars and lacks both eyes. But I just wanted to draw her whole for a change. But I like how it turned out, always enjoy drawing Jato and her sweetie (to Jato at least) of a mate Dazzle.\r\n\r\nJato's (c) to me while Dazzle's (c) to Rae Turner.

Image: BladeAdrio-02.JPG   804x1171 151986 bytes 2002.08.25

The second page of the series. Third's on the way. I personally like Adrio's face in the second 'panel'.\r\n\r\nAs always, Blade is (c) Rae Turner. And Adrio (c) me.

Image: BladeAdrio-01.JPG   833x1140 109636 bytes 2002.08.25

The first page of a little comic series I've been steadilly working on.\r\n\r\nTo quote a friend in New Jersey: "Blade's one BRAVE girl."\r\n\r\nBut Adrio and Blade have to it's gotta work somehow..\r\n\r\nAdrio copyright me, Blade Wyng copyright Rae Turner.

Image: AzyCSpg02.JPG   734x1269 187287 bytes 2001.02.12

Image: AzyCSpg04.JPG   496x852 116439 bytes 2001.02.12

Image: AzyCSpg03.JPG   625x1065 106744 bytes 2001.02.12

Image: CSAzy02.JPG   329x346 66241 bytes 2001.02.12

Image: AzyCSpg01.JPG   744x1272 161759 bytes 2001.02.12

Took this down a while ago, reuploading almost all of my old stuff that I yanked off during a friction with the owner of Azy. Friction's long gone, things are good again, and you all can burn your eyeballs out on my crappy adult art once more :P As always, Cole is (c) me, Azy is (c) her player.

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