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Image: JatoDazzle-DrunkenSnuggle.jpg   679x891 183601 bytes 2001.12.06

This may be a surprising image to some.. Esspecially if they know either Jato or Dazzle. The fact either of them is snuggling someone (even while drunk off their duffs) is hard to comprehend, even for me and Daz's owner. But the explanation is rather simple: They have allot in common. Both had rough childhoods, both like liquer (esspecially liquer after a good old fashioned bar fight), and both were left at the altar. ....That and after an entire jug of Reptilian world grog (da good stuff, baby!) chased with O-negative blood, the two of them loosened up quite a least enough to fall asleep against each other. Jato is (c) to me, Dazzle is (c) to Rae Starshine (aka Rachel Naomi Turner, check out her art here on VCL as well, she's a good artist, on top of being the best sis a guy could hope for ^_^). Don't steal 'em, use 'em, abuse 'em, get the drift..else we'll have to sic a nasty rabid lawyer on yuir bank accounts ;P

Image: Valentines2002.jpg   847x1190 456778 bytes 2002.03.01

A "little" belated Valentines Day pic of several of the people in my head along with several of the people they're close to, friends with, or are otherwise committed to from my closest friend's mind.\r\n\r\nClockwise from the upper left corner is Cole Sutra and Astral Acorn, Adrio and Blade Wyng, 63-MPH and Artemys Archer, Miles and Alternative Light, Jato Kinee and Dazzle "Captain Death" Star, Dartanian Acorn Sutra and Gabbie along with their three children (Dais, Raine, and Glimmer Sprite), and Toron and Collyn Skye Sutra.\r\n\r\nCole, Adrio, 63-MPH, Miles, Jato, Dartanian, Dais, Raine, and Toron are (c) me.\r\nAstral, Blade, Arty, Alt, Dazzle, Gabbie, Glimmer, and Collyn are all (c) Rachel "Starshine" Turner, aka "The Demented Pixie".

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