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Image: DemiWings.jpg   850x1037 161152 bytes 2002.11.06

Recently Ankh granted one of Demi's wishes by "cursing" him with wings to reflect his soul. This was what resulted. Ankh does good work.\r\n\r\nDemi's (c) me as always.

Image: DontTalk-JustLeave.jpg   808x946 136544 bytes 2002.04.25

The pic says it all.\r\n\r\nLove you too angel.\r\n\r\nNow get the hell out of my life and forget about me like you said you would already.

Image: Emily-Nurse.JPG   404x473 74044 bytes 2001.02.14

A long time character of mine, Emily, recently drawn as she appears in my the resident nurse.. Energetic as she is, she's horribly overworked.. Though she never lets that fact get her down. Emily is (c) me.

Image: MellonyDeadeye-Spar01.jpg   800x1056 119159 bytes 2003.03.14

Just a friendly spar between my character Mellony and Rae Turner's Deadeye. The little bubble at top being Deadeye expressing his relief that he and Mell (who has a die-hard crush on the gay ragdoll feline) can do something as buddies. He's even more thrilled by the fact that mell doesn't try to cop any feels during the spar ;P\r\n\r\nMellony is (c) Me\r\nDeadeye is (c) Rae Turner

Image: Muzzlehow2.JPG   548x478 20148 bytes 2001.02.10

The lines really suck..but ah well.. Just a simple sketch page of how I draw muzzles, felines to be precise..but it's simple to emulate to other species.

Image: NCole-crouch.JPG   504x571 89062 bytes 2000.04.06

Image: NCole-ponder.JPG   673x541 89939 bytes 2000.04.06

Image: Notan-by63.JPG   275x673 62367 bytes 2000.02.06

A classic pose struck by Saiya-jin Notan of MH:FD. One of my better inked pics so far. The pen I used wasn't the best for hatching, but I do like how this came out.\n

Image: NoxFamily.JPG   522x640 176692 bytes 2001.02.14

Character sketches of Arvis Nox and his yet to be named parents.. No final names for them yet. backlog's finally starting to dwindle..gotta update when I get work done..rather than do it in clumps.. Arvis and family (c) me.

Image: OnePissedOffHedgie-smaller.jpg   509x640 57849 bytes 2004.02.15

Wouldn't want to be the one he's pissed at... I drew this a couple years ago, sometime in mid 2002 I think..\r\n\r\nCole, ticked or not, is Copyright me.

Image: P3-CharSketches-Mellony01.JPG   839x1129 370557 bytes 2001.02.14

Some focused character sketches of Mellony for the comic in the planning stages between me and a friend. My only problem is with those fighting moves...I just need to figure out how the hell they'd work.. I usually draw the end result..then try and work things out from there... :P Mel is (c) me, don't steal her or she'll kick your ass.

Image: P3-CharSketches-Misc001.JPG   844x1179 394431 bytes 2001.02.12

More character sketches for the comic, going clockwise from the upper left is young Jato in her training gear, young Cole in his training gear, young Cole training, Dartanian readying to pounce, Dart being angstful, and in the center is an older Dart about to rupture a couple dozen blood vessels.

Image: P3-DartanianGangBoss.JPG   325x608 85755 bytes 2001.04.14

The inked version of Dartanian as a gang leader. God I love vellum paper. I got both my pencil version, and an inked version ^.^ ...also was able to give him a nifty collar without changing the penciled version. Dart is still (c) me..

Image: P3sketches-MArvis-Demi[13].jpg   606x768 68978 bytes 2001.02.10

Some sketches of Demi and an another character of mine, Arvis (with cybernetic enhancements) as practice for a proposed comic between myself and a friend of mine. Though the actual comic's still wayyyyy off...I suck at BG's... Demi and Arvis (c) me.

Image: ps-Jato'sScars.jpg   368x393 56482 bytes 2001.04.14

Jato somewhat reluctantly posing to display her scars. She feels they make her ugly, and unattractive.. It's her greatest weakness, and biggest reason that she becomes aggressive and unruly. Jato is (c) me, so no stealing.

Image: ps-Jato-SeeingWithoutEyes.JPG   596x596 128720 bytes 2001.04.14

I seriously plan to ink this in with two colors, black and red.. Jato recently found out the man she loved left her due to circumstances that didn't even involve them.. She had only one eye to begin with..and it was only for him. Jato (c) me.

Image: ps-Jato01.JPG   456x615 62689 bytes 2001.10.15

Jato posing with her modified (oversized) kajar/katar blade. Seem like she just got done at a bar fight. I might add a BG to this soon. Jato Kinee (c) to me as always, don't steal her.

Image: ps-JatoBust.JPG   216x250 30153 bytes 2001.04.14

Along with "Jato's Scars" their oldies from two sketchbooks back, but these are two of the better pictures depicting Jato's facial features, and scars. She got her scars, and lost her right eye (amoung other things) in her brutal past.

Image: ps-P3-DartanianGangBoss.JPG   325x608 79131 bytes 2001.04.14

A pencil sketch for a look Dartanian takes deep into the story of a comic me and a friend are working on trying to start ourselves.. Dart as a gang leader. Dartanian Sutra is (c) me.

Image: Runaway.JPG   498x841 132398 bytes 1999.11.06

Done sometime in June, this pic may be old, but I like it ;)\n

Image: toys.jpg   533x341 41314 bytes 2001.10.13

Have you ever felt like you were used, then thrown away like a broken toy when something new and better came along? I sure know I have. We're all allowed a little angst, aren't we? A little bit of bitterness too? Alright..the latter to a lesser extent than the former. Both me and my closest friend have been jerked around through false friendships several times, more times than either of us would like to remember. It's happened all throughout my childhood. In some cases though, it was for the better that they left me flat on my face, crying, and choking in the dust. Most of them--no wait, ALL of them have ended up to be complete losers in the end. The first is in jail, the next tried to rape someone then commit suicide three times before he was sent to a psyche ward, the others have either ended up druggies in hostpitals, or I've never heard from them again..\r\n\r\nFine by me.\r\n\r\nThey may be a bunch of posers, but in the words of ICP, "Seven years in darkness, I can only hope my wish comes true. That one day I'll get you in my hands..And I'll play with you!!" Never underestimate your toys.

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