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Image: blazerocks.jpg   443x709 79552 bytes 2001.04.08

Blaze, AKA Lord Melodrama, descends some rocks for no apparent reason.

Image: bonegnawer-cged.jpg   457x573 221785 bytes 2001.04.08

A member of the Bone Gnawer tribe of Garou. I did something stupid here, I tried to make a statement that was so poorly put together only I understood it. Oh well. I don't like this picture much, but it's popular with people I know, so... up it goes. The spraypaint on the wall is the epitaph of the previous owner of the bones. It's not something I came up with unfortunately, it's a quote from one of the most singularly awesome bands on the planet, a band by the name of Skyclad, in their song Cardboard City, which inspired this picture. The entire quote goes as follows:\r\n\r\nChip-wrapper flowers are blown onto this cardboard grave\r\nMy spraypaint epitaph upon the wall it says:\r\nHere lie the bones of some poor homeless vagrant\r\nHe died as he lived - in the ---- on the pavement.

Image: h-bardock.jpg   467x588 40691 bytes 2001.04.08

H, pundit of dry British humor, master of herbalism, and oh yes, the legendary Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, inspects a bardock plant growing in an odd spot...

Image: h-strider2.jpg   594x730 140341 bytes 2001.04.08

H again, a MUCH more recent picture, mounted on a Strider of the Travelling Breed.

Image: steppenwolf.jpg   429x699 104684 bytes 2001.04.08

Look! It's me! Colored poorly in Fractal Design Painter!! AIEE!!

Image: ulric-jariyn.jpg   424x618 108222 bytes 2001.04.08

A member of the elusive tribe of canid races known as the Ulric. Jariyn, a young Lancer, standing in a relaxed, but alert pose.

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