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Image: selfpiccolored.jpg   554x1000 50264 bytes 2003.07.05

Image: cute_kitty_colored.jpg   900x730 69461 bytes 2001.12.24

another one during my cute 'n color phase

Image: ball_of_string_color.jpg   850x512 43464 bytes 2001.12.24

done during my cute stage, also a brief coloring frenzy

Image: ceramic_howl.jpg   894x950 135806 bytes 2001.12.22

doe in ceramics class out of frustration, about 8 inces across, carved into a hunk of scrap clay

Image: samurai_colored.JPG   712x900 65778 bytes 2001.05.17

good ol mushaneko. first time really using colored pencils. only took 2 days. i might be coloring more fro now on, its really not that bad

Image: samurai_ink.jpg   639x800 51214 bytes 2001.05.14

i suppose inking's not so bad. i might be inking more of my olds tuff soon. anyway, he was my third furry ever, took me 6 to 8 hours to finish. hes got alot wrong with him, but i like him just the same. why a samurai? cause i like the idea

Image: KikBoard.jpg   774x850 29041 bytes 2001.04.12

did this one in about a day. seems people do a self portrait usually, so here i am, on my cool k "3" kickboard(its a k2,but who needs guff from them?) i was also the first to have a messenger bag that wasn't a stupid0-ass dickies one, so i threw that in. io think this turned out pretty good, lets see someone else try to draw a kickboard, geez, talk about a pain in the rear.

Image: samuraiclose.JPG   850x653 35725 bytes 2001.03.25

been workin on him for a while, foreshortening practice more than anything, and a bit of shading. oh well, he still look spretty good

Image: econ.jpg   637x800 41297 bytes 2001.03.03

My general opinion of ecomomics class. Done, during, of all classes, economics, so maybe its good for something.

Image: MeInTree.jpg   800x603 28302 bytes 2001.02.27

My usual outside activities, nothing and climbing trees

Image: stickfight.jpg   800x438 32491 bytes 2001.02.23

Just messin around at school. A little version and I having a swordfight, I underestimated him, obviously, so he gave me some time to think about it.

Image: getwell.jpg   679x750 50573 bytes 2001.02.22

Done for an online friend who wasn't feeling well. He liked it. I love 4h lead and my drafting

Image: ninjatiger3.jpg   580x800 49885 bytes 2001.02.21

Part 2 of tigerninja. Just who is this villainous tiger? And why does he have that sly grin at the sight of Mushaneko creeping onto his guard post? Is there a past between Toranochikara (tiger) and shinobi no Mushaneko? Sorry, too much japanese, we'll have to see as this story progresses.

Image: tigerninja1.jpg   800x815 75876 bytes 2001.02.21

geez, photoshop sure is a pain in the butt. Anyway, i finally got the pics together, and here they are, first piece of a 2 pic pic, sounds confusing huh? ASnyay, mushaneko has been caught by surprise by a castle guard, an ill-tempered tiger.

Image: ninjame.jpg   342x700 24138 bytes 2001.02.17

My first ninja pic, he didnt turn out quite as well as I'd hoped, but he's ok. Could this be the alter ego of the samurai, MushaNeko? Not exactly historically correct, but this is my world, so almost anything could happen.

Image: week_anniversary.jpg   750x596 34089 bytes 2001.02.13

I guess a week isn't much of a celebration, is it? doesn't matter, i thought it was an important date, nyah.

Image: samuraime.jpg   603x800 50538 bytes 2001.02.12

first in what will be a series of samurai and ninja pics. this ones got alot of detail in it, so im not sure if ill ink it. It's me, but i cant think of a good face yet, or something good for the chestplate. Kinda loks like im in a ballet pose, but i like it either way

Image: lazy.jpg   600x465 40780 bytes 2001.02.10

redo of an earlier pic, drew all the crap thats all over my desk, and me sitting there, plotting

Image: lazy.JPG   600x405 25693 bytes 2001.02.09

i think sumthin went wrong, so here i am again, bein lazy, tryin to think of something to draw

Image: foxgirl2.JPG   316x527 30972 bytes 2001.02.09

second one done on my computer, same day as catno, first fem too. these dont look too great, but hey, these are my first 3.

Image: catno2.JPG   561x602 39513 bytes 2001.02.09

done 2 days after Art Otter, 2nd furry overall, first on my computer

Image: cleanotter.JPG   358x600 15452 bytes 2001.02.09

My first furry pic! did it for an online friend, and after only a week of practice, i think it turned out pretty good.

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