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Image: dinodraft.jpg   569x780 87898 bytes 2006.11.27

Image: donationwhore.jpg   699x900 180186 bytes 2006.11.10

Let's face it, I'm broke.

Image: darkchocolatecandy.jpg   572x810 91381 bytes 2006.02.16

It's my favorite supervillainess, Dark Chocolate! Creamy chocolate filled with a creamy evil center. Eatcher heart out Santa, this easter bunny is whuppin' yer fat heinie.

Image: syna.jpg   591x714 62305 bytes 2005.08.12

Ok, formerly known as Half N' Half, this is Syna. Same cynical rool, same bouncy legs. She figured out a way to keep her legs from running away too often, she got chewed on by a dingo, and her cronic smoking hapid finally burned a hole in her throat, but it's the same charming girl who sowed up in...what...two pictures 7 years ago? Like any of you really remmeber her anyway. Shut up or I won't show her naked! Syna (c) me

Image: ninjabun.jpg   565x738 95204 bytes 2005.07.23

Goood LORD This was tedius to color. Good lord... I hope you appreciate this. Shonen Bun is (c) Steve Burt

Image: rancidvstokyo.jpg   580x720 93766 bytes 2005.07.22

Ok zombie fans, here's da scoop. Da Bat an' me are headin' to Japan next year. That's right, I'm off to destroy Tokyo. I needs ta save up a bit of scratch beforehand, so if anyone wants to commission me, send me an e-mail and we'll get crackin' on it. I'll discuss pricing when I know of the project. Oh, and Double thanks to everyone who commissioned be at Anthrocon, really helped me out. PAAANTZ!!! Rancid (c) Me. Tokyo (c) Japan.

Image: piratethteve.jpg   504x700 72985 bytes 2005.06.01

A character I developed for oe of my many, many comics. Ironically, it wasn't a pirate comic. It's Pirate Thteve! Ok, interesting story, last year during a party at my job, I started dressing up as a pirate and giving kids 'tattoos' (face paint). My name is Steve, so I started wearing the costume and calling myself Pirate Steve. A month later, Dodgeball came out, and my friend went to go see it. As soon as the pirate guy rushed onscreen, he went 'Look, it's Steve in 20 years". Imagine his surprise when the pirate's name turned out to be Steve. So, I'm the ORIGINAL Pirate Steve. I should be getting royalties. Pirate Thteve (c) Steve Burt

Image: damonadebby.jpg   438x416 52079 bytes 2005.05.31

Normally, large women don't do it for me. But Debby here is pretty hotski. She stars in a comic I was dinking around with, you'll see it soon enough. But for you out there who like more cushion for da pushin', she's got a few pics comin' up. No need to thank me. Debby (c) Steve Burt

Image: babytendrillunsize.jpg   474x622 63378 bytes 2005.05.31

Now for something cute. Baby Tendril. No mechanical arm yet, but she didn't have legs even back then. She gets her upgrades later on, but her bottom half still splits into a big honkin' mouth. Oh yeah, she'll grow up to be a real heartbreaker. Or spleens, y'know, whatever body part she can get at first.\r\nBaby Tendrill (c) Steve Burt

Image: tintooncid.jpg   309x556 60578 bytes 2004.09.24

It's my avitaur Sidney as a Tiny toon. I wonder, which works better, the bunny feet or the hooves? Sidney (c) me

Image: babypictures5.jpg   498x646 90168 bytes 2004.07.30

Dyspepsia before she lost her hand and her humanity. She was a cute little demoness. And Dean, his usual grumpy self. More baby pics on the way. Pepsia and Dean (c) Steve Burt

Image: healingthespooky.jpg   616x504 113539 bytes 2004.07.30

For my friend Mab. I made this a while and didn't post it. Good ol' Mikelo is trying to heal our undead friend Cid. Sorry folks, he ain't a magic-based undead and he can't be healed. But it's a cute pic either way. Hmmm, maybe I should give Mikelo boombiez. Mmmmm...turtledove boobiez. Cid 9c) Steve Burt. Mikelo (c) Amber M. Panyko

Image: wildyDDRchallange.jpg   517x600 73872 bytes 2004.07.22

I met Wildy again this year at AC. The real thing is almost as small as her counterpart (just kidding). I DDR's against her, and did pretty good for a first timer. So, no, this isn't a sexual thing, it's merely that rambunctious tube rat asking der zombie to dance. Wildy-san (c) Herself. Rancid (c) Steve Burt

Image: heads_headsune.jpg   341x579 52441 bytes 2004.07.22

Ok, I seen a lotta kitsunes since Sonic. Multiple tails used for spinning and flying. But what if it went the other way? Milo and Giles "Heads" Redtail (c) Steve Burt

Image: bubbasmurf.jpg   408x560 47595 bytes 2004.07.22

Bubba Smurf. Enough said. Bubba (c) Steve Burt

Image: raverbirdy.jpg   487x630 73721 bytes 2004.07.22

It's Harmony, my harpy girl. Yes, an unoriginal name but I don't plan on using her much. But she's cute. Ravish outfit. Harmony (c) me

Image: babypictures4.jpg   623x558 109110 bytes 2004.07.19

All I gotta say is...AAARG, my eyes, the cuteness, she BUUUUURNZ!!! Heh, seriously, adorable, weren't they? June and July (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures3.jpg   443x576 91585 bytes 2004.07.19

Before anyone gets any perverted ideas, this is not dirty. In all my previous pictures of Chimmy, I clearly show that this snake is not a sexual organ, no more than feet or tongues are, anyway. The snake is essentially a tail on both ends, with a face in the front. So these are just two species conjoined together, nothing dirty about it so don't yell at me. I mean think about it, if you were attached to someone, down there, would you want to hide under a dress until your 18th birthday? Eff that, the snake would be just as curious about the world as Chimmy, so take it at face value and *AWWW* like everyone else. Preverts. Chimmy (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures2.jpg   423x594 73705 bytes 2004.07.19

bringing new meaning to the term 'digustingly cute'. Behold, the fruitation of my worst madness yet. Rancid Babies! MWahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!! Rancid (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures1.jpg   327x554 73415 bytes 2004.07.19

The horrooooooorrr!! Rancid and Pierce (c) Steve Burt

Image: sidwuzawuzzle.jpg   423x580 59453 bytes 2004.07.17

Updated my more serious avitar. Sidbunny is now Sidbunnycow. Let's face it, I'm kinda a mix of the two, so why shouldn't I be a rabble? (Rabble n.=a. An unruly crowd. b. a hybrid mammal consisting of rabbit and bull traits.) Sidney is still (c) Steve Burt

Image: graveheart.jpg   351x516 46221 bytes 2004.06.05

long time no see. Why another long haitus?\r\n\r\n....Um....guess I'm bored with porn, but can't seem to draw anything else...damn. Welp, more porn coming soon. I'm such a hack... Graveheart Bat (c) Steve Burt

Image: suri.jpg   291x496 39194 bytes 2004.04.02

Ok, ever wonder who runs the pron movie studio where my pronstars work? Sori does. Sory is a small, who runs the join. Never happy, she's all business and no fun, unlike ZigZag (with whom I have no actual contact or association with, but hey, they're in the same business). I like to think of her more like an Evil Velma. Sori (c) Steve Burt. Now take off your knickers and get back to work!

Image: SSquilt.jpg   403x558 62515 bytes 2004.04.02

quilt, before he looked so badass. Leave me alone, I made these before last July, ok, it's just taken me a while to finish up. Quilt (c) Steve Burt

Image: SStwins.jpg   470x550 85849 bytes 2004.04.02

the twins in a DROP DEAD gorgeous swimsuit. They had to make it themselves. As you can see, the sports aren't really there, I was gonna add those later when I colored it. But since I'm not going to, dot dot dot. I won't. June and July (c) me

Image: SSelle.jpg   413x540 69123 bytes 2004.04.02

A bit riske, bit if you can see something similar to it in People, Sports Illustrated or Maxim, then it's not porn. Elle with her new tattoo (c) Steve Burt

Image: SSdonkeypunch.jpg   310x540 63159 bytes 2004.04.02

an oldie but a goodie. STILL the game hero of my furry worlds, Donkey Punch continues to fight evil in games like Donkey Punch Wrestle Psychotica, Donkey Punch Rugby, Donkey Punch Sewer Racing, And Donkey Punch Smash Party Electic Boogaloo! But even famous game/movie/Sat Cartoon show stars need to give a little fanservice. BOOYA! Donkey Punch (c) Steve Burt

Image: SSjezeus.jpg   465x510 56244 bytes 2004.04.02

Jes¨s the mexican goat lover, in a sexy swimsuit. Checkit out man! Jes¨s (c) Steve Burt

Image: SScosmo.jpg   302x548 48152 bytes 2004.04.02

Cosmo. Um. Yuck. I can see every contour. BLEAHBLeahhblarhaghblaaag! Some people like him tho And he's a male. The swimsuit is awful tho. Cosmo (c) Steve burt

Image: SSsiddy.jpg   308x540 55684 bytes 2004.04.02

THIS is what I look like in a bathing suit. Sidney (c) and is, Steve Burt.

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