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Image: 4t.jpg   528x690 67973 bytes 2003.01.26

One of the more unusual critters I've drawn. It's 4T, a transdimentional transforming transportation taxi. She's cool turns into a real taxi, and then into this. Now, the cool thing, is there's a little compansion who usually accompanies her, and sometimes when she transforms, he gets trapped inside. Hee hee, sounds fun to me. 4T (c) Algus Underdunk

Image: aaaaaaa3.jpg   941x720 132378 bytes 2003.09.09

The Bat is Back! But not without some losses. My untimely absense has been due to a major computer malfunction that wiped out EVERYthing! I lost it all. The only thing I care about tho is my fan pics. To all those of you who sent me pictures or animations in the past 6-8 months, please resend them, otherwise I've got no way to get them back *sniff* \r\n\r\nAnd don't worry folks, more art on the way. trust me! Cid (c) me

Image: acshirt3.jpg   502x600 70685 bytes 2003.09.12

my original tee design. I like the other one better. Cid (c) me

Image: aerincid.jpg   656x747 74201 bytes 2001.07.04

Here's a fan pic that's been a long time coming. It's Cid and Aerin! Aerin helped inspire me to create Rancid in the first place, and he finally met up with this lovely creature. Amazing how different they turned out. One's a sexy gal with a stitched mouth and lovely raven wings, and Cid's a decaying dude with bone wings. Anyway, I wanted these two to take a little flying trip. Cid doesn't fly anymore, his mysterious vamp powers allow him to float, but the wings just look cool. Aerin (c) Immortal Pain, a talented VCL artist. I demand you check it out, now. Cid, as always, is (c) me

Image: aisha.jpg   606x882 78963 bytes 2002.11.05

Aisha, a frankenstien monster girl. Um, not much to tell, tho she does have neet skates that are energy 'blades' that keep her suspendes, allowing her to shread over even the roughest terrain. When she powers up her energy, red beam blades pop out of those boots. Ask me nice an' I'll show ya. Aisha (c) me

Image: amethystbard.jpg   437x540 55865 bytes 2003.11.03

Aaaah! A human! My eyes, my beautiful eyes! Meltyyyyy....Anyway. Amethyst. My D&D bard I've never had the chance to use. She's very into makeup, ran away from the Amethyst (c) me

Image: annacubBW.jpg   433x618 55194 bytes 2003.02.21

And now, moments that make you go Awwwwww! It's my friend and former, so to be future Room mate, Annafox. And in her arms nestles the adorable Rafe, a folf newborn. There are characters based directly off people I know, and...yes, Anna's paws have white socks, I didn't forget to color them. And I may have messed up her eye color, I might fix it later. Anna, Rafe, thanks for being such great friends. Annafox and Rafe (c) me.

Image: annaqueen.jpg   495x600 59702 bytes 2003.09.20

People request taurs. I provide taurs. But horses are boring, what don't you see much of? Bunnytaurs! Anne 'Lace' Queen (c) me

Image: anthroconshirt.jpg   464x600 58275 bytes 2003.09.09

*sigh* This was a tee design I wanted to sell at this years Anthrocon. It was perfect, the whole Creatures of the night theme fit my art perfectly. But I have been so broke for so long I couldn't even start to get these made up. So you might as well enjoy it here. Rancid (c) me

Image: antivalentinesday.jpg   448x618 89199 bytes 2003.02.14

Well, I've been watching VCL and have been seeing all the cute, happy, 'love me' pictures. Awww.\r\n\r\nBleh. Let's face it, this is the MOST depressing holiday of the entire year. Worse than Christmas! (Just a big @#$% ray of sunshine ain't I?) I remember the good old days in high school, me and my friends used to have Anti-Valentines day parties so we could all get together, shun the rest of the world and forget how pathetic and sad we all were. Let's face it, this is a holiday for lover, card companies and candy companies. Only those who exploit this once happy holiday and those who are in a relationship can possibly enjoy this wholely depressing day. Call me cynuical, but since my total dating expirience has added up to less than a full month of being with another person, you can say I'm pretty @#$%ing bitter, so excuse me if I don't get all warm and squishy over this stupid holiday. And to the rest of you out there who aren't in a happy relationship now...Your Uncle Steve wishes you a happy Anti Valentines day. Now go get drunk, I know I will. *laughs all the way to the bar*\r\n\r\nCid (c) me

Image: anubarkisrectum.jpg   472x600 80955 bytes 2003.09.09

Anubarkis, the Pharohdog of Egypt, Pennsylvania. Imprisioned in a tomb for thousands of years, he was awoken by a mage of great power. Anu tossed an insanity curse at the mage but it got reflected back. He wandered for years, causing untold havok and chaos. He was brought under control bu Ran Ko, and they've been sorta psuedo-dating ever since. Him crazee. Anubarkis and Ran Ko (c) me

Image: apriloverall.jpg   241x544 41398 bytes 2004.03.10

Ok, April is Fin' hot. i couldn't hold out, so here she is, two years older and legal. Ya jackals. Ok, this outfit is really cute, and I had to draw it. I want to get a furry Magazine started, a real one, like Maxim, and then we can have cartoon or actual fursuit models showing off outfits. April would make a perfect model, and I would love to make up a fursuit head for some girl and have her model this off for me. So, let's hear you opinion, shall we try and start the Furry mag, Animal Instincts? Let's hear your opinion. April and Animal Instincts (c) me

Image: aprilsister.jpg   557x660 84505 bytes 2003.09.24

I am not, repeat, AM NOT drawing her naked. Maybe in a few years when she grows up, so wipe yer mouths, the top is staying on. April is the Twin's and May's sister and is (c) me!

Image: argument.jpg   489x640 47517 bytes 2001.05.10

Whu-oh...Xunk arguing with his evil conscience...dag, Xunk hates EVERYONE. Xunk (c) me

Image: arpiBW.jpg   465x600 57674 bytes 2003.03.17

It's arpi! This cool critter's going out to Saara Tolonen here on VCL, who did a super spiffed out pic of Cid! Tanks a bunch, Saara this was fun to do. Gotta love dat crazy eye! Arpi (c) Saara Tolonen

Image: ashicon_copy.jpg   334x299 38303 bytes 2001.06.18

It's Ashley again. Icon I made for a friend of mine. Ashley (c) me

Image: ashley.jpg   561x670 39340 bytes 2001.05.10

Guilt Pixie! This is my friend Jenni's guilt Pixie, Ashley. Looks familiar somehow... Guiltpixies (c) me

Image: awwwsocute.jpg   561x698 85188 bytes 2001.09.22

AWWWW!!! It's so cute! I don't do cute pics often, so enjoy this one. Inspired by some pics by Kim Koskamp, I drew me and some of my new art pals. The little blue batty is Rancid, natch. The green and black cute thing is NeoGeen. The white and blue cheetah with horns is Cosine. And the blue and pink kangaroo is Roux. Now these three know each other as well, so I thought it would be cute for them all to take a little fly. As for the things over thier heads...well, I like it. Rancid (c) me. NeoGeen (c) Kim Koskamp. Cosine (c) Karen Lambey. Roux (c) herself. Natch

Image: babsycid.jpg   439x600 50440 bytes 2003.02.27

Yee! This was a spur of the moment art trade with WolvenSilver, another artist here on VCL. Interesting character, and so's Babsy here! Scars! *drool* She's got scars across her neck and on her cheeks, muzzle and right arm. The scars on her throat make it jhard for her to talk sometimes. She's Uber cute. \r\nBabsy (c) Wolvensilver. Ranchibi (c) me.\r\n\r\np.s. Sorry this took so long, I ran out of ink markers and erasers and I'm lazy o.O;;

Image: babypictures1.jpg   327x554 73415 bytes 2004.07.19

The horrooooooorrr!! Rancid and Pierce (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures2.jpg   423x594 73705 bytes 2004.07.19

bringing new meaning to the term 'digustingly cute'. Behold, the fruitation of my worst madness yet. Rancid Babies! MWahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!! Rancid (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures3.jpg   443x576 91585 bytes 2004.07.19

Before anyone gets any perverted ideas, this is not dirty. In all my previous pictures of Chimmy, I clearly show that this snake is not a sexual organ, no more than feet or tongues are, anyway. The snake is essentially a tail on both ends, with a face in the front. So these are just two species conjoined together, nothing dirty about it so don't yell at me. I mean think about it, if you were attached to someone, down there, would you want to hide under a dress until your 18th birthday? Eff that, the snake would be just as curious about the world as Chimmy, so take it at face value and *AWWW* like everyone else. Preverts. Chimmy (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures4.jpg   623x558 109110 bytes 2004.07.19

All I gotta say is...AAARG, my eyes, the cuteness, she BUUUUURNZ!!! Heh, seriously, adorable, weren't they? June and July (c) Steve Burt

Image: babypictures5.jpg   498x646 90168 bytes 2004.07.30

Dyspepsia before she lost her hand and her humanity. She was a cute little demoness. And Dean, his usual grumpy self. More baby pics on the way. Pepsia and Dean (c) Steve Burt

Image: babytendrillunsize.jpg   474x622 63378 bytes 2005.05.31

Now for something cute. Baby Tendril. No mechanical arm yet, but she didn't have legs even back then. She gets her upgrades later on, but her bottom half still splits into a big honkin' mouth. Oh yeah, she'll grow up to be a real heartbreaker. Or spleens, y'know, whatever body part she can get at first.\r\nBaby Tendrill (c) Steve Burt

Image: backfire39.jpg   443x762 59798 bytes 2003.01.05

Backfire, semi-realistic looking, in full spandex. the costume is yellow with peiple gloves and boots, and a battery pack on his back. Red goggles. Evil beware. Backfire (c) me

Image: backfirebass.jpg   392x570 56694 bytes 2004.03.08

It's Backfire. Old comic idea. High school heros. Outcasts start a band. Ol' BF here is the bassist. Short, mean and supercharged. Good combo. He still looks pretty punky, calls himself Rebound in the band. Add him to Neo Necrophites with Bat Rastard. Backfire & Rebound (c) me

Image: backfirenew.jpg   291x612 51698 bytes 2002.10.25

Wow, I've uploaded another pic, and boobies aren't anywhere to be seen! GASP!!! Anyway, it's my super hero, Backfire! Backfire has a long and illustrious history, long ago he was the young pre-teen sidekick of the legendary Ravenman, back in the days when Ruthless city was more ruthless. Now, older and more cynical, this energiezed hero fights crime by night, and fixes cars by day with his ex-super criminal girlfriend Roada and his mutant pet Jello Kitty (don't ask). His power is energy redistribution, able to take any form of energy, from solar to nuclear and converts it into a slightly corrupted energy form and fires it back at his enemies with his gauntlets. He stores energy in his backpack, and can use his gloves to convert said energy into a powerful beam of concussive force. he a bad ass. Blarg. Backfire (c) me, no stealy.

Image: bakabaka.jpg   510x779 64450 bytes 2002.10.19

Baka Baka, my japanese character. He's a kawayii ninja, specilizing in hand-to-hand combat. Incredibly powerful, but not very bright. Tho, he is a real sweetheart, unlike his partner. The only thing, even I'm not entirely sure what gender Baka is. He's either a crossdressing male, or she's a very flatchested female...possibly a bit of both, or none. Either way, Baka is extremely cute. Baka^2 (c)m me

Image: bandaid.jpg   547x808 55126 bytes 2001.06.19

....Ok, I think I should explain this one a bit. As you may have noticed, during the past few weeks my mind has been warped by my new fave anime series Ramna 1/2. I recommend this to's the best kick-ass martial arts romantic comedy anime ever, and I mean EVER! And the main charatcers turn into animals. Now this was inspired because there are several times where the characters are all beat up and wearing band-aids...and they can pull off the look. Also, there's one female character who's not only a tom-boy, but a crossdresser. She dresses in a boy's school uniform and WRAPS HER CHEST to make her look flat like a male. And that is what Chi here is doing. Chi is a rtom-boy who wantys to be a martial artist, but because she's female, she's not taken seriously. So she changed her name to Chi (Blood) and dresses like a dude to pummel those arrogant males to putty. And she looks pretty hot doing it too. Here's the aftermath of a fight. Chi (c) me

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