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Image: dustbunny.jpg   718x882 82960 bytes 2002.11.05

Questioning my sanity yet? Nooo? Ok, how's about this. Evil Demonic dust bunnies. They make you sneeze to death. Bleh. Dustbunni (c) me

Image: dwayne.jpg   406x540 47693 bytes 2004.03.17

My new roomies is a huge guy. I mean serious, he's really tall and heavyset. But he's cool, and he's been helping me write stuff for comics and such. So, here he is. Only the species and names have been changed to protect the indecent (But his name's equally goofy). Dwayne (c) me

Image: eegad.jpg   383x630 55098 bytes 2003.10.12

My hunchbacked assistant Eegad. Seymore Eegad, the accountant. He got turned into a hunchback by a previous employer, but now I keep him around to do my filing and my bank account. Nice guy but nervous around lightning. Eegad (c) me

Image: eevpiper.jpg   434x636 80296 bytes 2003.01.08

It's Eev, the orc. She's an orcish bard. Orc bards are a specialized job created in the deep mountains to battle the dwarves. Pipers can play bagpipes with almost physical force, which can cause people's ears to bleed, and can collapse tunnels and start avalanches. But they can also hearten troops with uplifting marches and battle strains. And before anyone complains, yes, I know, females don't wear kilts in the Scottish culture. But she's an orc, so human rules don't apply. Eev (c) me

Image: encrypt.jpg   290x716 53334 bytes 2002.10.24

Sketch for Encrypt, who was once part of a comic I had. Super hero comic, where Cid was a demented sidekick zombie with a robot brain....yeah, that's why it nevr became a comic. Encrypt (c) me

Image: evilcupid.jpg   669x834 102257 bytes 2002.11.03

Valentines comes early. It's evil Rancid Cupid. He fires his railgun o' naughty lust at people. And he wears a diaper. Eeeeeeviiil! Rancid (c) me

Image: evilvoodoo.jpg   542x771 49523 bytes 2001.07.11

It's Syn, the evil possessed Rancid Voodoo doll! Long story. Syn (c) me

Image: eyegore.jpg   420x612 67883 bytes 2003.02.04

Eyegore, another Uberpet! Feel the goriness. I just wanna huggle him till he pops. Uberpet Eyegore (c) me

Image: f.jpg   686x701 62031 bytes 2001.08.29

F. It's Joe in a cameo appearance with Angel's foot. This was originally to be a group scene, but this seemed more appropriate. This little piggy got nibbled on, this little piggy got licked, this little piggy went Wheeeee! Joe and Angel (c) me

Image: faeriebrush.jpg   784x574 100347 bytes 2001.04.24

It's Shade the silver zafara and Vallyrea having a bit of painting fun. Shade's an aspiring artist, and he's using one of his special fairy brushes to make Vallyrea look real purty. She doesn't seem too happy about the igns, tho. Shade (c) me, Vallyrea (c) her owner

Image: fijit.jpg   319x600 45822 bytes 2003.09.11

If our nightmares were a circus, Fijit would be the ringleader. An insanity has been fine tuned so much that he seems perfectly normal, until you see the kind of circus acts he finds amusing. The giant Mammoth strongman with the spears and smiladon toga sen on. The siamese twin fire breathers, The sword screwer (like a sword swallower, but from the opposite end)... He lords over the Circus of Dreams, hoping to trap the innocent and turn them into deranged zombie clowns.. Fijit (c) me

Image: fixerupper.jpg   602x726 73346 bytes 2001.07.11

This pic is a response to a previous pic...Remember when he was feeling down and went all to pieces? Well, luckily, his buddy Jonathan (SpareParts) was around to help fix him up. Looks like Cid has a way to go before recovery, but at least he'll be able to recover with all his bits on. Rancid (c) me, Jonathan (c) Kit Burkett.

Image: flora.jpg   524x758 72871 bytes 2001.05.22

Uhm....whoever likes Darkwing Duck knows about this. She's Flora, the daughter of a particular half-duck half-plant supervillian. Flora (c) me.

Image: flu.jpg   335x614 50395 bytes 2002.02.17

Ok, have you seen Osmosis Jones? No? It's got to be one of the most utterly repulsive, offensive, and outright gross movie I've ever seen. You are hereby Required to watch it. Go now, before reading this. Why are you still here? Oh fine. This is an anthro germ. Flu. Um, she counts ad a furry, because she's a kitty flu germ. Whew, I think they bought it. Flu (c) me. Boobies

Image: fog.jpg   300x759 87453 bytes 2002.10.31

A heroing I designs. Fog, who could dissipate her body to a cloud of fog, allowing her to fly and enter grates and interesting concept. Fog (c) me

Image: footsiesam.jpg   503x600 77785 bytes 2003.09.12

This was a request I couldn't pass up. Remember Toejam and Earl? Someone wanted female versions. So, I give you, Footsie and Sam. So...who wants to see some naked alien lesbian action? Footsie and Sam (c) me

Image: foxannequilt.jpg   514x570 81269 bytes 2004.03.08

More plushies. Foxanne, one of Quilts few friends. She was his love interest for a while, but then she was attacked by the big badguy of the toyworld. She was torn apart at the waist, and Quilt saved her. Mad Duc (a rubber duck doc) sewed the bottom half of a fox to her, but it was a wrong kind of plush, so she's stuck with a taur body. A quick dye job keeps the stitches from showing, but she's self-concious. Quilt still cares for her, but the two agreed his work is too dangerous to date. But she still cares for him.\r\nQuilt and Foxanne (c) me

Image: fracture2.jpg   515x708 110994 bytes 2001.05.28

It's Princess Fracture, the broken doll. Her's a close-up, my first pic, just to get a feel for her face, really. This was one of my more challanging characters to create, but she still looks cute to me. Fracture (c) me

Image: fracturechainsaw.jpg   395x606 45586 bytes 2003.02.03

More Fracture. She's mostly harmless...just mostly. She was actually designed to be the classic chainsaw weilding maniac in my circus of monsters, ghosts and ghouls. This is the mask she uses when she's pushed beyond her limits, past the defensive masks, to the point where she has to fight or die. Unfortunately, this particular mask is ultra violent. She killed both Dean and her father in this mask. Fracture (c) me

Image: fractureringmaster.jpg   438x890 91672 bytes 2003.02.01

Fractureness! It's Fracture in her ringmaster mask. Lord of the circus, this deranged personality is here to terrify and entertain. Ok, to be honest, this is my Figit design. Figit is a dereanged party clown Jackalope, with a demonic possessed hat Hat is the only one who talks, and Figit is the muscle. Hat possesses Figit and turns into a huge ringmaster monster with Figit turned into a plusdhie at his hip. Well, since the whole hare with mask things and the possesed plushie thing is similar to Fracture's relationship with Dean, and I know how to draw her better, so, It's Fracture dessed as Figit. Besides, Fracture needs more exposure, and I like this look for her. Fracture and Figit, Hat and Dean all (c) me

Image: fraggedbat.jpg   432x660 72906 bytes 2003.10.04

Ok, I am working on a comic where Rancid is a space hero. Every space hero must face various trials. This time, for example, a plasma cannon took out a good chunk of his abdomen. Why do people want the heroing job, anyway? Rancid (c) me

Image: geist.jpg   588x808 66347 bytes 2001.04.21

It's Geist, my new demon. He is the love child of a shape shifter and a demoness. His body is composed of solid shadows. His appearace is directly affected by a person's veiw of him. Which mean, if someone thinks of him as a nice guy, he is. If someone thinks he's a lowly worm, *poof*, he is. His wings are really the sourse of his power. They change his appaearance, and are capable of turning into whatever he desires. He feeds on emotion, finding fear and hate to be most abound....there's a lot of it, but it's like junk food, which makes his natuar form a bit chubby. Love is actually the best food for him, but much harder to find. Geist is (c) me

Image: geist2.jpg   600x653 46826 bytes 2001.04.21

A not so good close-up of Geist. No mouth people, he eats emotions. Geist (c) me

Image: gennycidBW.jpg   522x618 90865 bytes 2003.02.19

This one is going out to a good friend, Genwyn. She has been a fan of my art for a while now, I I really wanted to do this before, but I'm always so lazeeee... But, here you are, I hope you enjoy it. Genwyn (c) her player. Cid, as always, (c) me. \r\n\r\nYaaay! Fracture plushie! Fracture also (c) me

Image: ghoul.jpg   608x758 64178 bytes 2001.07.06

This one could use a bit of 'splainin'. I read this great book twice, and one line that really stuck out was 'lecensed ghouls, referring to Morticians and docs that perform autopsies. So I figured, Cid deserves a ghoul lisence, giving him full rights to any spare parts or possibly edible bits from any corpse, fresh or otherwise, within a certain limit. This makes sure the undead don't go around killing people for the brains and spare parts. So, apply for your Ghoul License today. Ghoul License and Rancid (c) me

Image: glittercunt.jpg   480x600 70202 bytes 2003.03.07

YEEE! Glittercunt! Awsome character, by an awsome artist. Push, you rule. Glittercunt (c) Push Tyber.

Image: gothshit.jpg   617x804 379096 bytes 2002.10.28, I'm depressed. Can ya tell? Um, this pretty much sums up my whole stupid life. I am so sick of being alone, but I'm not sure I could even handle being with anyone. Not even sure if I like being touched, sometimes the idea just makes me ill... But hey, what do I know, the only people who seem to be attracted to me are all men, and despite what many people might think, male poontang don't do it for me. I hate feeling this way.\r\n\r\nSo anyway, I'll be fine, no doubt I'll have forcible blocked this from my memory in the morning, as I am wont to do. And for anyone who's ever felt like I do right now, sweet dreams.\r\n\r\nCid (c) me

Image: gozilla.jpg   491x684 79605 bytes 2003.01.06

Lizzilla! It's me Macro Lizard monster, and the star of Rampage Revolution. Dancing can propertyy damage, can't get any better. Lizzilla (c) me

Image: graveheart.jpg   351x516 46221 bytes 2004.06.05

long time no see. Why another long haitus?\r\n\r\n....Um....guess I'm bored with porn, but can't seem to draw anything else...damn. Welp, more porn coming soon. I'm such a hack... Graveheart Bat (c) Steve Burt

Image: halo.jpg   656x758 47615 bytes 2001.07.09

Halo! Another fallen angel, and this one's furry. Halo is a fallen angel, same as Eev. Bruises, cuts and injuries that will never heal. This makes her meek and withdrawn, even easily embarrassed. She's probably going to end up as Rancid's girlfriend. They make a perfect couple. Halo (c) me

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