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Image: hannibal.jpg   694x817 144265 bytes 2001.05.22

It's my cannibal bunny. No name yet, but he is a character I have planned for a new comic. He's a rabbit, and a cannibal. What other back history do you need? Cannibal Bunny (c) me

Image: hapeepattyday.jpg   449x600 97266 bytes 2003.03.17

Happy St. Patricks day. This one's going out to all you out there who are going to spend Patty's day night drinking until you see leprichans. God bless you. Rancid and rather disturbed doggy guy (c) me.

Image: happyface.jpg   577x751 63577 bytes 2001.06.16

Friend of mine wanted a pic of Scrubs happy. Told her that Scrubs would probably need the help of a certain bepatched cat to get him to smile. Looks like she helped him smile the easy way. Patch and Scrubs (c) me

Image: hardy.jpg   438x710 56278 bytes 2002.02.24

Ok, don't say a word, not ONE friggin' word! Wooly mammoths are damned hard to draw. Go on, try it. I dare you! Anyway...this is Hardy. Ever see Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? Sorta like that, only he's a twelve foot unfrozen wooly mammoth detective. He just...kinda stomps through the city and smashes stuff. He's got a handgun that uses Tank ammo. Just hearing him stomp down the street causes most criminals to rub away at high speeds. Hey, I'd run away from someone who could benchpress two cement trucks. Oh, and he named himself after the Hardy Boys. Hardy Ugg (c) me.\r\nYes, Ugg. He's a caveman, dammit! *snarley!!*

Image: heads_headsune.jpg   341x579 52441 bytes 2004.07.22

Ok, I seen a lotta kitsunes since Sonic. Multiple tails used for spinning and flying. But what if it went the other way? Milo and Giles "Heads" Redtail (c) Steve Burt

Image: healingsprings.jpg   588x808 116139 bytes 2001.04.27

Shade And Vallyrea. This was the first time they really hooked up, Shade was beat up from battling, so he had to recouperate a bit before they both really got to know each other. Not such a good pic, lines are too thick. Shade (c) me, Vallyrea (c) her owner

Image: healingthespooky.jpg   616x504 113539 bytes 2004.07.30

For my friend Mab. I made this a while and didn't post it. Good ol' Mikelo is trying to heal our undead friend Cid. Sorry folks, he ain't a magic-based undead and he can't be healed. But it's a cute pic either way. Hmmm, maybe I should give Mikelo boombiez. Mmmmm...turtledove boobiez. Cid 9c) Steve Burt. Mikelo (c) Amber M. Panyko

Image: hermogrifier1.jpg   573x750 149901 bytes 2004.03.14

Self expalainitory. Pierce & Cid (c) me

Image: hermogrifier2.jpg   719x540 116300 bytes 2004.03.17

A protest. Where have all the herms gone? I mean, yes, there's herms still, but a few years back, everyone and thier cousin was drawing them. Now you gotta strain yer eyes to find any. When I drew this, Winger hadn't posted in months. Parsons only does his pay site thingie, and Roxikat hasn't graced the internet for a long time. Now yes, I know they're all very busy with real life, and I have no right to complain...It's just, all the main herm artists barely draw them anymore. So, it appears that this little zombie hasta pick up the slack. More herms on the way, fanzombies! All characters (c) me

Image: highskoolpals.jpg   836x657 127761 bytes 2003.01.05

I had a comic idea that a few of my characters had met each other in high school and did rping as the horrifying creatures they are now. Bleh. They only reason I have this is because I don't have enough pictures of my psychotic bunny Fracture. Fracture, Pierce and Cid (c) me

Image: hippocampushero.jpg   421x609 53034 bytes 2003.02.21

This was part of my hero concept. She's the equivilent of Aquaman. She's the daughter of an older hero, who got killed, so she's filling in. Those things on her back are seen on some kinds of fish and seahorses. She's a hippocampus, and if the name wasn;t so faggy (pardon my french) that would be her heo name. Otherwise she's...uh...Seahorse. God that's lame. Either way, she's (c) me

Image: hobgoblin.jpg   511x602 58367 bytes 2002.02.28

Hobgoblin bone mage. She wears a skeleton transifgured into a skimpy outfit. I'm under my non-furry quota, so...enjoy. Decayla (c) me

Image: hobgoblinmage.jpg   603x816 92151 bytes 2003.01.11

It's a hobgoblin mage. I love this design, but the hand is a little off, and the staff is too complicated. But other than that, it's niiiiice. Grittina (c) me

Image: horsetree.jpg   515x612 58230 bytes 2003.02.03

Ok, needs some explaining. I saw this dark necromancy RPG monster manual, and one of the creatures was a dryad who was all torn up...the result of a dryad who's lost her tree. I had this vision of a mildly insane dark dryad, and I designed this as a steed for her. It's living wood horse, leafy mane, and branches for antlers. In intyeresting design in any case, might make a sexy anthro. Tree Steed (c) me

Image: huggle.jpg   558x706 49919 bytes 2001.06.25

Ok folks, this one is going out to a special friend of mine. She's had a rough time of things lately, and she deserves a big squishy hug and a shoulder to cry on...but unfortunately this is the best I can offer. *HUGGLE* Wish I could be there, hon. Scrubs and Patch (c) me\r\nP.S. Sorry, I really wish I could have drawn this better....*sniffle*

Image: humbuggingme.jpg   680x885 200185 bytes 2002.12.18

Ok, I really don't like this time of year. Chistmas is the most depressing holiday of the year. Worse than Valentines day!I have been listening to holiday music at work for almost a month now, the decorations, the crass comercialism, Elvis singing Blue Christmas. ARARaaag!!! Now don't get me wrong, the actual christmas day is great, but it should be alike a birthday. One, maybe three days of properation, exchange gifts, boom everyone goes home. And the worst, I mean the WORSE part of this whole stupid season is this weird freakish idea of loving families getting together. I mean, I have to take 6 days out of my busy scedule to go three states away to visit people just so we can all sit around pretending we like each other. The superficiatlity, pretending you're interested in what's going on in the lives of people you'd rather not talk to if you could help it...I'm going to just end up doing what I always do. bring lots of books, find a quiet section of the house and read. Let the others socialize, spending time with my relatives gives me a rash. \r\n\r\nRancid and the Christmas cookie (c) me. HUMBUG!!!

Image: impurecid.jpg   576x706 71401 bytes 2001.07.28

Well, it was bound to happen. Cid hangs out with Dr. Pierce a lot. In fact, the good doctor is responcible for Cid's undead-ness. After having experiment repeatedly on our undead anti-hero, his feminine side was finally unleashed. And she's pissed. She calls herself Impurity, and is basically Cid's evil side in a hot body. But like most evil twins, she wants Cid out of the picture. Luckily she can't kill him. Unfortunately she can do a lot of super nasty things to him, and he doesn't heal too well. Chaos insues. Impurity and Cid (c) me

Image: inneranimals.jpg   638x600 74183 bytes 2003.04.19

Inspired by a picture my good friend Pink did. She drew a picture of her inner animal, so I made one too. Surprised? Did you expect to see a bloodthirsty vampire bat, drooling blood and hissing at you, howling for your brains. Sorry, but this is the real me. Rather timid and very shy, Slightly pudgy and furry. Nervous but affectionate and sweet. And of course, horny. You know rabbits are known for thier math skills (all that multiplication). So, It's Sid Bunny and Pink Kitty. Pink (c) Pink Fairy Lotus, Sid (c) me

Image: ironrack.jpg   471x706 42327 bytes 2001.08.21

Ok...I've been coming up with some goofy supervillians. This is The Iron Rack. Her main weapons are breast implants gone wrong. They contain weapons, tentacles, and all sorts of other interesting toys. She also has missles stashed in there somewhere. The Iron Rack (c) me

Image: jackrun.jpg   1100x720 86645 bytes 2001.07.10

Run Cid! The Reaper's on your tail! This here is a fan art for an awsome comic called Jack. Jack is the grim reaper, with a soft side to him. Kinda like a grandfather weilding a scythe. If you like my spooky stuff, you'll LOVE Jack. Check it out at Keenspot. Jack (c) David Hopkins. Rancid (c) me\r\n

Image: jasmine.jpg   474x706 57852 bytes 2001.06.30

It's my friend Jasmine, the gothie gryphon! Lookit the ears! So cute. Jasmine (c) her player.

Image: jellokitty.jpg   413x701 149159 bytes 2002.10.26

Wow, I only mentioned her in reference to one of my characters and I've already gotten a request to show her. Well, here he is, Jello Kitty. Created by a freak accident involving a lead-lined refrigeratior, cherry jello and a few sticks of Plutonium (don't ask), this Jello mutated to form Jello kitty, the jiggliest super heroing EVER! She can jiggle in places most women don't even have. She's got super stretching and squishing power, like Mr. Fantastic, only she can also seperate her body into mini blobs as well. Usually cheerful and almost childishly naive, she does anything she can do to help out her two best friends, Backfire and Roada. Jello Kitty (c) me

Image: jesuschupo.jpg   602x650 48509 bytes 2002.10.18

It's Jesus (Hey-zues) the chupacabra. El Chupocabro Diablo, who is secretly Speed's brother, and outright badass mexican goatlover (His cousin is the goat sucker, and yes I know Cghupacabra doesn't live in mexico. This is his cousin, remember, they moved away). He's a real vicious little guy, all teeth and claws and spikes...and he's 4 foot nothing. Heh, shrimp, I beat him up for his lunch money every day. Because Im can. Hail Jesus! Jesus (c) me

Image: jetpackjack.jpg   412x716 34954 bytes 2001.07.23

Jetpack Jack. Is he a super hero, a mysterious avenger, a villian? Nope, just a tiger bunny with a jetpack. I dunno, I was bored. Jetpack Jack (c) me

Image: jjsupervillians.jpg   404x702 77614 bytes 2003.01.06

Ok, it's Twins. They're a super villian. Remember Stampede. An evil scientist was making evil clones of heros. This was Dtampedes, two clones fused into one very large creature. Enhanced strength. Uh...well, don't really expect anythig else to come of this, I can't fugure out any super hero plots. Twins (c) me

Image: joehooper.jpg   314x710 61158 bytes 2001.08.15

Joe Hooper, mild-mannered frog and hero secret identity. Unfortunately, this poor guy doesn't have super powers, and he takes a beating. Joe (c) me

Image: julytaur.jpg   402x600 53564 bytes 2003.11.03

I finally finished this, too. Sezzay. Yes, the twins will be conjoined again, just let me have my fun dammit! TAURZ!\r\nHey, that could be the next TMNTesq cartoon show! I call it! Taurz and July (c) me

Image: katekiru.jpg   572x711 55853 bytes 2001.08.14

It's Kate Billions, billionaire daughter and child prodigy. And with her is Kiru, which stands for Kawaii Information Retrieval Unit. Basically, Kiru's a hackerbot. That little pack on Kate's side is a nanopak, from which she can produce pretty much every single product made by Nanotek. Watch out, this kid has an attitude. Kate and Kiru (c) me

Image: katyface.jpg   501x348 49451 bytes 2003.11.03

ppphthththththpt! Katy being silly. Silly face, Trix are for kids! Katypus (c) me

Image: killacoptor.jpg   549x750 78524 bytes 2003.01.10

Part of the Vehikills, the leader, actually. Killacopter is a mean motha, and cruel and cold. ....well, anyway, it's a flying dolphin. I thought it was funny. Killacopter (c) me

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