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Image: knuxtwirl.jpg   602x814 56186 bytes 2001.05.10

I LOVE this pic.Love it! This was inspired by the Sonic Movie, a cheezy Anime. But there was this supersweet scene where Knux spun his arms and TORE through the damn ground like it was toilet paper. Xunk's just flailing his arms like and idiot, but it's still one of his better pics. Oh, and Xunk can dig too, it's what echidnas do. I think. Xunk (c) me. Oh, and so's his little conscience.

Image: kold.jpg   720x713 82954 bytes 2002.04.10

who dat? It's...uh...well...I haven't really thought of a name yet. Not sure if he has one. People call him Kold, which is short for Knight of (the) Living Dead. He's dead. He's a knight. Geeze, what more do you need? I love this jacket. I shall one day make this jacket for myself and then I do shall kick major ass. ALL HAIL THE JACKET! Kold and jacket (c) me

Image: ladyjasmine.jpg   582x693 53550 bytes 2001.07.28

This here's a request from my friend Lady Jasmine. It's her new bat/Lamina form. Laminas are snake women from mysthology. I like snakes and bats. All in all I think this came out nicely. And I've SEEN jean skirts like that, so I'm allowd. Lady Jasmine (c) her player.

Image: leavepinkalone2.jpg   674x897 175345 bytes 2002.11.09

Aaaargh!! Ok, this is really pissing me off. What is it with everyone suddenly picking on Pink? Spug just apologized and got everything all settled and some other person starts ragging on her art. And for what? HERMS! Seeing as HALF of vcl draws herms, being a Major theme with furries, Why pink? Why not winger, or Parsons, Of me, for chissakes? I draw zombie porn, mutilation, gore vore, spitroasting, amputees, and all sorts of messy gooey crap. I like hate mail, I Crave it, so Why, why god why pick on Pink, who is the sweetest person I know!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! If you want to give constructive criticism, that's fine, but if you have a problem, then don't look at her art, public flaming is NOT wanted, appreciated or neccessary! Rcid (c) me, Lore and Pink (c) thier respective artists.

Image: leetlegirldead.jpg   441x603 65312 bytes 2003.02.21

Awwwm it's cute little Decayla! She's so sweet, won;t you play with her? Decayla (c) me

Image: lemming.jpg   462x703 49873 bytes 2001.08.22

Who remembers Lemmings? Well, this is Lime the Lemming, and that technically makes her a furry. Doesn't look much like a real lemming, but how many of you know what a real lemming looks like anyway? Anyone? Good. She's suicidal. Yes, another cheery character. Lime (c) me

Image: lexi1.jpg   676x897 136625 bytes 2002.11.09

Wheee! Is Dyslexia, demonic Dyspepsia's sweet angelic sister. Iiiiin, catholic schoolgirl outfit. Yummmy. Hokay I definately need to draw more of her. Lexi (c) me

Image: lilaclavenderknight.jpg   358x600 63014 bytes 2003.02.24

It's one of my fantasy characters. It's Lilac, the Lavender Knight, who's name strikes fear in the hearsts of heros anywhere, winner of a thoudand battles and guardian....oh phoo, actually, she guards a bridge in full plate armor painted lavender. All the good colors were already taken. She hooks up with Outcast after he ran away from her, and she gave chase, only for the sneaky orc to backtrack and cross the bridge while Lilac tromped after him in her huge armor. She chased him indignantly for a full weak, never taking off the armor, wehen she finaslly caught him, she passed out from exhaustion. She joined up because Outkast "beat her in honorable combat". She's a 6'4" minotaur who removed the armor for lighter leather armor. She kept the purple theme tho, and her purple shield has a lilac on it. I just can't draw lilacs. Lilac (c) me

Image: lonelyheart.jpg   719x558 65412 bytes 2002.11.18

Ok, mild explainy. Friend of mine is starting a Carebears adult RP, thus I made a characters. Me being the depressive evil-obsessive dork I am, I made a scarebear. He be Lonelyheart, who once was a regular carebear cousin. He, being a porcupine, found it hard to get close to people without hurting them, and so tried to help others who were lonely. But his own loneliness started to eat away at him and after a friend hurt herself comforting him, he fled, crossing to the stomy clouds at the edge of thier world. There, he met with a dark woman who comofrted him, and touched him, promising that he will have his hearts desire if he help her. His tummy heart was enclosed in steel, making him as cold hearted as his mistress. Now, using his powers to spread loneliness to the world and fellow carebears, Lonelyheart is a force to be recond with. Lonelyheart (c) me

Image: lonelyhuggers.jpg   600x744 64548 bytes 2002.11.22

Lonelyheart Porcupine, in one of his more psychotic moments. Gothheart's incluence warped this lonely cousin's heart, encasing it in metal, sealing it off from others. Of course, now he has the strange idea that people in love are all personally trying to mock him. He's still a work in process, but he's definately an interesting character. Lonelyheart (c) me

Image: lookoutnewdez.jpg   627x788 97553 bytes 2002.03.18

Um, yeah. Lookout. Anyone remember him? He fell out of the ship's crow's nest a lot. Gawd, what the hell was I thinking? He's the ship's navigator. What ship? Who care? Lookout (c) me. LOOKOUT!

Image: lordlost.jpg   653x896 107380 bytes 2001.06.08

Lord of the Lost, a demented teddy bear with delusions of grandure and plans for world domination to exact his revenge on those who abandoned him. All in all a twisted fellah. However, I feel I could have drawn this better. Oh well, it's a work in progress. Lord of the Lost (c) me

Image: loreponeee.jpg   563x450 55788 bytes 2003.03.02

Heee! Where's there's pink, there's Lore! Kinda demeaning for a tentacled demon, but, he luvs that pink, so...It's a matched set! Lore Pony and Pink Fairy Pony (c) Lore and Pink.

Image: lovebot3000.jpg   241x540 35566 bytes 2003.10.24

Yay, it's Lovebot 3000! She is an earlier Lovebot series, that was discontinued for a slight personality chip flaw. They had a bizzarre quirk of attacking their masters at 'Random'. Running on a Hammerspace Power Matrix, she has the ability to conjure large mallets out of thin air and clobbers people who act perverted. A classic product broguth to you by the Kawaiian Empire! Gotta scan those comic pages. Kawaiians and Lovebots (c) me

Image: magentaclothes.jpg   423x681 189470 bytes 2002.10.29

Well, My friend Merick asked me to give Magenta an outfit. This is what I designed for her, a somewhat futuristic outfit I had planned to put her in with a sci-fi comic I was working on. Hmmm...Well, I'd do her. Something about wearing clothes that just adds to the mustery and desirability of a matter what species. Red Magenta (c) Merick Jacobs

Image: markwiz.jpg   235x570 39261 bytes 2003.11.03

part of a fanfic I want to write, but dunno how I can start it. Mark Wizouwowoski...however it's spelled. Son of Mike. Er...not really that impressed with him. the good one's next! Mark (c) me

Image: mastrubreak.jpg   534x690 112001 bytes 2003.11.03

Ok, explaination. I have smoke breaks. Just because I don't have a life threatening habit, I have to stay in the store all day being a productive little monkey, while other people leave every ten minutes to inhale carcenegenic smoke. So, I declair we non smokers should be allowed to take masturbreaks to get the edge off in a busy work day. That's my soap box and I'll preach what I want! Rancid (c) me

Image: maxine.jpg   464x696 35392 bytes 2001.08.10

Long story. Maxine the three-legged dobbietaur. Maxine (c) me

Image: merge.jpg   436x733 36397 bytes 2001.07.02

An interesting idea I've had for a while. Merge, who started out as a lab assistant. Now I'm not so sure. She's two different women sewn together in such a way that they did indeed survive...but it caused a split personality. Well, they're literally of two minds about everything, one being the resoning side, and the other ditzy and artistic. Not sure which. I like the difference in species, it seems to work rather well. Anyway, you might just see these two again soon. Just imagive what they look like nekkid! Woo-woo! Merge (c) me

Image: merickponeee.jpg   529x486 66363 bytes 2003.03.02

Heeheheehehheeee! It's Merick Mutant Pony. His butt symbol? A fully working mouth with big teeth and tentacles. The insanity! More to come. I plan to eventually do every bizarre character I can think of. Kawaii! Merick Mutant Pony (c) Bobby Gatewood.

Image: metbot.jpg   498x698 48326 bytes 2001.07.02

Ok, this needs some explaining. I have recently become obsessed with the Megaman series again. And this is based on one of the enemies. Remeber Mets, the dorky little dudes that hide in helmet and spit at you? Wll, This is Metbot v2.0. Sick of being used as cannon fodder in a robot army, he hijacked a broken body and fused with it. He later has it upgraded and painted up, and went off, vowing revenge on all those who pick on poor little Mets. Metbot v2.0 (c) me

Image: minipede.jpg   250x610 32543 bytes 2002.11.05

It's Stampede's smalled counterpart, Minipede. In street cliothes. remember, Minipede has the unique talent to make energy based clones of other people, but only midget versions of them. Yay, midgets. Minipede (c) me

Image: Mokey.jpg   486x436 33776 bytes 2001.04.09

Mokey! This is my pal Mokey. She's had a rough life, as you can see. She's got brain damage, and can barely talk. But she's a major cutie, and real sweet. *HUG* pic (c) me, Mokey (c) Kris Updike. Go look at her VCL archive now!

Image: molehunter.jpg   598x743 48079 bytes 2001.07.02

A character I designed after watching one too many animes. He's a treasure hunter, a mole.. I'm not sure what to call him, so for now, let's just call him Shaft for the time being. He a treasure hunter, and unusually strong. He can dig, and with his specially built gloves, he can punch right through most bedrock, giving him an edge over other moles. He has potential as a game character, but what are the odd of that happening, right? Shaft (c) me.

Image: monty.jpg   756x758 84288 bytes 2002.03.08

It's just Monty. Yes, I know, my terrible puns again. Behold the Couch. The Couch shall play an important role in a project I'm working on.. Monty and The Couch (c) me. Ph33r th3 Couch!

Image: mortymaggot.jpg   379x420 29277 bytes 2003.02.28

Morty Maggot! I 2was working on a comic that would be similar to Ren and Stimpy. Uh, very disturbing ideas for it, don't ask. Ok, here's a hint, his catch phrase was "I eat babies!" I was going for total shock/gross-out factor, but I outgrew the idea. Morty (c) me

Image: mothraesq.jpg   354x570 56137 bytes 2003.11.22

a mothra-esp for RR. Ah...I need to work on it. I don't even have a decent name for him, so I'll call him Chad.

Image: mudwrestle.jpg   988x723 73792 bytes 2001.06.09

Another one I should explain. I've seen a lot of music videos with mud wrestling here's Bobby Jo about mud. Captain Mud and Bobby Jo both (c) me.

Image: murtcidmyspine.jpg   714x540 99193 bytes 2003.03.03

Yeee! It's the lovable, and aggressively affectionate Murtagoy! Her latest victim? Cid. Observe as the North American Mutagoy stalks her prey, rendering it helpless with a headlock, and snuggling him into submission. This is a gift to a good friend Miss Mab. Thanks for being so cool!\r\n\r\nShameless Plug!!!!\r\n\r\nArg, girlscouts! Cid is now officially emotionally scarred for life. Amber, you ROCK! Cid (c) Me, Murtagoy (c) Amber M. Panyko.

Image: mutantjerbil.jpg   466x600 59339 bytes 2003.09.09

This is Jerbil. Mutant Jerbil. Who is Jerbil? Gimme a few days to upload some of my comics. Low Budget Sci-fi Comic and jerbil (c) me

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