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Image: mutton.jpg   498x752 70039 bytes 2002.03.18

Mutton MacDoogan. Er...ship engeneer. I canna hold it cap'n! Shoot me. Mutton (c) me

Image: myshoulderangel.jpg   346x540 52504 bytes 2003.10.20

that's where I say the leprichaun. He tells me to burn things! \r\n\r\nSeriously, this is my shoulder angel. With paper wings and a pipe cleaner halo, she tells me not to do bad things, usually by guilting me. Guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt... I'm a good boy. Cid (c) me.

Image: myundeadpony.jpg   649x810 93073 bytes 2003.01.29

My Undead Pony. Rancid Pony. What more do you want? Ok, fine, you pervs, next time I'll add a huge cock, happy? Rancid Pony (c) me

Image: natebillions.jpg   303x850 39193 bytes 2002.11.05

Nate Billions, STB and Kate Billion's son, and the next generation of Boot. More comic plots that dies on impact. Bleh to you I say, bleeeeh!! Nate (c) me\r\n\r\nHe's a cheetoad!

Image: necrowsketchies.jpg   562x874 83043 bytes 2002.11.22

Necrow! Meh, another undead, big surprise. He's a little on the crazed side, only able to talk in movine and television quotes. Or that's how it seems. The more vague the better. He can technically be considered a Qrow, invented by NeoGeen. But he's original, and (c) me.

Image: neobdaycrazycool.jpg   505x661 76197 bytes 2002.10.18

It's Neo's B-day! Well, ok, I'm a few days late, but, I didn't have internet until a few days ago. So, to all of you out there, who like me, love dat lovable spike kat thing, Yay for Neo! *hands out 'head-explody-in-a-can'to all Neo's friends* Rancid (c) me, and NeoGeen (c) Kim Koskamp. An' a pinch ta grow an inch!

Image: neocid.jpg   542x731 69786 bytes 2001.07.12

YAY! This here is a response to a pic of Rancid drawn by Kim Koskamp. She's a really spiffy vcl artist, with some unusual characters. This here is Rancid, thanking NeoGreen personally. PeekaBOO! Go check out Kim's work, now! NeoGreen (c) Kim Koskamp. Cid is always (c) me

Image: neonecrophites1.jpg   645x646 77234 bytes 2002.03.07

Album cover for Neo Necrophites, a cartoon undead band I wanted to create music for. I learned that I suck at music. But anyone who wants to join my band is welcome. I'll be the manager. Neo Necrophites (c) me

Image: neopoke.jpg   516x619 52302 bytes 2001.04.21

Hey, it's Neopet time. Here's Shade and Vallyrea. Shade's having a bit of fun, and he knows Vallyrea is VERY ticklish. Shade (c) me, Vallyrea the split Aisha (c) her owner

Image: nevermor.jpg   727x874 85434 bytes 2002.11.05

Evil Necrow Nevermor. Hell, actually, I think I like Necrow better. Nevermore's overused cliche anyway. Necrow (c) me

Image: newpatchface.jpg   612x810 23853 bytes 2001.01.06

Been a while since I drew this cutie. She looks as pretty as ever, but I kinda screwed up on the body. Always make necks too long, I dunno why. Patch (c) me.\n

Image: newskull.jpg   708x571 44928 bytes 2001.06.05

Ok, I've done a bunch of past logos, I know. First a bat, then a cat, now a rat. I'm indecicive ok? But I've grown fond of rats lately, so here's my newest logo, a rat skull and crossbone. I should explain a bit more tho...Those dark circles are sunglasses, and that little thing on it's left ear is an onyx triangle, ONYX, not pink, understand? I think it's some ancient civilization's symbol for eternity. As always it's a jolly roger, or pirate flag design. I still like pirates. Logo (c) me

Image: next.jpg   588x808 48563 bytes 2001.04.24

The new pierce, and he looks happy to see you. Why don't you come and play? Pierce (c) me

Image: ninja.jpg   389x683 30911 bytes 2001.06.16

Ok folks, I've been watching a lot of Anime lately, maily dealing with a certain gender-shifting martial artist. You know who I mean. And this is inspired by a master of hidden weapons, and that hotties chinese ghost from Darkstalkers. This is Kokuei, which means Dark Shadow in Japanese. He's not quite dead, prolly half-dead only. He's a bat, but his wings are hidden by the enormous sleeves, as is a selection of weapons that is sure to surprise any opponent. And the thing on his eye is a mock-up spirit ward to stave away his dark side. He's probably possessed. Can't write Japanese, yet, so don't hold it against me, I'll find a real one before I draw him again. Kokuei (c) me

Image: ninjabun.jpg   565x738 95204 bytes 2005.07.23

Goood LORD This was tedius to color. Good lord... I hope you appreciate this. Shonen Bun is (c) Steve Burt

Image: nucleararms.jpg   462x701 47968 bytes 2001.08.21

You can't hug with Nuclear arms! HA! Now you can. It's Disarm, a rarely used character who none-the-less seems to respawn every now and again. As always, Disarm is a shark morph without arms. He's had them replaced with nuclear powered cyber arms. Gimme a hug! Disarm (c) me

Image: nulvoid.jpg   560x713 54784 bytes 2001.07.23

Ok, this is my fan pic. Invader Zim, you will ALL watch this show. Jhonen Vasquez is a genius. This is my Irken (sp?) invader, Nul. Nul is a space pirate, specializing in freelance invading and looting. That's his droid Void. Together, Nul and Void terrorize the univers for the greater glory of the Tallest. Now, go watch the show immediately, before the invaders steal your eyeballs in your sleep. Nul and Void (c) me

Image: nurseranko.jpg   517x600 86602 bytes 2003.04.20

Iiiiiiiit Ranko! Cid's cousin from the far east, Ran Ko the hopping ghost in her nurse's outfit. I've decided this will be her normal garb, and frankly it makes a lot of sense. Ran Ko (c) me. GIVE BLOOD! Mmmm, O positivy.

Image: nurserobo.jpg   525x858 97018 bytes 2001.05.28

Started out as a Megaman spoof, and ended up a robotic nurse. Heh, I wouldn't mind getting sick with her around. Nursebot (c) me

Image: octaviaspell.jpg   421x570 68822 bytes 2003.11.18

Octavia. A drider. No, not strickly a furry, but... Anyway, part elf, part spider, all hottie. Octavia (c) me

Image: orcnudiemalewhoo.jpg   249x600 49297 bytes 2003.02.03

I was using this as a model for a comic I was planning. I stopped because I can't figure out how to make this orc look. Anyway, it's Outcast, looking none too pleased about modeling for me. Outcast (c) me

Image: outkastcharacterstudy.jpg   382x627 52415 bytes 2003.02.24

Finally. Much talked about, little know, and a major player in my little world.. Outkast Klanless, orc hero, warrior, rebel, enigma, and just plain badass. Hopefully He'll appear in some comic within the next century or so, but don't hold your breath. Anyone who wants to see him naked better get ahold of me, otherwise, don't bet on it. Orc goodness. Outkast (c) me\r\n

Image: overchars.jpg   477x612 66170 bytes 2003.02.03

Pictures of some characters I designed for yet another failed comic. Faaaaaaaaaail. Alfred and Merick. Merick's actually my roomie and great friend irl. Go see his stuff on VCL. He's so good. Like Buttah. Alfred (c) me. Merick (c) Bobby Gatewood. Worship da mutants!

Image: pamera.jpg   346x540 66938 bytes 2003.11.21

More Rampage Rev. characters. Pamera!!! Pameraaa, pameraaa! Pamera is really neet, she is filled with turtle meat, we all love you Paaaa!! Meeeer!!! RAaaaa!!!! Pamera (c) me

Image: peppony.jpg   646x612 71513 bytes 2003.02.20

O.o!!! God help me, I can't stoooop! This is only the beginning, I've got design ideas for a lot of my friends. It's gonna get scarier from here people. Save yourself, it's too late for meeee! Pepsia Pony (c) me

Image: phobia.jpg   385x570 48229 bytes 2003.10.31

aaaaand another character sitting in limbo for lack of face. Phobia, one of the stars of Rampage Revolution. I think I need to revanp her a bit, tho...too leggy...but hey, give me some feedback. I'll take suggestions for any monsters you might light to see for Rampage revolution. Let's get a whole slew of them up, hmm? Rampage Rev. and Phobia (c) me

Image: phoenixdown.jpg   526x672 77670 bytes 2003.01.06

It's a fantasy character I designed. I think I named him South. He's a Phoenix...The Phoenix, actually. He was a skilled warrior, with fire abilities and the ability to fly. He could get killed, but where he fell, the ashes would burst into flame and reveal an egg, would would soon hatch into...South. South would have to start all over from scratch, memories deeply imbedded in his (or her) mind. But South would be in totally new bodies, male, female, herm, neuter...(s)he would always look vastly different than the last time. South is (c) me

Image: pie.jpg   439x600 72660 bytes 2003.10.12

Ran Ko and Anubarkis sharing a moment. Er, sorta. Not the best pic, but a better one on the way. Ran Ko & Anubarkis (c) me

Image: pierce_v3.0jpg.jpg   650x826 61576 bytes 2001.04.21

Hey, it's Pierce in his latest, and by far best designed body. I'm going to figue a way to keep this body for Pierce, he looks a lot more like a mad scientist now...or at least an disgruntled scientist. And that's Jackdog, his pet. Pierce and Jackdog (c) me

Image: piercehead.jpg   821x893 32024 bytes 2001.01.06

I love this guy. Pierce is one of my more inventive charatcers, and as a rat, he has more earspace to pierce. He's a labrat, get it? Ah, nevermind. I added a lip stud because I can. He's not two tongue piercings, but obviously that isn't shown. Pierce (c) me.\n

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