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Image: cidriiiip.jpg   559x782 105108 bytes 2002.02.18

There is a story behind this pic. But you know what? I'm noty going to tell you. Mwahahahahaha! Rancid (c) me

Image: chimmy2.jpg   480x658 66385 bytes 2002.02.17

Chimmy! She's dressed as a waitress. Why a waitress? I work at a bar. And what's up with those eyes? SThey're goat eyes. Have you ever looked in a goat's eyes? It's friggin' creepy! Anyway,her eyes are amber. Amber! Amber pretty. Chimmy (c) me.

Image: cidsonic.jpg   583x800 76295 bytes 2002.02.17

I am a dork. I like Sonic. I am a salivating fanboy. Deal. Cid drawn in Sonic style. Hire me, Archie! Me draw good! Yur. Rancid (c) me

Image: flu.jpg   335x614 50395 bytes 2002.02.17

Ok, have you seen Osmosis Jones? No? It's got to be one of the most utterly repulsive, offensive, and outright gross movie I've ever seen. You are hereby Required to watch it. Go now, before reading this. Why are you still here? Oh fine. This is an anthro germ. Flu. Um, she counts ad a furry, because she's a kitty flu germ. Whew, I think they bought it. Flu (c) me. Boobies

Image: snakstrait.jpg   423x752 59958 bytes 2002.02.17 to explain this....It's a a straitjacket. He is Cobra Claw. He has no claws, for he is a snake. Rusty jaws, pink hair and padded rooms. I was bored, and I though this would look cool. It does. Worship The Claw. Cobra Claw (c) me.

Image: twins3.jpg   544x678 71183 bytes 2002.02.16

Moo. It's an updated version of my twins June and July (pronounced Joo-lee). They're cows instead of cats. Where's the beef? I got plenty of it right here baby. Three boobs, three rump cheeks, two...well, you'll see the rest. I got two other pics coming up. Coming soon, siamese twins exposed, the college years. Eat that Springer. June and July (c) me, biatch.

Image: bbbomb.jpg   578x1111 102080 bytes 2002.02.16

perhaps a bit off topic, but it is an anthropormorphic FF animal. No different than some pokemorphs or digimorphs. It's a bob. Ha! I think this is the first anthro bomb anyone has done. I'm working on a female bomb, too. Cherri bomb. Get it? Cherri...oh forget it, no one gets me. Anyway, this is fnar Boomer the Bomb. Creative. Boomer (and eventually Cherri) bomb (c) me.

Image: rosyrnr2.jpg   394x1016 67614 bytes 2002.02.16

Merry Christmas! Yeah I'm two months late. Bite me, I didn't have a scanner back then. Ok, ok, this is Rosy the red-nosed reindeer. She can pull my sleigh any night. Ur...right. Rosy (c) me

Image: rank.jpg   622x813 117705 bytes 2002.02.14

I'm back! Yippie Skippie! To start up my new reign of terror, he's Rank. Rank was cloned from dead skin cells taken from everyone's favorite dead bat, Rancid. He's partly metalic, partly rotted, and completely nutz. Let the good times roll! Rank (c) me

Image: awwwsocute.jpg   561x698 85188 bytes 2001.09.22

AWWWW!!! It's so cute! I don't do cute pics often, so enjoy this one. Inspired by some pics by Kim Koskamp, I drew me and some of my new art pals. The little blue batty is Rancid, natch. The green and black cute thing is NeoGeen. The white and blue cheetah with horns is Cosine. And the blue and pink kangaroo is Roux. Now these three know each other as well, so I thought it would be cute for them all to take a little fly. As for the things over thier heads...well, I like it. Rancid (c) me. NeoGeen (c) Kim Koskamp. Cosine (c) Karen Lambey. Roux (c) herself. Natch

Image: roux.jpg   550x710 74104 bytes 2001.09.17

This one's going out to my friend Roux. She's a really cool person, and she made a cool little fanpic call R is for Roux. It's really cute, you should check it out now. Well, since Roux seems to like the undead, and because of her fondness for dead cows (Don't ask) I decided to make her an official card-carrying ghoul. Ghoul License, don't leave tomb without it. Roux (c) her player\r\n\r\nP.S. Yeah, I let her borrow Cid's shirt for it. A free Make 7 shirt comes free with every Ghoul License purchse. Get yours today!

Image: rancidstein.jpg   301x716 99066 bytes 2001.09.09

It's Rancid. You've seen him as a lagoon monster, a werewolf, and a, the new improved Frankenstienian monster. Yep, thise beefcake is Cid. Using advances in cartoon technology, his wings fold up and get coated with specially conductive metals to keep him recharged. And those brown patches are leather, no different from what you'd see on a jacket, or Leatherface's mask. I'll tell you folks something...when he has this surgery done, he sewed on something else. And it's gonna make those pants explode. Cid (c) me. All other monsters mentioned aren't.

Image: pocketspierce.jpg   414x708 87596 bytes 2001.09.09

Well, It's Pockets, Pierce, first draft. She's Doc Pierce's daughter, and she's the one who ressurrected Rancid. Yay. Pockets (c) me

Image: poacher.jpg   551x718 87082 bytes 2001.09.06

Poacher. Now this is one touch bitch. She's a birdomorph, and an air pirate. She's a bit chubby, but wears tight corsets, both to make her look thinner and push her bosom outward. But she's big, and she can fight better than any man. Her dwordplay is good, but she's a crack shot with her eggs. On top of that, her dad was a green birdo, so she can spit fireballs too. Her brother Hardboil is a green birdo, and together, these twin make up a massive fighting force all thier own. Poacher (c) me

Image: shygirl2.jpg   630x716 69727 bytes 2001.09.06

They're back! It's time for a few Mario morphs, starting with the most difficult Mario creature to anthropormorphis, the shyguy. These critters are facinating. And I love this one, it's Shygirl. Her past is a mystery, but she trained under the ninji of the east, a martial arts master. She can kick your butt seven ways before you even hit the ground. But that mask is her weak spot. Break that and she crumbles into a sobbing terrified mess. What possible trauma could have caused her to be so terrified to show her face? Like I said, mysterious. Shygirl (c) me

Image: disorigin.jpg   514x704 121930 bytes 2001.09.03

It's an origins pic for an alien-type Disarm. He's currently nearly pullingout of his binds, and he's hooked up to the wall. Disreguard the background. Disarm and the alien race (c) me

Image: f.jpg   686x701 62031 bytes 2001.08.29

F. It's Joe in a cameo appearance with Angel's foot. This was originally to be a group scene, but this seemed more appropriate. This little piggy got nibbled on, this little piggy got licked, this little piggy went Wheeeee! Joe and Angel (c) me

Image: saravegan.jpg   573x708 59729 bytes 2001.08.28

Just to show you how weird I am, it's Vegan, my raptor, and Sara, my triceratops. Now how's this for role reversal? Tubby sara munches on a meal while it's still wriggling, and all skinny Vegan can do is scold her. What a strange world. Sara and Vegan (c) me

Image: winkdruid.jpg   558x718 50881 bytes 2001.08.28

It's Wink, the adorable urchin orphan with the hiddeous facial scars. Thats right, behind that oddly dyed tuft of hair are several zombie blade scars that are so horrible they scare nuns. Anyway, change of backstory. She was taken in by a legendary white mage, which of course involves holy and healing spells. She's a warp rat, a naturally magically saturated creature, but all the magic she was taught warped horribly to give her white attack spells. In my world, healing magic shouldn't be used for attack, but there you are. Holy bombs and agressive protective shields that melt undead like butter. She has that stick, which for attack purposes is utterly useless, but it helps focus her power. Also, as far as I know she can't talk at all, but she is a warp rat empath. She basically relays emotions to people, so when she's happy, everyone around her becomes happy. But this also means she can create intense pain, by say transferring the pain of one creature and putting it into an attacker. Anyway, that blob is affectionately know Doesn't matter what you call it, it won't come. Just like a squishy cat. But it adores Wink, and she loves it like a pet. Blob is aggressively loyal, and he once ate a wolf that tried to attack wink, slowly digesting it while it was still alive for a whole week as a warning to other wolves. Needless to say, no wolf has ever attacked wink since. Wink and Blob are (c) me

Image: tessahurt.jpg   394x708 38001 bytes 2001.08.22

WAAAAH!!! *sniffle, sob, sob....* My doggy Tessa was attacked by a huge dog a few days ago. She's in bad shape, huge gouches in her skin, she's got tubes in her...she's just falling apart. She's in the hospital for the second time in two days... *sniff* Tessa is my doggy...and therefore (c) me

Image: stbcomic.jpg   573x771 91565 bytes 2001.08.22

The first, and unless I can ink the others better, possibly the last full Steel Toad Boot comic. I totally mucked up the ink job and the background was made entirely in Photoshop. I know there's mistakes, I know the doors are grey and don't have handles. It's futuristic! Bah...Anyway, Nanotek makes doors took. Anyway, enjoy. STB and Joe (c) me

Image: lemming.jpg   462x703 49873 bytes 2001.08.22

Who remembers Lemmings? Well, this is Lime the Lemming, and that technically makes her a furry. Doesn't look much like a real lemming, but how many of you know what a real lemming looks like anyway? Anyone? Good. She's suicidal. Yes, another cheery character. Lime (c) me

Image: nucleararms.jpg   462x701 47968 bytes 2001.08.21

You can't hug with Nuclear arms! HA! Now you can. It's Disarm, a rarely used character who none-the-less seems to respawn every now and again. As always, Disarm is a shark morph without arms. He's had them replaced with nuclear powered cyber arms. Gimme a hug! Disarm (c) me

Image: ironrack.jpg   471x706 42327 bytes 2001.08.21

Ok...I've been coming up with some goofy supervillians. This is The Iron Rack. Her main weapons are breast implants gone wrong. They contain weapons, tentacles, and all sorts of other interesting toys. She also has missles stashed in there somewhere. The Iron Rack (c) me

Image: sakaba.jpg   471x718 58377 bytes 2001.08.15

A variation on my old character. This is Sakaba, samurai bartender. He can weild beer bottles and cue sticks as deadly weapons. Sakaba (c) me

Image: joehooper.jpg   314x710 61158 bytes 2001.08.15

Joe Hooper, mild-mannered frog and hero secret identity. Unfortunately, this poor guy doesn't have super powers, and he takes a beating. Joe (c) me

Image: katekiru.jpg   572x711 55853 bytes 2001.08.14

It's Kate Billions, billionaire daughter and child prodigy. And with her is Kiru, which stands for Kawaii Information Retrieval Unit. Basically, Kiru's a hackerbot. That little pack on Kate's side is a nanopak, from which she can produce pretty much every single product made by Nanotek. Watch out, this kid has an attitude. Kate and Kiru (c) me

Image: maxine.jpg   464x696 35392 bytes 2001.08.10

Long story. Maxine the three-legged dobbietaur. Maxine (c) me

Image: drunkdriver.jpg   437x693 38455 bytes 2001.08.10

The infamous villian, Drunk Driver. He's not your ordinary drunk driver, he has special drunken abilities. He once crashed into a tanker filled with radioactive booze, giving him all the powers and propeties of a man on a permnated drunken binge. His thoughts are fuzzy and his speech is slurred, but he can crash his car into anything and survuve it. He also has projectile vomit and the ability to produce beer seeming from mid-air. Nearly indestructabl;e in his car, this mad serial killer drives his taxi of doom all across Furtopia, terrorizing the city.

Image: vengence2.jpg   649x716 105023 bytes 2001.08.09

Vengence is Mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! It's a better version of Vengence. He's all mummy bandaged and his cloak conceals most stuff. Gee, I wonder who this masked man really is. Hmmm.... Vengence (c) me

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