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Image: piercelabcoat.jpg   422x832 38045 bytes 2001.05.10

Pierce design. It's a new coat. Uhm....yeah. Look I just saw this coat and had to draw it,ok? Dr. Pierce (c) me

Image: pingpong.jpg   592x708 75103 bytes 2002.11.12

It's my flying Monkey. He's 7 storeys tall, and a complete slacker. He'd destroy buildings, but that's too much like work. I named him Pong. He's part of a game I have in the works called Ramapage Revolution. In Rampage Revolution, you play a big honkin' monster. But hey, who has time to destroy buildings, you just gotta dance! These monsters slam dance in various ways, and whoever pulls off the best moves and the most property damage win. For times you just gotta destroy somethin', it's Rampage Revolution! Both Pong (the monkey, not the game) and Rampage Revolution (c) me

Image: pinkponeeee.jpg   675x600 74640 bytes 2003.03.02

Yeeee! More Pny goodness. No, I can't stop. But at least this is a cute one. It's Pink Fairy Pony! She's cute in any form! And to be simple, I just used a common logo of hers. Enjoy! Pink Fairy Pony (c) Pink Fairy Lotus

Image: piratethteve.jpg   504x700 72985 bytes 2005.06.01

A character I developed for oe of my many, many comics. Ironically, it wasn't a pirate comic. It's Pirate Thteve! Ok, interesting story, last year during a party at my job, I started dressing up as a pirate and giving kids 'tattoos' (face paint). My name is Steve, so I started wearing the costume and calling myself Pirate Steve. A month later, Dodgeball came out, and my friend went to go see it. As soon as the pirate guy rushed onscreen, he went 'Look, it's Steve in 20 years". Imagine his surprise when the pirate's name turned out to be Steve. So, I'm the ORIGINAL Pirate Steve. I should be getting royalties. Pirate Thteve (c) Steve Burt

Image: plattidude.jpg   372x600 41630 bytes 2003.10.20

for a while I was considering making my own skateboard design company, calling it Plattitudes. This is Plattidude, the spokeperson. Seems the market for cartoon boards is down, so, unless there's a high demand for zombie bat skateboards, I'll just have to dream. Plattitudes and Plattidude (c) me

Image: plattiduehead.jpg   518x480 37610 bytes 2003.10.20

Extreeeeeeeeeeeme closeup! WOOOOOOOOOO! Eh.... Platidude (c) me

Image: plushwars.jpg   615x721 68600 bytes 2001.07.06

Mwahahahahahaa! It's Quilt, and his nemisis, Lord of the Lost. I'll probably think of some disgustingly cute name for Lord Lost later, bucause his full title is long winded. Anyway, Here these two combatants are in a life and death struggle, battling in one of the many hazardous rooms deep in the bows of Lost castle, teetering on the edge of a block cliff. It's been a fierce fight, but it looks as if Lord Lost has the upper claw. Who will win? Heh, Only I know, and I ain't tellin'. And believe me, I'm not the type to let the good guys win consistantly. Quilt and Lord Lost (c) me

Image: poacher.jpg   551x718 87082 bytes 2001.09.06

Poacher. Now this is one touch bitch. She's a birdomorph, and an air pirate. She's a bit chubby, but wears tight corsets, both to make her look thinner and push her bosom outward. But she's big, and she can fight better than any man. Her dwordplay is good, but she's a crack shot with her eggs. On top of that, her dad was a green birdo, so she can spit fireballs too. Her brother Hardboil is a green birdo, and together, these twin make up a massive fighting force all thier own. Poacher (c) me

Image: pocket_rocket.jpg   656x792 96184 bytes 2002.11.24

In honor of the new Pokemon game coming out, it's Pockets, cosplaying as the only damn good thing about the games, a member of Team Rocket! Gotta steal 'em all! Man, thwey should have a game where you get to play as Team rocket, that would kick so mcuh ass! Pockets and Kwark (c) me.

Image: pocketspierce.jpg   414x708 87596 bytes 2001.09.09

Well, It's Pockets, Pierce, first draft. She's Doc Pierce's daughter, and she's the one who ressurrected Rancid. Yay. Pockets (c) me

Image: pocketsupdate.jpg   383x602 70782 bytes 2002.05.23

an update of an old character. Pockets. Gone is the possum, now Pockets is an Walkabout kangaroo with a mighty mallet and a robo arm. This is a cartoony version, beware, for I have a sexy fullsized version of this bepouched beauty. Mmm, pouches are sexy. Pockets (c) me

Image: poem.jpg   515x708 110142 bytes 2001.05.28

I'm a poet, and you don't even that. I have some old poems, and this was a sort of introductory. You should be seeing more, as soon as I find them. Scrubs and poem (c) me

Image: poodle.jpg   329x676 57298 bytes 2001.05.06

This was a request, a furson of a friend of mine. Cutie! pic (c) me,poodle (c)her alter ego.

Image: poofy.jpg   632x834 124065 bytes 2002.11.24

Hey, it's the often bizarre but always fun Poofy! In the classic poofy style, I just accented the important bit in red, mainly, blud. Heh. Poofy is (c) Natalie Robles. Rancid (c) me

Image: poolsidepep.jpg   377x600 51034 bytes 2003.10.12

Part of a swimsuit portfolio I'm working on. Rather, it was. This was the first attempt, but I didn't like it. Soon, however, I shall be selling folios of the Rancid characters. Ah...10 male pics and 10 (mostly) females. The males I had to stretch a bit, but you may be seeing Anubarkis, and who can complain about that? Big hunka mummy. Pep (c) me

Image: postcast.jpg   583x800 93951 bytes 2002.03.18

Welcome fellow Undead furries. I am pleased to announce that S.N.U.F.'s website is nearly finished, and is awaiting new members. It has a few minor ajustments to make, which with luck I'll have taken care of later tonight. So we're ready for members, so send your applications in, with link of your character's pic (preferably), and a short little desc of your character (A line or two summing up who and what it is), and join in the fun. We'll orginize chats, pic trades and whatever else you might enjoy. Join today, and let's name SNUF a fun place for everyone! \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPost (c) me. SNUF founded by me.

Image: pounced.jpg   591x802 60410 bytes 2001.04.28

Another Shade and Vallyrea pic. She's my rl best friend, so whenever we hang out, I draw her. I think most of these come out pretty good, but the ears are off-center. Shade (c) me. Vallyrea (c) my best bud

Image: psychoxunkv.jpg   581x701 59338 bytes 2001.07.26

Fan pic, fan pic. Yes I'm pathetic. It's Psycho, a demonic hedgehog. Psycho is a big important demony guy from Dirty Power - That's My Sonic the comic strip. The Walkers command you go read his comic now, fanboy! Anyway, Xunk and V just showed up to annoy the demony guy. Xunk and V (c) Me. Psycho (c) Psyguy. \r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: queenykoopa.jpg   422x600 79045 bytes 2003.03.01

Yeeeee!!!! I've had this sketch for almost a year. And it's STILL the best koopa I've ever done. This was the main character in a small Mario bros. styule comic, with all the characters being original, and sort of a next gen thing. this was the big leader, known as Queeny Koopa, Wendy koopa's daughter. She has a goodly amount of magical powers, which makes up for her being unable to breathe fire. She's the sister or possible cousin of Smoke, my other koopa. Queeny is (c) me

Image: quilt.jpg   676x519 42394 bytes 2001.05.14

It's Quilt the patchwork Kitty! Quilt is a cute animate doll that was made out of a patchwork quilt. Or at least a quilt that was really torn up. In any case, what you get is a hyper cat who loves to bite people. Luckily his teeth are plush. Quilt (c) me

Image: quilt2.jpg   442x808 48915 bytes 2001.05.28

It's Qyuilt, fully anthro. He's a hero know, fighting in dream worlds and saving princesses while defeating....aww who'm I kidding, this idea fell flat in two days. But You can expect to see more of him because, well he's one of the only semi-origional characters I have. Quilt (c) me

Image: quilt3.jpg   606x796 106892 bytes 2001.05.28

It's Quilt, super-plushie with his big blue bat of justice! Yeah it's plastic, but make fun of him and he'll bludgen you silly. It's an effective weapon when all projectile weapons are Norf* releated, he can just wack anything fired at him right back. Quilt and his BBBJ are (c) me\r\n*(Like a famous foam rubber weapondry producer, but the bullets are blue instead of yellow)

Image: quiltmage.jpg   346x556 47728 bytes 2003.02.03

Well,'s Quilt. As a mage. Uh....nother failed comic *cries and crawls under a rock* He was supposed to be this mage in some...toy world with...creatures and god I don't even know anymore. I have a headache. Anyway, his best attack is turning creatures and monsters into collectable plush animals. Perfect for any fantasy game, I want virtual plushies of the characters I defeat. Plushimorphos! Quilt (c) me

Image: quirk.jpg   607x707 42707 bytes 2001.07.26

Quirk! He's a tan Quark. Quarks are another creation of Psyguy's. You will read That's my Sonic now! Quarks will fuse with people, giving them secret abilities. Tan is my favorite. The endless pocket. Can you just imagine the cool crap you could do with that? Mwahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! I mean....yeah. Read That's my Sonic. Quarks (c) Psyguy, but Quirk (c) me. Magic Kool-aid

Image: ramprevbatpunk.jpg   413x540 79730 bytes 2003.11.21

A character concept for my Rampage Revolution game. BOOYA!!! Name...errr....Decayla, of course! Decayla & Rampage Revolution (c) me

Image: rancid4.jpg   722x692 193037 bytes 2001.06.26

Rancid! Whee! I love this dude. He's in his street clothes, what he'd wear working at Goth Topic. He's also, *Gasp* in the sunlight. But he figured out the whole vamps shrivelling in sunlight was just hype made up by vampire hunters in the early years of the movies. A famous vamp hunter made the first vamp movie to scare vampires into going into a coffin at night, making them easy prey. But Rancid is not a traditional vampire. Rancid (c) me.

Image: rancidAC.jpg   425x700 97611 bytes 2003.03.09

Official announcement. Come see me at AC '03! Rancid will be attending this year's Anthrocon, and with luck, In full costume! But, like many hack artists, I need the cash thing. So, I am officially offering Comission work to fund this project. So, send your requests to me and we'll work something out, and I'll be seeing you at Anthrocon! \r\n\r\nRancid (c) me

Image: rancidfighterposy.jpg   456x681 81176 bytes 2003.02.03

i LOVE dis pic! I was designing Darkstalkers style fighting game characters, and naturally, here's ERancid as a butt whuppin' martial artist zombie. Studying under Hung Wang, Cid is the ultimate fighter and heir to the school of Zom Bee Fu. With his mighty Tentacle Tackle attack, Flaming Stank Ball, and his Chain wing sythe attack, he be one bat ass mo fo, biatch. Bring it. Rancid (c) me

Image: rancidprofile.jpg   918x705 282062 bytes 2003.01.28

The backstory you never wanted to know. Rancid (c) me\r\n

Image: Rancidsprite2.jpg   70x98 15396 bytes 2003.01.21

Oooh, I like this. I'm getting better at it, but I won'ty kid you, this one was a bit more trouble than I expected. Worth it tho, It's Rancid as a kickass fighter. Weee! Flying flatulence kick! Tentacle twister attack! Giant equine dildo spinning death thrust! Oh lord, perversion overload. Rancid (c) me

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