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Image: darkdesire.jpg   506x718 40237 bytes 2001.08.01

Ok, this here is a picture of Dark Privelege. Shes an evolved chimera vampire. She's got spooky magic powers, and looks pretty damn good in a robe. This was a request. I'll color it, but DP is mostly black. Black fur, feathers, hair, and even her robe, and no doubt her book, all black. So I need to find different shades of black first. Dark Privilege (c) her player, Rosa

Image: vaccine.jpg   679x716 122853 bytes 2001.07.31

Another megamorph, of sorts. It's Vaccine, the first all digital sentient virus protection program. Containing the memories of a long dead superhero who's real name has long since been forgotten. She answeres to Jazz, which was her spiffy superhero name back before she was nothing more than downloaded memories. Now she roams cyberspace searching for a sentient computer virus so sinister it's become and intergrated part of the internet itself. If he's fully destroyed, the whole net would crash permanately. Thus, these two battle it out eternally all across cyber space. Vaccine's only friend is an attachment program named Scat. Scat assists her, and goes on small little missions whenever needed. And Scat also has a small robotic body out in the real world, giving Vaccine a definate edge over her nemisis, who's now permataly trapped in Virtual Reality. Expect more of these two. Vaccine and Scat (c) me

Image: ladyjasmine.jpg   582x693 53550 bytes 2001.07.28

This here's a request from my friend Lady Jasmine. It's her new bat/Lamina form. Laminas are snake women from mysthology. I like snakes and bats. All in all I think this came out nicely. And I've SEEN jean skirts like that, so I'm allowd. Lady Jasmine (c) her player.

Image: impurecid.jpg   576x706 71401 bytes 2001.07.28

Well, it was bound to happen. Cid hangs out with Dr. Pierce a lot. In fact, the good doctor is responcible for Cid's undead-ness. After having experiment repeatedly on our undead anti-hero, his feminine side was finally unleashed. And she's pissed. She calls herself Impurity, and is basically Cid's evil side in a hot body. But like most evil twins, she wants Cid out of the picture. Luckily she can't kill him. Unfortunately she can do a lot of super nasty things to him, and he doesn't heal too well. Chaos insues. Impurity and Cid (c) me

Image: quirk.jpg   607x707 42707 bytes 2001.07.26

Quirk! He's a tan Quark. Quarks are another creation of Psyguy's. You will read That's my Sonic now! Quarks will fuse with people, giving them secret abilities. Tan is my favorite. The endless pocket. Can you just imagine the cool crap you could do with that? Mwahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! I mean....yeah. Read That's my Sonic. Quarks (c) Psyguy, but Quirk (c) me. Magic Kool-aid

Image: psychoxunkv.jpg   581x701 59338 bytes 2001.07.26

Fan pic, fan pic. Yes I'm pathetic. It's Psycho, a demonic hedgehog. Psycho is a big important demony guy from Dirty Power - That's My Sonic the comic strip. The Walkers command you go read his comic now, fanboy! Anyway, Xunk and V just showed up to annoy the demony guy. Xunk and V (c) Me. Psycho (c) Psyguy. \r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: cosmocino.jpg   577x716 56978 bytes 2001.07.25

This one's going out to my buddy Robert Kalin. He's done some great work for me, so I though I'd send Cosmo over to say thanks in person. Sorta. That's Cinosnap. Why's Cosmo in her cleavage? Well, it's a long story, so, go to Robert's archive and check it out. Cosmo (c) me. Cinosnap (c) Robert Kalin

Image: nulvoid.jpg   560x713 54784 bytes 2001.07.23

Ok, this is my fan pic. Invader Zim, you will ALL watch this show. Jhonen Vasquez is a genius. This is my Irken (sp?) invader, Nul. Nul is a space pirate, specializing in freelance invading and looting. That's his droid Void. Together, Nul and Void terrorize the univers for the greater glory of the Tallest. Now, go watch the show immediately, before the invaders steal your eyeballs in your sleep. Nul and Void (c) me

Image: jetpackjack.jpg   412x716 34954 bytes 2001.07.23

Jetpack Jack. Is he a super hero, a mysterious avenger, a villian? Nope, just a tiger bunny with a jetpack. I dunno, I was bored. Jetpack Jack (c) me

Image: cleopatcha.jpg   447x708 41526 bytes 2001.07.22

It's Cleo. Cleo ism the daughter of a famous archiologist who was obsessed with ancient egypt. In fact, Cleo's named after an egyptian Queen. Now, on one of his expeditions, Cleo was there as well. They uncovered a lesser known princess, Cleopatcha. When daddy opened the sarcophogus, Cleo snagged a pretty eyepatch that was on the mummy. Later that night when she tried the patch on, BAM, she was possessed by the soul of Cleopatcha herself. Now the two are a kind of skitzo mummy, constantly fighting for control of thier shared body. Cleo is sweet and helpful, but the princess is a royal brat. Cleo only looks like this when the princess is in control, the bandages wrap around and the patch slides up over her eye. Where all this is stored when she isn't a mummy is a mystery even to me. But I will take suggestions >:) Cleopatcha (c) me

Image: cidrave.jpg   589x716 54010 bytes 2001.07.22

Dancing Queen! Her....I mean, it's Cid, in his new true form, as a Raver Zombie. Now, I'm not bashing Ravers, far from it. Cid is a cool kind of undead who's soul is actually a song, and it pulses with the beat of the music, creating a spiffy lightshow from his chest. This also give me the opportunity to design a new wardrobe that's just as interesting as Rancid. And no, that's not a disco move. He's in the middle of a twirl or a turn of some kind. Glowy sticks! Rancid (c) me

Image: deathpuppet.jpg   622x713 74498 bytes 2001.07.20

Yay! This here is another little fan pic for Kitty Youngpeter. Its her character DeathPuppet, playing god with Cid. Cute pic, ain't it? DeathPuppet (c) Kitty Youngpeter and Rancid (c) me. Go check out Kitty's work.

Image: cidlagoon.jpg   461x693 48276 bytes 2001.07.19

Surf's up, dude. It's Cid after being bitten by a lagoon monster. Kick arse! I love how this came out. I'm changing to scar so I can start showing his nip ring full time. Ask nice and I'll show you some of his other naughty piercings. And of course, he's got the spifferific tentacles. Hell, he NEEDs something poking out of his back or he just isn't Cid. Rancid (c) me

Image: rathug.jpg   703x696 63039 bytes 2001.07.16

Awww! This one's going out to TabbieWolf. She's a great vcl artist, and a real sweetheart, too. It looks like she needed a hug, and I think I was right. Unfortunately, this is the best I can do. Scrubs is giving TabbieWolf a little hug. Nothing like a fuzzy rat hug to cheer a fur up. Hope you're feelin' better, girl! Expect other pics on the way. TabbieWolf (c) herself. Scrubs (c) me

Image: chokiko.jpg   427x696 40341 bytes 2001.07.16

This is part of an art exchange with Mark Andrews. It's Cho'kiko, a kool blue kitty with tentacles. Nice huh? Go check out his stuff right now. Cho'kiko (c) Mark Andrews.

Image: scythe.jpg   564x663 53539 bytes 2001.07.14

Ok, know what I've seen on VCL lately? Zerg morphs. Zerg! Can you believe it? You Starcraft people know what I'm talking about. Well, I says to myself. Anyone can do zerglings. They're like bugs with...things...and big gnashing teeth. Well, try this! An ULTRALISK! Beat that! Wouldn't want one of these babies charging me on the field. Die terrans! Scythe the Ultralisk (c) me

Image: urthsaves.jpg   692x718 87981 bytes 2001.07.12

YES! The completion on my first series of pics...altho this may become an ongoing thing. Urth won! WHOOPIE!!! Here Urth claims his prise, a very shooken up, but grateful Djinni. A happy romantic ending. Don't get used to it tho, happy endings are way too cliche. And the bad guys never die the first time. Urth and Djinni (c) me.

Image: typopixie.jpg   536x728 59157 bytes 2001.07.12

Ok, this one needs explaining. It's V, my personal pixie. Realizing I'm not the type to be ridden with guilt for long periods of time, she reports to the head office to be transferred. Instead, the head office suggests a much more annoying position for V to take. TYPO PIXIE!!! That's right, the nefarious Typo Pixie will do anything to distract a person so they always hit the wrong keys. And being a half-nude busty little puprle thingie, she has many resourses at her command, including a large anime hammer. Also, I'm sorry for the background, but that's the same ugly green color my rl room is. And YES, I typer with only two fingers. Ph33r the typo pixie! Ph33r... V and Scrubs (c) me

Image: neocid.jpg   542x731 69786 bytes 2001.07.12

YAY! This here is a response to a pic of Rancid drawn by Kim Koskamp. She's a really spiffy vcl artist, with some unusual characters. This here is Rancid, thanking NeoGreen personally. PeekaBOO! Go check out Kim's work, now! NeoGreen (c) Kim Koskamp. Cid is always (c) me

Image: fixerupper.jpg   602x726 73346 bytes 2001.07.11

This pic is a response to a previous pic...Remember when he was feeling down and went all to pieces? Well, luckily, his buddy Jonathan (SpareParts) was around to help fix him up. Looks like Cid has a way to go before recovery, but at least he'll be able to recover with all his bits on. Rancid (c) me, Jonathan (c) Kit Burkett.

Image: evilvoodoo.jpg   542x771 49523 bytes 2001.07.11

It's Syn, the evil possessed Rancid Voodoo doll! Long story. Syn (c) me

Image: jackrun.jpg   1100x720 86645 bytes 2001.07.10

Run Cid! The Reaper's on your tail! This here is a fan art for an awsome comic called Jack. Jack is the grim reaper, with a soft side to him. Kinda like a grandfather weilding a scythe. If you like my spooky stuff, you'll LOVE Jack. Check it out at Keenspot. Jack (c) David Hopkins. Rancid (c) me\r\n

Image: callygeist.jpg   696x746 67261 bytes 2001.07.10

Is a pic for a friend of mine, Kris Updike. It's Cally Hellkattz and Geist Shadowbat. Geist shrunk down a bit, tho...Cally thought he was a cute little batty demon. Geist's apperance is drastically changed by people's opinions of him, you see, so he's usually taller. Geist (c) me, and Cally (c) Kris Updike. Go see her artwork now.

Image: halo.jpg   656x758 47615 bytes 2001.07.09

Halo! Another fallen angel, and this one's furry. Halo is a fallen angel, same as Eev. Bruises, cuts and injuries that will never heal. This makes her meek and withdrawn, even easily embarrassed. She's probably going to end up as Rancid's girlfriend. They make a perfect couple. Halo (c) me

Image: cidwolf.jpg   540x756 63031 bytes 2001.07.09

YES!!!!! Finally, I drew Cid's wolf form. You see, Rancid is a hybrid monster, having been bitten by a vamp, werewolf and mummy. He carries the vamp and mummy thing in all forms, but his wolf side is forcefully contained by his silver cross. The wolf is NOT NICE. We're talking full blown animal here. See the smoking thing on his chest? That's the scar from where the cross burned him just before he changed. His wings also twist into extra hands. I love how the muzzle came out. I love how this came out! It's a bit more realistic than what I'm used to, but of course the mouth doesn't end at the outline of his jaw....just my personal touch. Rancid (c) me. BEWARE THE WOLF!

Image: ghoul.jpg   608x758 64178 bytes 2001.07.06

This one could use a bit of 'splainin'. I read this great book twice, and one line that really stuck out was 'lecensed ghouls, referring to Morticians and docs that perform autopsies. So I figured, Cid deserves a ghoul lisence, giving him full rights to any spare parts or possibly edible bits from any corpse, fresh or otherwise, within a certain limit. This makes sure the undead don't go around killing people for the brains and spare parts. So, apply for your Ghoul License today. Ghoul License and Rancid (c) me

Image: selfhate.jpg   800x515 52873 bytes 2001.07.06

Ok, I need to explain this one. Lately, I have been really angry and depressed, sometimes at the same time. It's sometimes hard for me to talk about things, and I don't have anyone within miles I'd confide in, except for a few important people. But when the pressure just builds and builds, sometimes it feel like I'm just going to explode...I need to relieve the pressure somehow, which is why I'm so glad I'm an artist. Sometimes, I feel like Rancid looks right now...Much of oit's self inflicted, and the other stuff is just him falling apart at the seams naturally. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a mean person. The concept of hurting someone else is just unthinkable, and hurting myself doesn't seem worth the effort. Luckily Cid has nothing to lose. Rancid (c) me

Image: seagirl.jpg   531x721 52518 bytes 2001.07.06

Catch of the day. It's a lagoon girl, a new addition to my ever growing monster collection. Tentacles! It's Misty Waters the gillgirl. That's one thing I wouldn't mind catching on my next fishing trip. Misty (c) me.

Image: ratdog.jpg   443x733 35361 bytes 2001.07.06

Alone in the world with a little Ratdog! This one needs explaining. My fat dog had a real haircut the other day. Her whole face got shaved for the first time EVER. But now she looks like a huge sausage with hair, and her face makes her look like the love child of Mortimer Mouse and the Taco Bell dog. Her new nickname is Ratdog, and that's what this is. Lab rat and dalmation. Ratdog! (c) me

Image: plushwars.jpg   615x721 68600 bytes 2001.07.06

Mwahahahahahaa! It's Quilt, and his nemisis, Lord of the Lost. I'll probably think of some disgustingly cute name for Lord Lost later, bucause his full title is long winded. Anyway, Here these two combatants are in a life and death struggle, battling in one of the many hazardous rooms deep in the bows of Lost castle, teetering on the edge of a block cliff. It's been a fierce fight, but it looks as if Lord Lost has the upper claw. Who will win? Heh, Only I know, and I ain't tellin'. And believe me, I'm not the type to let the good guys win consistantly. Quilt and Lord Lost (c) me

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