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Image: aerincid.jpg   656x747 74201 bytes 2001.07.04

Here's a fan pic that's been a long time coming. It's Cid and Aerin! Aerin helped inspire me to create Rancid in the first place, and he finally met up with this lovely creature. Amazing how different they turned out. One's a sexy gal with a stitched mouth and lovely raven wings, and Cid's a decaying dude with bone wings. Anyway, I wanted these two to take a little flying trip. Cid doesn't fly anymore, his mysterious vamp powers allow him to float, but the wings just look cool. Aerin (c) Immortal Pain, a talented VCL artist. I demand you check it out, now. Cid, as always, is (c) me

Image: shambles.jpg   621x767 54010 bytes 2001.07.02

BRAINs.... E-yup, more undeads. This one is Shambles, the zombie platypus. Poor dude's in bad shape, always faling apart at the seams. He's just like Cid...friendly, if a bit shy and somewhat of a wuss when it comes to social interaction....I mean, dating's hard when you risk having a vital part fall off during a crucial part of the date. Shambles (c) me

Image: molehunter.jpg   598x743 48079 bytes 2001.07.02

A character I designed after watching one too many animes. He's a treasure hunter, a mole.. I'm not sure what to call him, so for now, let's just call him Shaft for the time being. He a treasure hunter, and unusually strong. He can dig, and with his specially built gloves, he can punch right through most bedrock, giving him an edge over other moles. He has potential as a game character, but what are the odd of that happening, right? Shaft (c) me.

Image: metbot.jpg   498x698 48326 bytes 2001.07.02

Ok, this needs some explaining. I have recently become obsessed with the Megaman series again. And this is based on one of the enemies. Remeber Mets, the dorky little dudes that hide in helmet and spit at you? Wll, This is Metbot v2.0. Sick of being used as cannon fodder in a robot army, he hijacked a broken body and fused with it. He later has it upgraded and painted up, and went off, vowing revenge on all those who pick on poor little Mets. Metbot v2.0 (c) me

Image: merge.jpg   436x733 36397 bytes 2001.07.02

An interesting idea I've had for a while. Merge, who started out as a lab assistant. Now I'm not so sure. She's two different women sewn together in such a way that they did indeed survive...but it caused a split personality. Well, they're literally of two minds about everything, one being the resoning side, and the other ditzy and artistic. Not sure which. I like the difference in species, it seems to work rather well. Anyway, you might just see these two again soon. Just imagive what they look like nekkid! Woo-woo! Merge (c) me

Image: cidvoodoo.jpg   713x696 69613 bytes 2001.07.02

AWWWW! It's a rancid Voodoo doll! He's so cute. I love this design, but I forgot his cross. *whimper* Other than that minor detail, he came out great! Hell I could sell these damn things, with a set of pins and everything. Rancid Voodoo Dolls (c) me

Image: jasmine.jpg   474x706 57852 bytes 2001.06.30

It's my friend Jasmine, the gothie gryphon! Lookit the ears! So cute. Jasmine (c) her player.

Image: spareparts.jpg   605x783 77980 bytes 2001.06.30

Well, here's my first attempt of Spareparts...He's the dude stitching up Rancid. I think it came out well, but I need to make it more personalized. Spareparts (c) Kit Burkett, Cid (c) me

Image: deadtrio.jpg   821x429 71909 bytes 2001.06.30

Ok, this pic's going out to two new buds I made recently after Rancid was unborn. This is Cid, and his two other undead monster pals. On the left, all stitched up is SpareParts, (c) Kit Burkett. On the right, looking at Rancid like he was dinner is Braindead, (c) Merick Jacobs. Both are very talented artists, so you check up on thier VCL archives. Praise thier art now before I sick my ever growing army of zombies on you. Cid is still (c) me, peeps.

Image: cidmummy.jpg   714x796 75726 bytes 2001.06.29

Rancid, the spooky mummy. Rancid was bitten by three different monsters, and he has thier powers. He uses this body to protect himself from vampire hunters. Sometimes a cross just isn't enough. Rancid might even becoem a hunter himself, but he's probably too lazy to pursue it seriously. Rancid (c) me

Image: dprazorsnug.jpg   551x711 58366 bytes 2001.06.27

This here is a pic for a real talented artist, Kit Cox. Here's my plushie Razor snuggling with that infamous villian, Dark Plush. Looks like Dark Plush has found a fan. Razor (c) me, Dark Plush (c) Kit Cox. Go check out his vcl archive right now.

Image: dune.jpg   566x726 44629 bytes 2001.06.27

Um......I had a dessert background, so I drew a anthro Dune worm thingie....don't hit me. His name is Doon. Doon (c) me

Image: cidsnake.jpg   641x728 59997 bytes 2001.06.27

Hey peeps, It's Rancid, in his new form, a giant snake. Like some Vamps, he can change forms, just not very well. He always looks undead. Anyway, I just like snakes. Rancid as a snake. Boo, baby. Rancid (c) me

Image: rancid4.jpg   722x692 193037 bytes 2001.06.26

Rancid! Whee! I love this dude. He's in his street clothes, what he'd wear working at Goth Topic. He's also, *Gasp* in the sunlight. But he figured out the whole vamps shrivelling in sunlight was just hype made up by vampire hunters in the early years of the movies. A famous vamp hunter made the first vamp movie to scare vampires into going into a coffin at night, making them easy prey. But Rancid is not a traditional vampire. Rancid (c) me.

Image: huggle.jpg   558x706 49919 bytes 2001.06.25

Ok folks, this one is going out to a special friend of mine. She's had a rough time of things lately, and she deserves a big squishy hug and a shoulder to cry on...but unfortunately this is the best I can offer. *HUGGLE* Wish I could be there, hon. Scrubs and Patch (c) me\r\nP.S. Sorry, I really wish I could have drawn this better....*sniffle*

Image: relee.jpg   661x751 54472 bytes 2001.06.23

Relee, as a cute little kitten. Relee is a cute friend of mine from Taps. This here is a form I gave her. Relee is (c) her player.

Image: bandaid.jpg   547x808 55126 bytes 2001.06.19

....Ok, I think I should explain this one a bit. As you may have noticed, during the past few weeks my mind has been warped by my new fave anime series Ramna 1/2. I recommend this to's the best kick-ass martial arts romantic comedy anime ever, and I mean EVER! And the main charatcers turn into animals. Now this was inspired because there are several times where the characters are all beat up and wearing band-aids...and they can pull off the look. Also, there's one female character who's not only a tom-boy, but a crossdresser. She dresses in a boy's school uniform and WRAPS HER CHEST to make her look flat like a male. And that is what Chi here is doing. Chi is a rtom-boy who wantys to be a martial artist, but because she's female, she's not taken seriously. So she changed her name to Chi (Blood) and dresses like a dude to pummel those arrogant males to putty. And she looks pretty hot doing it too. Here's the aftermath of a fight. Chi (c) me

Image: ashicon_copy.jpg   334x299 38303 bytes 2001.06.18

It's Ashley again. Icon I made for a friend of mine. Ashley (c) me

Image: wings.jpg   808x547 40586 bytes 2001.06.18

This one goes out to a very special lady. You are my Muse, my inspiration, quite possibly my soul mate, but only time will tell. This is for you. I wish I had wings so I could fly to you, and never be apart. Love ya. pic (c) me

Image: ninja.jpg   389x683 30911 bytes 2001.06.16

Ok folks, I've been watching a lot of Anime lately, maily dealing with a certain gender-shifting martial artist. You know who I mean. And this is inspired by a master of hidden weapons, and that hotties chinese ghost from Darkstalkers. This is Kokuei, which means Dark Shadow in Japanese. He's not quite dead, prolly half-dead only. He's a bat, but his wings are hidden by the enormous sleeves, as is a selection of weapons that is sure to surprise any opponent. And the thing on his eye is a mock-up spirit ward to stave away his dark side. He's probably possessed. Can't write Japanese, yet, so don't hold it against me, I'll find a real one before I draw him again. Kokuei (c) me

Image: happyface.jpg   577x751 63577 bytes 2001.06.16

Friend of mine wanted a pic of Scrubs happy. Told her that Scrubs would probably need the help of a certain bepatched cat to get him to smile. Looks like she helped him smile the easy way. Patch and Scrubs (c) me

Image: scrubjam.jpg   577x671 111879 bytes 2001.06.15

This is a little fan pic for one of my fave artists, Kim Gavlas, here on VCL. The cute girl there is Jammer, and here's Scrubs trying to show his affection, or something similar. The poor slob tries but things always seem to go wrong for him. But Jammer seems like a sweet girl, bet ratboy scored a few points with this sloppy manuver. Scrubs (c) me. Jammer (c) Kim Gavlas.

Image: cowmage.jpg   445x821 54607 bytes 2001.06.14

A cow mage, no name but that should change. (c) me

Image: DChenchmen.jpg   474x746 45377 bytes 2001.06.11

Dark Chocolate, dressed to kill...literally. Behind her are some of her myriad henchmen, Marshmellow Creeps. Don't let this sweet fem fool you...she's a man eater. Dark Chocolate and marshmellow Creeps (c) me

Image: mudwrestle.jpg   988x723 73792 bytes 2001.06.09

Another one I should explain. I've seen a lot of music videos with mud wrestling here's Bobby Jo about mud. Captain Mud and Bobby Jo both (c) me.

Image: lordlost.jpg   653x896 107380 bytes 2001.06.08

Lord of the Lost, a demented teddy bear with delusions of grandure and plans for world domination to exact his revenge on those who abandoned him. All in all a twisted fellah. However, I feel I could have drawn this better. Oh well, it's a work in progress. Lord of the Lost (c) me

Image: tetanus.jpg   404x608 81800 bytes 2001.06.08

Blerg! Beware, for it it Tetanus, the super villian! Ol' Rusty Ringtail was the result of a government project to make little kids into killing machines. Rusty here has the ability to make whatever he touches rust. This power extends a few inches away from his hands, allowing him to rust anything around him, depending on just how much power he accumulates. Think it's a crappy power, do you? Just imagine you're a technilogical super hero, full power armor, jetpack, the works. Suddenly you sweep down on some bank robber, and *Poom!* Everything's rusted up, you crash horribly and spend the next week in the hospital getting tetanus shots. Unpleasant. And so Tetanus is the bane of all technologically based heroes, and those rusty nails he shoots from that nailgun handle the rest. Tetanus (c) me

Image: vox.jpg   515x708 60737 bytes 2001.06.05

This is a design for a new supervillian band named Psycho Ward. This is the lead singer. For now his name's Vox, but I may change it when I think of a better one. He's super powered, and can scream loud enough to shatter bones, hence the stitches. He doesn't seem too upset about it tho. Vox (c) me

Image: newskull.jpg   708x571 44928 bytes 2001.06.05

Ok, I've done a bunch of past logos, I know. First a bat, then a cat, now a rat. I'm indecicive ok? But I've grown fond of rats lately, so here's my newest logo, a rat skull and crossbone. I should explain a bit more tho...Those dark circles are sunglasses, and that little thing on it's left ear is an onyx triangle, ONYX, not pink, understand? I think it's some ancient civilization's symbol for eternity. As always it's a jolly roger, or pirate flag design. I still like pirates. Logo (c) me

Image: quilt3.jpg   606x796 106892 bytes 2001.05.28

It's Quilt, super-plushie with his big blue bat of justice! Yeah it's plastic, but make fun of him and he'll bludgen you silly. It's an effective weapon when all projectile weapons are Norf* releated, he can just wack anything fired at him right back. Quilt and his BBBJ are (c) me\r\n*(Like a famous foam rubber weapondry producer, but the bullets are blue instead of yellow)

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